Biggest solution ever: Android resolved the bug


To run the android operating system Samsung, LG & Google is offering monthly security updates for mobiles. Hijackers could access data on billions of mobile till July, But now the big bug has been unearthed & fixed.
Because of the availability of different types of Android systems, Manufacturers took time to fix it. It was “about time” phone makers issued security fixes more quickly, said One Android expert.
It was easy for the Hackers to access your phone’s data simply by sending a video message on which android has been working ceaselessly.
Adrian Ludwig said, Android’s lead engineer for security, at hacking conference Black Hat, “My guess is that this is the single largest software update the world has ever seen”. With monthly updates, they will fix all the bugs of their handsets, says LG, Samsung & Google.
What are the reasons behind the delay?
For the Mobile manufactures, modifying and using their handsets is easy because of an open source operating system of Android. Phone manufactures have to send the updates to their devices, though Google-led projects provide security fixes for the software.
Manufactures can not update the old versions of Android. Many Mobile companies provide their customers of Android, which consumes time to remodel with the security changes.
Developing both the software and the hardware for their devices, Apple & BlackBerry can meet security problems easily.
Apple can send updates to its phones whenever it wants, whereas BlackBerry’s software is evaluated by mobile networks before being sent to mobiles.
Jack Parsons, editor of Android Magazine, said “The very nature of Android is that manufacturers add their own software on top, so there have been delays in software roll-outs, In the US it’s even worse because mobile carriers often add their own software too, adding another layer of bureaucracy holding up security fixes. There’s no real villain here, that’s just how the system works. But there will always be security concerns with the software, so it’s right that some of the manufacturers are stepping up to deal with this now”.
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