Birbals, Inc: Leading the Technology Landscape with Custom Made Applications

Building the first company is one of the most rewarding and challenging things an entrepreneur ever does. It’s almost like helping a baby grow. It’s a process of endless trials and learnings. An entrepreneur who doesn’t give up to initial hard struggles, who is not afraid of failures and learns from his mistakes (not to repeat them), and one who keeps going towards the light at the end of the tunnel, is the one who emerges a winner.
In the same lines, let’s meet Pawan Bangar, the Founder and CEO of Birbals Inc., an e-consulting firm with a difference. Pawan is insightful, sharp and a visionary whose entrepreneurial journey started with understanding the demand for custom-made software applications and solutions. His firm, Birbals saw its first Sunrise in 2003 in India.
“The idea behind Birbals inception was one: to provide robust yet economical software solutions to everyone who needs them. I saw the demand and I knew what needed to be done, says Pawan”. It didn’t matter, whether it was small or large scale organization, Birbals catered to the needs of several organizations from diverse sectors.  The quality of work and dedication never goes unnoticed. Combine this with surge in demand for innovative and efficient solutions, and another branch of Birbals was launched in California, USA, in 2011.
Leveraging open source technology to develop solutions
Birbals design, develop and implement solutions that actually help
“We at Birbals Inc. provide services like Web Development, Application Development, Digital Marketing, Corporate Branding and Customization of open source products”. Our products and applications offer an alternative to the clients’ existing range of expensive and inflexible products. We leverage open source technology to provide efficient and effective solutions keeping time to market and quality as the topmost priority.
Birbals is home to a collection of experts, ready to take on any challenge to provide a fulfilling user experience to their clients. Whether it is building powerful e-commerce sites or intuitive mobile apps, or it is the creation of high-quality content or  management of their client’s brand reputation, Birbals team is highly driven under the leadership of Pawan. Pawan is not only a leader who directs but someone who works in sync with his employees. He leads by example and hard work.
The Digital Marketing Experts at Birbals possess deep know-how of search engine algorithms, which help them to formulate and utilize SEO and SEM strategies. “We help clients with establishing their online presence, strengthening and retaining it on social networks and platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and YouTube. At Birbals, we understand that regardless of its size, every business is unique as well their objectives and needs are different. Hence we carve solutions very specific to them”. The team of Birbals is highly proficient across major programming languages, technologies, operating systems and platforms, and with ease they use their knowledge and skills to exceed the demands of their clients.
An exciting journey that paved way 
The journey for this young entrepreneur started like an army with one man. Pawan wears many hats, he started with web design, custom application development, and Digital Marketing, all by himself. That’s one of the fundamental reason behind the success of Birbals. He understands the client’s needs standing in their shoes, and thus, he puts every skill of his and his employees to the highest satisfaction to provide quality solutions. Gradually, his hard work started paying off. As the revenue increased, Pawan hired few more individuals in the team and took the responsibility as a team lead and then as project manager and so on.
“I have always been determined to win the race. I believe in self and foremost, I believe in steady and slow steps. I am a person who gets motivated on challenges. The bigger the challenge, greater the motivation. If I have a challenge to create something unique, I try to make it a masterpiece, adds Pawan”.
“Set inspiring goals for yourself, remove the fear of failure from your mind and have a positive attitude. If you have an idea or believe in something, GO FOR IT,” advises Pawan to his fellow entrepreneurs.
The achievements that became great highlights
“The firm has successfully executed various projects since its inception. We have provided innovative and functionally successful solutions to various clients. One of our highlighted projects came from a law firm who sought a customized solution to automate its operational processes. We teamed up with the client to determine numerous parameters such as the nature and scope of the daily tasks, the communication with their customers and case follow-up procedure. After pursuing all this in detail, we developed a solution that encompassed all of the client’s requirements and ensured seamless migration to the new software environment. Afterward, the client could automate the operational tasks without having to spend time and revenue on workforce training. Birbals developed a tailor-made software application that has been fulfilling their operational needs effectively since last six years, tells Pawan”.
In another case, a large event production company had to refine its in-house operations. Birbals examined an array of factors like work process and order management. Subsequently, they built a suite of customized applications. After deploying their application, the client witnessed a significant improvement in their productivity in the same operating environment.
Focused on addressing clients’ business needs with ease
From developing small applications to large enterprise level solutions, Birbals undertakes end-to-end product development. The firm harnesses the power of data analytics for planning the marketing campaigns as well. They focus their efforts on developing a solution that addresses clients’ business needs while ensuring it is effortless for their workforce to learn and use. This is clearly a strong USP of the firm.
Believes in forming an amicable relationship with clients
“I believed that Birbals should not be just another company that signs up a client for the green. I know that in today’s evolving technological landscape, a client is presented with endless possibilities. Therefore, we help a client understand their needs and implement them with simplicity. This is all done with an inherent focus on forming amicable and long-term relationships with their customers, says Pawan proudly” The company dedicates capital and strives to educate and train its team on the latest technologies and tools. Birbals’ leadership believes in the power of ideas and the potential it holds in crafting the great success stories. Following this vision and to cater to the ever-growing needs of the IT industry in Australia and Canada, Birbals is very soon planning to launch its operations in these countries.

Source :- The 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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