Birla Open Minds: Preparing Today for Tomorrow


The future of any society or country depends on how it brings up its tiny tots. The more values we put into them, the better the chances of them growing up as responsible young citizens. Education thus plays a crucial role in how their minds shape up as they grow. In these formative years, the onus lies on parents and the education sector fraternity to nurture these minds. The preschools are a child’s first social group where they learn what it is like being out there on their own. The image that they carry forward from here stays for a good period of time with them.
For the last 11 years, Birla Open Minds have been focussing on transforming education making it more relevant and contemporary, yet rooted in values. The following excerpt showcases how they make it happen.
Kindly brief us about the company.
Birla Open Minds was formed 11 years ago, with the idea to transform education across the country and ensure quality progressive education is available throughout the vast landscape of our country. Keeping in line with the contribution the Birla family has had in education since pre-independence, it was this singular focus which has made the brand reach over 100 schools across 18 states and 60 cities and continues to grow at a good pace. The company not only provides and encourages people to embrace the educational sector and give back to the society, but also provides them the know-how and tools via dedicated support through each and every aspect, ranging from but not limited to; Infrastructure, IT, Academics, Curriculum, Teacher training along with Marketing and branding to name a few, which further helps them become a true Edupreneur.
Brief us about the Founder/CEO and the source of inspiration to be in the industry.
The Birla family has had a long association with educational initiatives since the pre-independence era in India, and hence the Chairman, Mr. Yash Birla was keen to ensure this continues and was instrumental in envisioning Birla Open Minds. Under his guidance, Birla Open Minds continuous to give back to the society whilst making it a viable choice for our prospective and existing partners to join the Birla legacy in transforming education. Under the leadership of Mr. Nirvaan Birla, the company continues to cross each obstacle in its path with great ease and is looking forward to leaving a lasting footprint in the industry going forward.
What are the distinct products and services provided by your company, setting you apart from your competitors?
Birla Open Minds had spent the initial half a decade closely monitoring each curriculum and their shortcomings. Post which, our specialised team worked tirelessly to bring out our specially designed curriculum that caters to the needs of children keeping in mind the traditional and progressive aspects that are required in todays day and age. This amalgamation of best practices across boards such as CBSE,ICSE,IB & IGSCE enables smooth transition for children across schools and cities should the need arise and also ensures that not only the student, but the teachers continue learning various new aspects which enable them to ensure that the education being imparted is relevant and fun at the same time.
Academics stands at the core of Birla Open Minds hierarchy, however it is also the “x” factor that Birla Open Minds provides to its franchise partners and stakeholders that plays a critical part in setting us apart from our competitors. The individualised attention from each department be it Operations, IT, Infrastructure, Marketing, HR all individually ensure that a dedicated franchise relationship is maintained and keenly overseen on a regular basis. This enables us to spot any existing or upcoming problem areas and timely rectify the same.
What are the key attributes that helped the company to overcome the challenges in its initial phase?
Patience and perseverance would be the key attributes that helped the company to overcome the challenges in its initial phase. In fact, we could say that these two attributes still continue to ensure we meet our goals in a disciplined manner.
What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?
We do not believe in terming our clients as “clients” and prefer calling them our partners instead. It’s a transparent policy we follow with them, which ensures they always have the option to give us constructive feedback and opinions and visa versa. This benefits both parties and ensures that an incremental upgradation of the system is constant. Our partners gain immense know-how on the operational aspects of the industry and also gain an insight into educational aspects that are available across the world, but for some reason were not on their radar.
What is the role of your employees behind your company’s success? How do you keep them motivated?
Birla Open Minds would not have come to fruition without the employees of the company. It is their tireless approach to the betterment of the educational requirements in todays world that keeps Birla Open Minds motivated to go the extra mile! Each and every employee brings with them fresh ideas and more importantly executional expertise, which is very crucial for any company. Sharing the success of their efforts with them in a transparent manner and ensuring they feel part of the Birla family’s vision for the industry are some of the ways we keep them motivated.
What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?
I would advise them to faulter. Faulter often, as it is that very fault / wrong decision which will ensure that they learn from their experience and build on top of it. Life isn’t easy and businesses certainly aren’t. The economics of any industry today keep evolving and changing overnight and one must have the patience, discipline, intent and drive to overcome any such challenges. If they have a focussed approach to their goal, they will certainly reach there with a beaming smile and the friendship and support of unparalleled co-workers.
What are the key points that you consider while choosing or getting in talks with a new Franchisee?
For us, a partner’s vision and their involvement in the project are crucial. There is a stringent KYC process that we follow internally, however the former aspects in our experience have been the critical factor between success and failure of franchisees more often than not.
How does the company leverage technology to keep a tab on its growth and expansion?
Technology is key to every business and industry today. We utilise it to reach out to areas where prospective partners are looking for opportunities in the educational industry with a well known and respected brand. It enables us to bring the platform to the partners doorstep. We manage our 100 plus network of schools across india via technology, which play a crucial role in the timely dissemination of information across the Birla Open Minds network.
Brief us about your company’s future perspectives?
Birla Open Minds is of course looking to further its presence in the country and even begin its franchise business abroad. In addition to this expansion, we are also venturing into the E-learning space through our separate vertical of Birla Brainiacs, which will be headed by a separate team solely focussed on ensuring a seamless online experience for its users, breaking the barriers for comprehensive online content for all.

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