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Kids Cube International

Parenting is easier said than done. The moment a child steps-in in the parent’s life, they start thinking about securing the child’s future. Apart from monetary investment, the basic security that they provide to their kids is through education. Through proper and effective education, they want the child to grow into a responsible citizen, and build a life of its own. The first step towards formal education comes in the form of pre-schools.
When choosing a preschool, parents look for one that provides the right kind of exposure to the practical world. They look for a preschool that can instill self-confidence in the young ones and provide an ambiance that is amicable, secure, caring and feels like a second home to the kids. For parents in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, all these qualities translate into Kids Cube International Preschool. With over sixteen centers in the two states, Kids Cube is providing quality education with a child-friendly atmosphere and passion to shape children’s future with an all-inclusive approach, incorporating holistic methods for children development.
Leading the Way
C S Mahalakshmi is the Founder of Kids Cube International Preschool. A commerce graduate, she worked with an Auditing firm in the initial stages of her career. She then started working in a preschool as a teacher and then as Centre head. Before starting Kids cube in 2014, she garnered extensive experience in the industry while working in many reputed preschool brands in different positions. As the founder, she also heads the curriculum and training team.
She was recently selected as one of the “3 Emerging Women Entrepreneur of Bangalore” by The Talk, a thought leadership platform. A firm believer in karma, she says, “I firmly consider the quote, “If You Believe, You Can Do It”. I follow my heart, it gives me a sense of positive direction and fulfillment. It would be a pleasure to motivate and encourage every child in our school to dream and develop that dream to success.”
Everybody Wins
For Parents and Kids:
Kids Cube’s curriculum is a blend of multiple intelligence methods and Montessori Methodology. To provide the best to children, the educational system is designed around well-researched concepts such as ‘Inquiry-based learning’ and “3C approach (‘Character, Competence, and Content)”. To make learning entertaining, It has devised various interesting activities ensuring a stimulating environment for the holistic growth of children. Leveraging technology, it uses mobile apps for parent-teacher communication. It also uses social media tools for marketing and to build a relationship with its partners and community.
For Partners:
Kids Cube International is a preschool solution with a unique no royalty concept. It provides Preschool Franchise without royalty making it an investor-friendly model with quality education. It provides hand holding solution to its partners to set up the business. It provides end to end solutions for preschool. The well-defined process and structure help in quality reaching the end customer. The interactions, activities, materials, learning opportunities, and health and safety routines are observed and rated as a measure of process quality. It provides Teachers training and Centre Head Training. It also provides a well-researched curriculum and intensive training for staff to manage the preschool. Periodic audits are done to ensure the quality and marketing support to increase admissions.
While looking for a new franchise partner the preschool looks for Edupreneurs who have:

  • Passion to ignite young minds
  • Good Educational Background
  • Readily available Investment
  • Proper Infrastructure

The Team
Successful Employees Achieve Goals. Team Kids Cube comprises individuals with expertise in early childhood education with a combined experience of more than 30 years. One of the most important factors in a successful business is employees. When people are doing their jobs effectively, morale in the office gets a boost. Kids Cube treats its employees with respect as the first and foremost motivational factor. Regular appreciation and involvement provide strong motivation for them to always do their best to be reliable and effective. Management is keen on showing interest in employees’ lives, and building a relationship with them to helps build understanding, loyalty and strong motivation.
Future Plans
Kids Cube International is planning to establish a strong presence in Bangalore. It has also started working to open its preschools in other states as well. It is aiming for a presence in all the states of India in the next 5 years. The founder adds, “We want to incorporate the latest trends and the best education methodologies in our curriculum. We are also planning to start a Primary school in Bangalore, which focuses on the overall development of the child.”

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