Cohesive Technologies: Global Telecom Solution Provider of VoIP and IP Platforms

Technology has provided us various communication channels such as online collaboration tools or even social media that make easy for us to reach customers. Nonetheless, such novel technologies are great and useful, nothing strengthens relationships more efficaciously than a real conversation. What’s more? There are several conversations where data from those calls is saved, analyzed, and then parsed to any front-end or back-end corporate application that can use it. But, even with numerous growing connection methods, the telephone remains a must-have not just as a sales and marketing tool, but also for operations such as accountants and human resources professionals. Thus, having a feature-filled and IP-enabled telephone system is extremely important for any business, particularly one which is capable of being fully integrated into your sales, marketing, and general business initiatives at a software level.
That’s what Ashdhir Kinra, Founder and CEO realized and saw the need for a VOIP solutions provider and founded Cohesive Technologies in 2009.The firm that was started with an aim to be the leading enabler of VOIP technology in the most innovative and cost effective way has become a Global Telecom Solution Provider of VoIP and IP Platforms. Eight years since its inception, Cohesive Technologies is a leading Integrator and Solution Provider of the best innovative IP Solutions which adds value to customers through a combination of different high-end technologies for a true Convergent Solution.
Working with technology partners like GRANDSTREAM, EPYGI, 2N, DIGIUM & MILESIGHT has only helped Cohesive Technologies deliver state-of-the-art-technology products to Premise and Cloud based requirements for various companies that span across multiple segments.
Plethora of ServicesDelivering Convergent Solutions
Delivering a true convergent solution of Voice, Video, Door Phone, Access Control and Surveillance on one platform is unique and not so easy. But, Cohesive Technologies is one such company that delivers a true convergent solution with pride.

  • Contact Centre Applications, increasing interactions with the outside world and hence leading to increasing efficiency.
  • Unified Converged Telecom Solutions which doesn’t only converge voice/video.Mobility and data, but also network the different technology on one platform like Surveillance/Paging/Access Control and IPPBX.
  • Video Conferencing Solution integrated with Unified (UC)Solutions and Social Media.
  • A blend of Premise and Cloud Based Solutions.
  • Surveillance which not only secures, but also gets as an inskin tool of UC users.
  • IP Audio Paging which handles all SOS and important announcements from the UC Desk across the network.

Cohesive Technologies also offers a complete range of consulting services on VoIP domain starting from an end point (ATA, IP Phone) to complete analysis with Network Design,Cost Analysis and Maintenance of the same.
An Entrepreneur who Predicted the True Potential of VOIP
Graduated from MIT Manipal and Post Graduation from IPM Ghaziabad, Ashdhir has worked for 14 years in a TDM-Technology (Telecom). Having performed various roles for companies like Coral Telecom Ltd and Enkay Technologies, he was very clear about VOIP technology from the day one.
He knew VoIP is a technology of the future, but he struggled to find any takers for the same at that time. But since, he was confident about it, he decided to venture on his own. Once Cohesive Technologies came into service, there was no looking back.
Today, giants like Reliance Jio, Airtel and Tata Teleservices are putting their stakesin VOIP, but it was Ashdhir who had predicted the potential of VOIP technology 8 years ago and led Cohesive Technologies to become a noted value integrator in the Telco domain.
As the CEO of Cohesive Technologies, Ashdhir leads the team along with board members and makes sure that every member of the company binds the organization with its positive energy and hard work to deliver the exact meaning of the word cohesive.
An Exciting and Interesting Journey
The journey of Cohesive Technologies has been exciting as well as interesting. The team is pretty confident that the rewards will go exponential as all service providers are backing the same. They have been very clear in their positioning from day one. Their technology comprises of converged solutions of different products on one infra, absence of vendor locking, optimization of solutions according to the type of business, no dead investment in existing infra and investment with an RoI time frame commitment.
The Team, Technology, Customers and Confidence
Being at the top of VOIP field, Ashdhir attributes their success to a Team who is committed to providing highly innovative Telecom solutions to the constituents and communities. The team that comprises of exceedingly self-motivated members with vast experience in Telecom, followed by Robust Technology and delighted Customers who are the pillars on which Cohesive Technologies is standing tall and strong. Last but not the least is their Confidence in themselves that ‘the world will follow them’ has taken them to a place from where there is no turning back.
Ashdhir on Advice to Entrepreneurs and Future of the Company
Travel the less Travelled Path, but make sure whatever you present to the world should give value addition to their business and also have a positive bottom line or a break even in the shortest of time frame. A clear path to move for your own company is must and communicated to every member in your Team. Seeing the e-Commerce or Web Bubble, I would like to re-cement my thoughts that a healthy bottom line will only lead to satisfied customers, hence will help you reach a bigger market share!
Cohesive Technologies will have a major market share in IP Telecom Niche and will be leading the said domain, with continuous innovations, new product and solution augmentation, and I am sure that Cohesive will keep the competition on toes and continue adding more delighted customers!

Source :- The 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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