Collaboration of Humans and Machines in Future Workplace

Collaboration of Humans and Machines in Future - Insights Success

Business leaders continuously think about innovative ideas that could transform, agile, and lean their company to be more productive. In this business world, companies aim to provide innovative products and better experiences to their customers by considering them as the new focal point. Company will be able to meet the desires of customers only by embracing technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, blockchain, and sensor. In coming future, these technologies will help humans to collaborate with machines in order to exchange information, and work together towards a common goal; achieve higher standards of the company. The question that arises is not how many jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, but how work can be reconfigured and organized in order to gain the optimal integration of talent and input, of the machines.
In future, there is a possibility that humans will interact more with the machines. Business leaders should accept this new alliance between machines and humans to reimagine, reconstruct and retransform the ideas practically, in order to attain speed, accuracy and precision in work. As machines are not very good at giving quick responses towards unknown situations and critical circumstances, thus, humans come into the frame for making proper judgments and initiating approaches. Hence, the future workplace might need humans because machines cannot completely replace humans.
Several surveys show the increase in collaboration is one of the top five priorities for business leaders. Without expansion of collaboration of humans and machines—across traditional borders such as functions and geographies—organizations cannot leverage and elevate their global talent effectively for continuous innovation and effective operations at workplace.
Benefits of collaboration-

  • Humans and machines working on each other’s strengths and empowering capabilities by filling up their weaknesses.
  • Performing tasks and operations together, which they would not be able to perform on their own.
  • Machines being partners at the workplace rather than being tools for humans.
  • Reduced risks and also provides relief to the employees.

 A true revolution
As this world is growing towards digital economy, another bond is being challenged: the one between humans and machines.
Research shows that an artificial intelligence is at its critical stage of development. Currently, early adopters are investing capital in advanced systems, which have the capability of autonomous sensing, communicating, interpreting and learning on their own. These capabilities in future will change future perspective. Businesses will also focus on creating new systems of human-machine collaboration; elevating human capabilities to next level and helping in opening up the doors which were locked and unprecedented for enterprises and wider society.
Future of Human-Machine Collaboration –
Benefits of collaboration will drive serious value: some experts estimated that if maximum companies invest in human-machine and artificial intelligence collaboration on the same level, then they would be boosting the revenues by an incredible value of 38% approx. in between 2018 and 2022. But more important is that wider society will be benefited too.
All too often new technologies are branded ‘revolutionary’; helping in extending and amplifying human abilities to recognize, perceive, and collaborate.
Will businesses be able to manage human ingenuity with machine intelligence? Currently, it is not yet clear whether the advent of machines, which is already widespread in organizations than many people actually realize, will be able to create the wonderful world as imagined. But it is obvious that if it makes progress in overcoming suspicions—it will reduce jobs opportunities but will save money and bring profits to the company.
Human + Machine might just write an innovative future.
~Kiran Jadhav

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