Consystent Infotech: Providing Outsourcing Services with Impeccable Quality

Consystent Infotech

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”- Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore.
To lead the global IT, BPM & KPM markets with the focus on successful business process re-engineering and management. Consystent Infotech, a leading IT and Business Process Outsourcing services company started in 2004 by three young professionals for integrating the best in human resources and technical expertise to serve global companies & Indian corporate giants. Today, the service framework has rapidly expanded to accommodate 150 full-time employees and more than 50 consultants – all working towards the single goal of achieving Business Success for valued clients across the USA and Europe.
In today’s world, BPO is all about operational improvements, quality enhancements, and cost advantages. So, Consystent Infotech take the greatest care to ensure that the solutions are delivered on time, within budget, and tailored to customer  requirements while impeccable quality standards are maintained and continuous improvements are targeted to affect cost savings & sustainable business growth.
Distinguished Services that make them Protuberant
Consystent Infotech professionals assert, “We believe in lifting our services and surpassing our capabilities every time our clients entrust us with mission-critical projects. We handle changes proactively and develop skills and strategies to meet the challenges of a volatile outsourcing market.”
At Consystent, the team has always been aware of a gap in the Outsourcing Industry due to lack of value addition. As most of the services offered are provided very mechanically without much value ads, Consystent would be keen to fill that gap. Consystent believes in a “Value Partner” methodology, which enables them to grow with their Clients.
The core structure of Consystent is designed around the company’s position as a standard leader is providing guidance in outsourcing services for businesses. The successful outcome of the services provided to clients relies heavily on strategic planning, consistent monitoring, and quality verification of the compliance with protocol requirements.Consystent provides several services including Software Development, Back-office and Data Service, Customer Support Services, E-Commerce Services, Analytics, Gaming Support &Testing, Software Testing and Virtual Staffing.
About the Glider of Consystent Infotech
In implementing Total Quality Management across the organization with overall corporate management and strategic direction, Adarsh Prasad J V, the President and CEO of Consystent Infotech has headed the company, since its inception and taken it to appreciable heights within a short span. Adarsh has an Engineering Degree in Computer Science (BE) and MBA (IIM-B) background and brings more than a decade’s specialization in the fields of IT and management.
A beginning of the visionary, in the year 2004 he joined hands with Srinand Kaushik, Founder & Vice-President and Sunil Kumar, Chief Technology Officer to form a new venture and provide Next-Generation Outsourced Services for a wide array of industry verticals. Based on his market insights and consulting expertise, Adarsh masterminded the success roadmap – so that global corporations may leverage the competitive advantage of offshore IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), enjoy more collaborative relationships, and retain better control over operating models tailor-made for each project.
Benefits and Uniqueness of the Company
As, Quality parameters adds value to the company through higher efficiency, Consystent Infotech understands that no two projects are alike and implements adequate Quality measures to meet their client’s custom requirements and deliver an unmatched level of service. Adarsh states, “Quality of service is what we provide to our clients and clients consider us as their VALUE-PARTNERS and not a Service Provider. Not only do we take care of our Customers work, we provide timely and responsive professional services and proactively assist them in their Business growth as well.
Consystent Infotech provides in-depth training and helps develop new skills – so that the team-members flourish in a performance-oriented environment and ensure total client satisfaction. The company nurtures professional advancement and encourages open communication between the management and the employees in order to ensure enthusiastic team-work and great-value contributions.
Words for Entrepreneur
There are a lot of challenges in the outsourcing industry right now, however Consystent believes in converting these challenges into opportunities.
Future Mission of Consystent Infotech
The vision of the organization is to being a data-driven organization, Consystent Infotech works extensively in e-commerce segmentand a domain with lots of opportunities. Consystent Infotech has carved a niche as a top global outsourcing company under the able leadership of an experienced management team. Further, Adarsh adds “Consystent has a huge requirement to address and is looking to grow at least 100% YOY and as Digital Marketing which is one of the key strategies that will help them to achieve that kind of growth.The company is looking to increase the full-time employee’s strength to 250 in the upcoming year.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Outsourcing Companies

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