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Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donal Porter.
The only constant thing in the world is change. In this fast paced world, where anybody hardly gets time to look back, technology is the fastest changing thing on this planet. In this age where one technology invented today becomes old tomorrow and becomes endangered to obsolete day-after-tomorrow, enterprises must innovate every moment, unless they want to fall back behind the race. The most crucial ingredient to prepare the extraordinary blend of success in the BPO industry is nothing but sustained innovation and process innovation.
It seems that technologies like cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process automation software are being used within the BPOs to enable businesses to lower costs and increase efficiency of work. New technologies are allowing humans and digital processes to work smarter together. An enterprise which is bringing in new innovation in the industry to lead the sector and help businesses connect efficiently all over the world is Eben Telecom, a Customer Engagement Services Company that assists brands in Customer Acquisition, Customer Transaction Building & Customer Relationship Management.
An Extraordinary Journey that Paved the Way to Success
Established in 1995 in Cochin with a clear concept of Customer Relationship Management, Eben Telecom Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 90001-2008 Certified Company with the badge of the most experienced Contact Center Company in India. With over two decades of expertise in the business verticals and specialization in Telecom and Banking verticals, the company aims to be the Global Leader in Business Process Management. Its extraordinary contribution in the industry has earned it numerous recognitions through its Contact Centers, Database Management Services, Fulfillment Services, and Telecom VAS Operations.
Being a pioneer in the industry, Eben Telecom serves its customers with a focus on providing value, combined with high levels of service, quality and integrity that are managed by a highly skilled team of professionals with vast experiences in each of its service offering, thereby providing its customers to be ahead of their competitors. The company is also known as the trailblazers in innovative Mobile messaging & Mobile convergence solutions and have their Global support & technical center in India, with a strong focus on customer requirements.
With an overall client base of 12000+ customers and 200+ resellers across the globe and with global footprint with multiple direct and aggregator connectives with various operators, the company has employee strength of 750+ team members, spread across various locations. On the larger scale, the company has full-fledged operations in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UAE and the USA.
Dedication and Innovation is what makes an Enterprise Extraordinary
Dedicated to provide truly valuable services in BPO and CRM industry, Eben Telecom follows a proven result-oriented process with guaranteed value for money. The prime consideration of the company is to improve customer experience, simplify business processes, increase productivity and create a positive revenue impact. Though Voice and Non-Voice Center Operations form the prime services of the company, Eben Telecom provides other wide range of technology solutions and services to help organizations enhance Revenue, Employee Productivity and Customer Satisfaction.
UnifiedBuzz is a flagship product of Eben Telecom that unifies the power of all communication solutions under a single window. It integrated the power of SMS, Voice, e-mail, USSD & IVR.
OSBBA, also known as Online SMS Based Bidding Application, is another flagship product of the company which combines the power of SMS & internet for all kinds of material procurements.
UTIS or Unified Tele Infra Solutions is an infra management engine which integrates to multiple modules and to multiple solution providers.
Launched in the year 2011, India Tweets helps telecom customers/subscribers to use the SMS feature on their handset to tweet on their twitter accounts.
Campaign Manager is a stand-alone Operator application which integrates the power of SMS & Voice Calls in one single window and acts an efficient tool for any TELECOM for running their transactional and promotional campaigns.
!Check is a revolutionary app that can be used by TELECOS for verifying the customer identity via SMS/Web Services.
Apart from so many extraordinary services, Eben Telecom offers numerous other marvelous services, among which few are ePropmanager, M-Passbook, and Mobility MWare. These solutions have aided the company to be capable enough in building CRM Solutions for its clientele in all verticals especially Telecom, Media and Banking. And, its diverse range of services has positioned the company as a solution partner to all its clients, rather than just being a traditional Contact Center Provider.
About the Pillar of the Company
Sam Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of Eben Telecom, responsibly sets the strategy and leads the company in the direction of building and managing a high performing team of young professionals. Being an entrepreneur by heart, from the beginning of the establishment of the company, Sam has been fully immersed in building Eben Telecom into a very exciting venture. What makes him a leading entrepreneur of the industry is his result oriented vision and the ability to execute work within the limited time frame. As a Strategic planner and communicator by soul, Sam tactfully splits his time between spreading the Eben vision as well as fund-raising, setting up new goals and performing business development.
Leading the Industry with Innovative Tactics
Eben Technologies is equipped with an expert leadership team with over a decade of rich experience in each of their respective verticals. The team is always adapting to new technologies and ideas to keep aloft at all times and its exclusive Business Intelligence Team is creating milestones in the industry. In the near future, the company is about to bring more innovative products and be the Global Leader in Business Process Management.
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