CNC Transcend Management Services: Supporting the Growth of Medium and Large Enterprises and its leaders

CNC Transcend Management Services

Outsourcing is more a necessity than a luxury today. Organizations that get caught up in doing a lot of activities in-house are not better off as compared to companies that outsource their non-core areas. Also organizations that keep an open mind in bringing in functional experts to help streamline operations, do audits, improve processes and approach get the benefit of subject matter experts bringing in and hand holding internal teams on best practices. The benefits need to be measured and be seen as an investment not a cost.
With over 70 years of extensive experiences among the founders, CNC Transcend Management Services decided to give back on their learnings and experiences to smaller mid-sized businesses, family run businesses and individual entrepreneurs or corporate leaders who could benefit from their Mentoring, Coaching or Facilitation approach.
CNC Transcend Management Services (CNCTMS) specializes in CEO/Business Mentoring, Strategy Development and Execution along with Leadership Coaching for Growth Phase companies facing Operational challenges.
They work closely with CEOs, Business Owners and their Core teams to help improve Organizational Effectiveness and build a Strong Leadership Pipeline to Secure Growth and Transcend to the next level.
The Pillars of CNCTMS
A team of successful professionals with three decades of individual experience each in Start-ups, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Large Scale Projects and Profit Centre Management. They have come together to use their combined leadership expertise and that of their business associates, to give back to the Industry, to work closely with CEOs and Business Leaders, to secure growth companies and support leaders facing operational challenges.
CNC stands for the commitment of the Partners – Cherian and Chari to drive this venture.
Cherian Kuruvila has specific leadership expertise of over 30 years in Sales and Marketing, P&L Operations, Retail, HR, Large Scale Project Management and Start-up Operations. He has worked in sectors like Consumer Durables, Office Automation, Telecom, HR Consulting and the Services industries, including stints as Executive Director with Modi Xerox, CEO of Karnataka with Bharti Airtel – Broadband, SVP with Reliance Communications, and Director, Operations with Manpower Inc.
Cherian is a speaker and panel member at several events organized by Industry Associations and forums. An avid blogger, he writes on various topics that act as guidelines to Entrepreneurs and Senior professionals. He is an active Mentor and Coach.

  1. A. Chari brings with him the expertise of over 33 years in establishing and running Finance, Commercial and Operational functions with a strong leadership and structured process orientation. He has worked in sectors like Office Automation, Financial Services and Hospitality, in companies like Onicra, Xerox, Oberoi and Diners. This has included stints as Director – Corp. Accounts and Marketing Operations, Director – Customer Administration with Xerox India and Executive Director/CEO with Onicra. His last assignment was as Managing Director of Kyocera Document Solutions, India.
  2. A. Chari’s key skills for success have been leadership, team building, man-management, relationship-management, and an orientation towards achieving success. His personality is a combination of firmness and a friendly assertiveness.

Exceptional Services
Their journey started 8 years ago. Mentoring and Coaching for entrepreneurs was a fairly new concept then. Their role was more to evangelize, innovate and focus on a few clients at a time to dive deep and create a lasting impact.
They also kept evolving every year with new services, new collaborations, new segments, and new activities. Following are their present services:
Business Mentoring: A Business Mentoring approach for 2 X growth involves key internal stakeholders (Senior Leadership Team and next level Core Team) to help set the client’s critical systems in place, to address each of the challenges as captured in the scope of services, such that they work to their satisfaction. Focus is on Execution and driving change and results.
Strategy Consulting: Strategy Consulting for growth phase SME’s focuses on 3 stages – Assessment, Planning, and Execution. CNCTMS Business HealthScan© is an Assessment tool to identify gaps across 7 areas of business and recommend corrective actions.
Leadership /Executive Coaching: Individual Holistic Coaching for professional and personal growth. Executive Coaching is a confidential, individually tailored, formally defined, one-on-one engagement designed to meet the needs of the executive being coached and of the organization or individual leader or entrepreneur paying for the service.
Organisation Development Workshops and Group Coaching: Organization Development Workshops are conducted to expand the effectiveness of the client’s team in order to help them accomplish a fruitful performance. In these workshops, participants understand concepts such as strategic leadership, breakthrough thinking, problem solving and much more.
The clients are benefitted immensely by these services by gaining growth in business, having a partner in the transformation journey, longer term relationship, structure and professional approach with focus on processes, policies and HR practices needed to sustain growth.
In addition to improved productivity, better role clarity, Goal and Action orientation, the clients benefit from overall team development, leadership development, and building a leadership pipeline.
The diversity of experiences of the founding partners and industries served have helped transform the journey over the years for their clients and leaders even after the active engagement period of around 1 year. Highly focused on execution and change management and hands on involvement has made their services uniquely different than their competitors.
Future Roadmap
As it enters its 9th year, CNCTMS aims to create more impact, add more collaboration with like-minded facilitators who provide similar or complementary services to the same target market clients and consumers. In addition with the  increased use of technology based interventions that allow wider national and global coverage they plan to spread their services across the globe . And add more core services  in association with their certified business partners.
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