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Devouring integrated range of skills and expertise across the Immigration Industry alongside understanding and rolling out noteworthy solutions for the betterment of the masses is Countrywide Visas. To get more insights about the company’s prominent services and uniqueness, we bring you an exclusive interview with a young, powerful woman Sophia – the Branch Manager at the company.
IS: Enlighten us with the foundation story of the company and also the brief details of the company.
Sophia: I believe a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so, finally, on August 22, 2015, countrywide visas laid down its foundation in the Indian market with some limited cases of PR in hand. At that time, immigration was not a new term in the market; however, the rate with it is flourishing is slow and at the brim of great evolution.
So being an immigrant consultancy, we choose transparency, reliability, customer’s satisfaction and time-effective services as the pillars of our company to withstand competitors and new changes in the market. And, fortunately, these four pillars helped our employees a lot in successfully achieving the target of 100 clients within six months. Keeping the same pace, the date arrived, March 23, 2016; when our clients received invitations from Canada.
Throughout the journey, we have helped many aspirants in their immigration to different countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, for taking benefits of limitless opportunities, present there for them. We offer professionally managed & integrated immigration services; right from checking of eligibility criteria to form filing, Documentation to Profile marketing and more. In short, once an applicant came to us, we put all our efforts to turn his dream of immigration into reality.
IS: Please share with us the initial challenges that strengthen the current success of the brand.
Sophia: As I told you, the year of establishment of our company is 2015, and in the same year, the Government of Canada introduced today’s most popular immigration program, Federal Express entry program. In earlier days, before 2015, many immigration programs followed the “First come, First serve” rule to allow the entry of applicants in Canada.
However, after this program, a point-based system caught all the limelight. Many clients got confused in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) or selection factors, so to make them understand the factors and points criteria for their profiles is a little tedious. Similarly, many other updates in different immigration program came into existence which takes some time in building the relationship of trust with our clients.
The best part was our employees was so well-trained that they never leave patience and always served the clients’ queries. It helps in strengthening the companies in two ways – our employees and clients began to share the same vision, as well as clients, turned to loyal ambassadors of the company.
IS: Tell us about the services you provide through your venture
Sophia: Well, Countrywide visas is a full-service immigration company in India offering immigration services from beginning to end to aspirants who dream of a better lifestyle or professional career in some other foreign land in the future. With the help of experienced and trained staff, we cater our immigration services to both the national and international clients.
Our flow of services include

  • Form filling and pre-assessment
  • Language coaching
  • Visa assistance
  • Professional counseling
  • Profile marketing
  • Document assistance
  • Refusal case analysis and refilling
  • Cover letter drafting

IS: What is the current industry scenario from your perspective?
Sophia: Undoubtedly, in today’s day and age, immigration plays an important part in eroding the virtual land boundaries between countries. Now, we can easily find examples of global mobility of resources across geographic borders, which really deserve an appreciation. And, if we talk about Immigration consulting business in India, then it has successfully extended the dominance all over the country. When we started, there were a few gamers in the market, however, now it becomes a vicious circle where you encounter both reliable and campy companies. As a result, it becomes difficult for new aspirants to trust an immigration agency. So, we always keep our focus on building a healthy relationship with clients so that they can freely ask their queries, and we also make them understand the process of immigration.
IS: Please share some success stories, awards and accolades that the company has received.
Sophia: When it comes to achievements, awards or accolades, approval on visa applications of our clients is the biggest thing for us. We understand the meaning of the dream and the happiness of achieving it. During the journey from 2015 to present date, we successfully received approval on multiple visa application whether it’s a PR case, tourist visa, spouse visa, or be it any.
On August, 2016, Aditya came to us and enrolled with Countrywide Visas for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. When Aditya came to us with his queries, he was very busy with the official works then he took a break from the process for his Marriage. After this Aditya and his wife both gave IELTS as per instructed by the Immigration experts and the case manager as well. Finally, the result of IELTS arrived and as per expected they both got a recommendable scores in IELTS with CLB 10. Getting a premium track continuously with grace is a difficult task for all of us. With the proper filing and smooth documentation, Aditya and his spouse received ITA with scores of 464 points in the CRS. With all the hard work and appropriate team work of all the immigration experts as well as Case Managers, Mr. Aditya and his wife received the confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada.
In December 2017, Elizabeth entered her name in our client’s list. She came to us for a meeting or could say immigration inquiry and enrolled with Countrywide Visas for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. Immigration Expert of Countrywide Visas cleared all the ambiguity and made her comfortable with all the requirements from her side. From that point, we began to share a bond of trust. Under the guidance of experts, she scored CLB level 7.5 in IELTS, which was really recommendable.  And finally, with the proper filing and smooth documentation, she was fortunate to receive ITA with CRS score of 468 and a confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada.  
IS: What have been big developments for the company in India over the last six months?
Sophia: Headquarter of our company, countrywide visas is in Nehru place, from where we have started our venture as an immigration consulting agency. With each passing day, we make our steps towards our goal. In July 2018, we inaugurated our new branch in Gurgaon to extend our latency among competitors. It really helped a lot in achieving new financial targets or benchmark. Now, in the coming month, we are heading for our next new branch in Noida to weave a strong network of immigration services under one name, countrywide visas.
IS: Advice for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field
Sophia: Well, everyone needs a healthy competition in the market to explore new strengths and to overcome failures. So, I would like to say to budding entrepreneurs of the same field that instead of focusing on the title of the best immigration consultant, ensure to be someone’s right consultant. Moreover, Keep yourself updated on changes occurred in immigration that will ease the processing of applications.
IS: Brief us about the future of the company or the goal it has set to mark its exceptionality in future.
Sophia: Well, the goal is to become the reliable hand for immigrants who crave a life in a foreign land; however, due to lack of awareness, time, are not able to make the dream for them. I wish that I would never have to introduce the services of my company to anyone as everyone who wishes to take immigration services, is already aware of the name, countrywide visas. In addition to this, I am expecting a growing graph and more clients’ success stories for the company in the coming years
IS: Brief us about the Founder/CEO of the company and the major contribution of him/her towards the company
Sophia: Sudheer Sharma and Sudhesh Sharma are the founders of the countrywide visas or better say, the backbone of the company. Without his guidance and knowledge, it is impossible to make such developments in this short interval of time. He always believes employees as the most important asset of the company and clients’ satisfaction as an important output. He helps us whenever the situation demands, and motivates us to spread our wings without any hesitation and fear in the niche of competition to showcase, who we actually are.
IS: How will you describe your company in one word?
Sophia: Professionals

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