CredForce, the Global Credentialing Behemoth – & the man behind one of modern businesses’ greatest success stories


Meet Rajiv Gupta, the man who has elevated the gigantic credentialing ecosystem to more than 180 countries in just six years
What do you get when you cross an insatiable ambition to dominate the knowledge industry with a world class education from the crème de la crème of management schools, and top it off with multiple awards and accolades? If you were to personify all of the above, the answer would be the man who has singlehandedly led the establishment and global footprint of what today is the world’s largest credentialing consortium with a presence in literally every region.
CredForce, the world’s largest credentialing ecosystem spanning 180+ countries with more than 50 proprietary certification products and 18 knowledge standard frameworks is a multi-award winning conglomerate. If that’s too much to take in a single sentence, also consider that they have consistently ranked among the BRICS 100 fastest growing companies, and Rajiv has earned multiple awards ranging from the Entrepreneur of the year by prestigious publications to the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 felicitation for professional and business services.
CredForce has achieved, in its short life, what is mostly a dream for most startups. It has consistently been honored by some of the most prestigious publications in business, including Silicon India, CIO Review, The CEO Magazine to name just a few. CredForce has grown at a scorching pace since its inception and the speed of its expansion and subsequent domination, in emerging verticals and markets has only ticked higher with each passing year.  It is already the single largest unified ecosystem in global credentialing with offices in Austin, Palo Alto, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Glasgow, Singapore and Cape Town. This runs parallel to its vast strategic partner network and technology platforms which also provide last-mile reach. Its growth numbers speak for themselves, perhaps louder than the awards they have received in a short span.
An Ardent Leader
The President & Group CEO of CredForce, Rajiv Gupta is a prominent ranker in various media publications has always been a believer in the power of knowledge and growth. Being a world leader and global influencer in education and credentialing is but just a natural outcome of his persona; a fact demonstrated by the high degree of loyalty and motivation that he inspires among his employees across the world. It would not be an exaggeration to call Rajiv a phenomenon all by himself, either. After completing his master’s in Human Resource Management, he went on to earn an MBA from the internationally renowned Indian School of Business. And if that wasn’t enough, the next few years saw him complete his Fellow program from the Wharton School in multiple disciplines and rise in the ranks in corporate people management, from head of Human Resources for Asia Pacific, to the head of People Development in a large-scale enterprise like Moser Baer. Always an entrepreneur at heart, he had already been an angel investor in several startups and communities right from the early stages of his career.
Having founded the BPO Certification Institute, the gold standard for BPO employment in more than 75 countries, its founder, President and CEO, Rajiv conceived the idea of a massive ecosystem that would be unprecedented and unparalleled in its sheer breadth and reach. The humble beginnings of what would become the world’s largest unified certifications platform ecosystem had begun – CredForce.
“I didn’t realize the growth that we would achieve, but deep inside, I never doubted that it would be nothing short of stupendous. I had faith in the team and the vision. These two pillars held us together”, says the President and Group CEO of CredForce today, merely 6 years into its existence, a time frame where most entrepreneurs are struggling to stabilize or scale up. Rajiv has achieved both, not to mention several awards and accolades along the way. He has won several awards including the Entrepreneurial Role Model- Top Rankers Excellence Award at the 16th National Management Summit, Entrepreneur of the Year – Thought Leaders International, Organization Psychologist of the Year – Psycholinguistic Association of India and most recently, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in 2018 under Professional and Business Services category.
Setting Benchmarks
We did mention insatiable – and so is this wonder of a company. Already on a massive vertical expansion plan, CredForce is not just happy with growing its customer base which today includes some of the world’s largest corporations, governments and thousands of professionals. “We are looking to turn even more aggressive in our organic growth even as we partner with the world’s best,” says Rajiv. Prestigious partnerships such as the one with the Wharton School are setting the benchmarks higher worldwide and stand testimony to their rapid rise up the global credentialing value chain. “We will make this happen even as we diversify into other verticals where capability validation is still a grey area. Vendor neutral capability validation is a transparency mechanism that just cannot be rivalled”, reiterates the man who has proved his words over and over again. “We will be affecting the careers of more than a quarter million aspirants worldwide by 2020, and two thousand companies across our regions of operation”, and it looks like they are already on the way to make it happen, with their trademark panache.

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