DIPITR: Enabling India’s First Smart 360o Posture Care Solution

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Amir Valani | CEO | DIPITR

Wearable devices have been disrupting the Indian market for quite some time now. This technology has emerged as a futuristic solution for accessing requisite data on the go for people. Its active usage has been facilitating ease of obtaining information quickly wherever we are. This function variably helps in making decisions pertaining to daily lives more actively while creating a user-friendly experience.

This technology is now present almost everywhere. From smartphones, smartwatches, and portable accessories to AI-powered home consoles, wearable devices have found its existence proliferating wildly. The digital generation has paved the way for its rapid growth and its increasing demand has made wearable devices’ expansion more evident.

Wearable devices’ emergence in the healthcare industry has been major deal-breaker for lots of companies that are keen on facilitating medicare information in a more understanding manner to the patients or users who are health conscious or health-oriented. One such company driving innovation through its smart wearable posture trainer and corrector device is DIPITR. It is an organization focused on designing and developing products in health-tech and wellness space by improving people’s posture and productivity.

Its product Strack helps in solving the problem of increasing back problems. It has been observed that poor posture-related ailments are on the rise among professionals due to long hours of staying or sitting in a particular position. It is one of the leading causes of back pain in India and almost around the whole world. Strack takes care of posture correction, posture training, posture tracking, and posture management to make its users feel happy and relaxed when it comes to their back. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Strack has got your back.

This small wearable device can be worn on the upper back. It needs to be calibrated to the correct posture of a person using the mobile app or by pressing the button two times. Then, Strack sends out a gentle vibration alert each time that person slouches. The device is completely designed, developed, and manufactured in Bengaluru. The company has signed up with a contract manufacturer to produce the device whose cost is at Rs. 6700 which is available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and other shopping websites. Strack also enables services to corporates and workplaces where long desk hours are prominent.

Here are a few of the awards and accolades received by DIPITR:

  • CEO Insight 2020: Top 10 Best Smart Gadgets for Business in India
  • IoT Next 2019 Award Winner (Health-Tech)
  • Kelevate 2018 Award Winner (Health-Tech)
  • The 10 Most Emerging Tech Start-up
  • The 10 Most Promising Wearables Solutions Award – Silicon India
  • 8 Innovative Products on Amazon – Economic Times

Responsibly Driven

Amir Valani is the Founder and CEO of DIPITR. He is a graduate from IIM Indore and SMU (Texas, USA) with more than twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship, product management, and marketing. DIPITR has emerged as a leading tech company due to his valuable efforts as the company has flourished 30 to 40% every month since its inception. His extensive experience comes from his service in other prestigious companies where he worked in positions of high responsibility. His track record includes working for firms like Paras Marketing and Aga Khan Education Service.

Under Amir’s leadership, the team of DIPITR ensures that it never lags behind in terms of technological know-how. His continuous determination to make the public understand, while creating awareness about back pain and eliminate it by proactively concentrating on its prevention, lead him to launch Strack. Amir had lots of complications, right from assembling parts to design till manufacturing, the hardships were never-ending. Still, his constant focus on the mission he envisioned helped him in facing those challenges and accepting the end results as they came. He considered it the part of his journey.

Moving towards the future, the DIPITR’s target is to become a $100 million company by the end of 2022. The firm wishes to expand while covering all major cities in India as well as capture the international markets like North America and Europe. According to Amir, “the wearable technology in the workplace is indeed a step in the right direction for corporate wellness programs.”  Health can definitely be in the hands of every person with flawless metrics and appropriate privacy standards. “Our mission is to become a Market Leader in ergonomics and posture tracking by the year 2022,” concludes Amir.

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