Dipti Verma: Director, Pulizia Industries

Dipti Verma[Hygiene & Cleaning Solutions, woman entrepreneurship, Healthy & Clean Environment, women entrepreneur 2020, disinfectants and anti-bacterial products]
Dipti Verma

1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

Running a business successfully means having effective leaders who both manage operations and inspire employees to achieve their best results. Effective leaders know how people need to be motivated to change and to create a positive corporate culture. Additionally, effective leaders in a business setting know how to step back and see the bigger picture so they can see and articulate the vision in a way that others know what goals and procedures will be needed to stay vital in the future.

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

It is amazing to see women bringing up the diverse lines of businesses, doing nothing by halves and aspiring other young minds around. From retail industry to tech, I believe women are throwing signs of mastery in every field. It’s a brave new world and it is so important for women entrepreneurs to tell their stories because it takes just one story to change a life. The dual responsibility has helped women to do become work-live-born thinkers and multi-taskers.

3. Tell us more about Pulizia Industries.

Pulizia Industries Pvt Ltd. is a company backed up with enormous zeal & enthusiasm to provide cost effective & customized Hygiene & Cleaning Solutions. We manufactures FDA approved Hygiene and Cleaning chemicals and specialized in innovative disinfectants and anti-bacterial products with non-hazardous features.

4. What are your organization’s vision and core values?

At Pulizia, we believe that business and society can thrive together. We are guided and motivated by Performance with Purpose: delivering top-tier results in a way that sustains and respects business, society and the planet. Pulizia vision is to help in Creating a Healthy & Clean Environment. In core values we function on four pillars which is most important for us i.e. integrity, commitment, respect and excellence.

5. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

The premise of this question is that you can choose between your passion and being ‘practical’, ‘normal’, and playing it ‘safe’. And also that you can avoid risk in your future. There is no way we can eliminate the risk that is always associated with our decisions that consider our future. We don’t know all about the future. People who have a passion don’t weigh the pros and cons of following vs. not following it. They follow it. Always. Passion is just so powerful. So, follow the passion.

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