East Sun Electronics India LLP: Innovating the Future of Portable Energy

Prashant Prakash Bora, CEO, East Sun Electronics India LLP
Prashant Prakash Bora | CEO | East Sun Electronics India LLP

What would be our life without the modern day electronic devices? How would have our lives been without the many perks they offer? These devices assist us in areas we would not have thought of. From shopping to entertainment, business to education, and many such important areas of our lives have been made efficient and reliable with their introduction. But these powerful tools, with a wealth of information, are still at the end of electronic devices and needs energy to perform their jobs.

The mobile electronic devices, though possessing plenty of advantages, still live on the mercy of the battery. They need to be charged enough to perform their jobs. Hence, companies seek manufacturers who can develop quality chargers and other power supplying products for portable devices. One such company that develops quality power supplying products and has set a benchmark for the electronic industry is East Sun Electronics India LLP.

East Sun aims to create a hub of fully localized Manufacturing for Mobile Phones charges, Power Adapters and Power Banks in India.

Inspiration behind its Inception

Situated in Pune, East Sun is a leading manufacturer of Mobile Phone Chargers, Power Adapters and Power Banks. The company is engaged in the business of Manufacturing, Assembly, Trading, Import and Export of Mobile Phones Chargers, Power Adaptors, and allied Accessories. The company caters to several leading mobile and accessory brands in India. It is certified as an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 company by TUV SUD.

Make in India has been a direct inspiration for setting up East Sun’s India operations. With this motivation, it aims to participate on building Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi’s vision of powering of ‘Digital India’.

Ensuring the Highest Quality

East Sun’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Chakan, Pune, has a production capacity of 30 million chargers per year. The unit’s manufacturing lines comprise of industry-leading machineries such as lead-free wave-soldering, ultrasonic welding, PCBA transfer and Laser Engraving Machines.

The company’s production is backed by extensive Quality testing machines, such as Ageing Test Machines, Electron Loaders, Hi-Pot testers, Oscilloscopes among others. The Quality control set-up ensures that every single charger goes through rigorous checks, ensuring reliability and consistency in production.

East Sun also has an In-House Reliability laboratory to test and develop new products as per industry standard.

A Passionate Persona

Helping East Sun in its endeavors towards continuous success is none other than its CEO, Mr. Prashant Prakash Bora. Mr. Bora is a UDCT graduate with experience of more than a decade in the telecom industry. His passion for technology and innovation made him a serial entrepreneur.


Mr.Akshay Dilip Surana (Director-Sales)

Bachelor in Foreign Trade (2009)

MBA in Operations.

  • Expert in Strategic Sales in Different channels
  • Expert in Financial Analysis.

Mr.Piyush Satishkumar Bardia (Director-Purchase)

BE Graduate (2010)

  • Having core experience in Electronic, Electrical & Civil Engineering Development & Cost Cutting.
  • Expert in Technical development

Mr. Bora has founded companies across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution and International Sales in Telecom industry. He set out on his first venture Byond Mobiles at the age of just 27. The venture turned out to be successful and was one of the leading phone brands from 2009-12. He then founded Guoxintong Technologies and supplied phones to 30 countries.

Mr. Surana is a strategic thinker and sales leader known for high integrity and proven ability in Business Growth and in reaching organizational goals.

Overcoming the Challenges

According to Mr. Surana, “Entrepreneurship comes with as many rewards as it comes with challenges.” When East Sun started, the company had to face a lots of challenges and one of the biggest among those was to survive in the grey market.

The grey market is an unorganized sector of the electronics industry with respect to quality and price. Due to this, there is no stability in the business operations and often leads to problems with official distribution. However, East Sun, with its effective management of Sales channels and targeted investigations, reduced the grey market size and the harm associated with it.

The company on its path towards steady progress, has started focusing A & A+ Category of customers and became one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturers in India.

Industry Insight

According to East Sun, there is a new invention of products and discoveries of manufacturing process that are happening every day. The company further adds, Scientific studies, Automization and Artificial Intelligence have played an important role in the development and integration of electronic components.

To demonstrate this significance, Mr. Bardia says, “Earlier we used to have Tube Light with Electrical Power Driver, its size and weight was later overcome by electronic Tube Light drive.  And now we are in an era of LED and a Small IC Controller (size equivalent to diameter of screw) has taken the goal post ahead. It has not only reduced sizes or weight of the Product but also controlled Prices and Optimum Utilization of Resources.”

“Now we have entered an era where all most every Utility Products or Industrial Product or Machinery has to go for bigger & better Automization, where the devices controlled by ‘Alexa’, ‘Siri’, or ‘Google Assistant’ & for Automization, Electronic Components future is like Blood of Technology. So, it has a very bright future.” concluded Mr. Bardia.

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