Upasana Kamineni Konidela: A Leader with Exceptional Values

Upasana Kamineni Konidela | MD | URLife
Upasana Kamineni Konidela | MD | URLife

Entrepreneurship is not just limited to business. It is more than that. It is also about making a difference in people’s lives. A ritual of giving back to the society. Many entrepreneurs fail to realize that and are often strayed away from the path of true entrepreneurship. The meaning of it is quite different for many business professionals and so they act according to their values and vision for entrepreneurship. One thing that is most crucial and common to entrepreneurship is creating value. Upasana Kaminneni Konidela is one such person who believes in creating value for whatever work she undertakes and delivers it in a dynamic way.

She is a next-gen entrepreneur, well-being curator, sustainability activist, animal conservationist and a distinguished philanthropist. She is best known as the Vice-Chairperson CSR of Apollo Foundation, Founder and Managing Director of wellness and healthcare firm called URLife and Managing Director of Family Health Plan Insurance TPA Limited (FHPL) – an insurance services company.

“We share engaging content backed by renowned experts that is in sync with UR mind, body, nutrition and health. URLife is committed to helping you live UR life to the fullest by harnessing the power of technology to promote healthy lifestyle choices”

Upasana’s endeavours have been getting her understated persona and the most well-deserved accolades. She has received the Femina Award for Recognition in Healthcare, and she was recognized as Tycoons of Tomorrow and felicitated by Forbes. Earlier this year, Upasana was also awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award for Philanthropist of the Year.

Her adventurous nature and a penchant to bring awakening in the mind, body, soul, and healing through various sustainable business practices make her a unique example. Upasana is the wife of South Indian superstar Ram Charan (Actor, Producer and Son of Dr Chiranjeevi) and granddaughter of billionaire entrepreneur Prathap C Reddy.

Leading Conglomerates

URLife is all-in-one wellness and lifestyle platform. Upasana has a team of certified medical doctors and professionals, celebrity fitness experts and holistic nutritionists that provides clients with first-hand access to trending health tips, nutrition, expert videos, diet plans, lifestyle hacks, consultations, healthy recipes, fun DIY’s and personalised services. In a short period of time, Urlife did very well this year. Upasana has achieved to get 1800 clients for her company and achieved a 100-crore turnover.

She is a next-gen entrepreneur from the Apollo Hospitals Family, who believes in creating socialistic sustainable businesses that create a meaningful impact and also give back to society as a whole. The Apollo Hospitals Group spearheads many breakthroughs first-of- its-kind initiatives in healing India; two of which are: The Apollo Foundation and URLife. The former believes in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and educating people in need of medical care. On the other hand, URLife is about making Urban India and the Indian workforce increase their productivity and manage their wellbeing harmoniously.

Since Upasana started URLife using herself as an example and incorporating best wellbeing practices from around the world to help increase productivity of Corporate India, Upasana firmly believes that the world can heal through transformation. Today, URLife has the largest number of Occupational Health Centres in the country. URLife has been applauded for its remarkable feats in the wellness space and has accumulated accolades, Economic Times Retail Icon & Realty Award in 2017 being one of them.

BPositive magazine was started a decade ago by Upasana, but during the pandemic she made a sustainable shift by opting to go digital. “We have merged and rebranded our previous company Apollo Life now known as URLife,” she says.

The Apollo Foundation believes in giving back with respect and empathy, whether it’s taking care of WWF forest guards who protect our wildlife or providing the elderly with adequate medical care, who have been abandoned by their families. The Apollo Foundation takes great pride in conceptualizing a breakthrough self-sustaining model to help rural India stay healthy – A Total Health Program. This program takes care of an individual’s health from womb to tomb (Dr Prathap C Reddy’s Brainchild)

With an International Business Marketing and Management degree from Regents University, London and Love for Health & Wellbeing, Upasana received the Femina Award for Recognition in Healthcare in 2017.

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