D’Well Research: Innovating Creative Ways and Strategies That Can Convert Crowd into Customers

D’Well Research was envisioned to provide exclusive user experience research information from field to support user-centered product design for companies globally. It is a full service market research company, specialized in Product Development using Prototype testing, interviewing, Ethnographic studies, group discussions, social media analysis and desk research.
D’Well Research’s services assure reliable information, local knowledge about targeted users, responsiveness and empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across Asia and Africa. Also, this Singapore-based company has a team of digital marketing experts positioned in strategically important markets throughout the world. D’Well team of researchers, analysts and marketing specialists provides insights on the users and the changing trends among the youth and the millennial shoppers. The research supports the companies to connect with their customers, understand their common activities, understand trends and integrate their digital marketing campaigns.
D’Well Research provides services like innovation intelligence, user experience research, and innovation consulting. It also offers marketing support services like Product marketing studies, studies on marketing intermediaries, studies on different marketing functions as well as mobile marketing research, digital marketing, online research and social media research. D’WellResearch’s social media research helps companies to understand the language of their audience which can be used for brand promotion and advertisement campaigns to push products towards the end customers.
Digital marketing supports the best ways to monitor, collect, analyze and interpret data to boost business understanding of target markets and make strategies accordingly. D’Well Research uses the best and the latest tools to scan and monitor the social media activities to assist their clients to know the major influencing factors on the audience which make them to like or dislike any product or ad. It helps the companies to focus their digital marketing on the influencers to get their product on the top list.
Setting up offices with experienced team of on-field researchers in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and China assist them to work on international assignments. This global market research company is completely focused on qualitative research services and helps its client to target a specific region and reduce the infrastructure cost to gather user experience information from these markets. This full-fledged field team is known for their executing of qualitative and quantitative studies in following sectors:

  1. Healthcare (Pharma, Medical equipment, Insurance, Food, Treatment)
  2. Automotive (Automobiles, Accessories)
  3. Smart touch devices (Mobile phones, Computer, TV)
  4. Finance (Banking, Insurance)
  5. Agriculture (Crop Science, Cultivation, Biotech, Agriculture equipment)
  6. Lifestyle (Fashion, Day/night life, Family, Education)

The success of this B2B Company hinges largely on strong client relationship. Working for Microsoft, Nokia, Siemens, HP, Sanofi Pasteur, Philips Healthcare, Standard Chartered, Maruti Suzuki, Volkswagen, HSBC, Cisco and many more have helped the firm to improve its customer experience. D’Well Research supports its client to develop new apps, websites, operating systems, medical equipment, cars, insurance and finance products, electronic circuits, apparels, packaging, advertising concepts, industrial products etc. The team renders service in all phases of product development cycle in a transparent way by providing access to the clients in all stages of the project to help achieve their goals.
The Leader behind the Establishment
D’Well Research is led by CEO, Thomas George. He is an engineer with a management degree and expertise in merging product development with marketing management. With a massive experience of over 20 years in Business and Community research and a PDMA, TTRA, Esomar, QRCA, AMSRS Member, he is managing user experience research for fortune 500 companies.
According to Thomas, an entrepreneur should have a positive mind with strong determination, dedication and desire to solve it. This young entrepreneur is known for his strong visualizing power and delivering convincing research results to his clients. He incorporated D’Well Research in 1995 to strengthen new ideas in real life. Thomas and his team’s hardwork and dedication helped to overcome the problems in the initial stages and gradually it converted D’Well Research into a high valued multinational company.
The Future is Bright for the Creative Masters
D’Well Research has always adapted itself to the fast hanging technological environment in digital marketing world to face the competition. D’Well respects and considers clients views and deals with them empathetically. Coordinating with the clients during the research and marketing process has helped them to produce the best outcomes and satisfactory results. Such steadfast service delivered in the right amount of time with the right budget shows the exposure to competition and increases its long-term survival prospects.
As the Digital Marketing is the future, D’Well Research is evolving with new and ground breaking tools like personalization technologies and enhancement in mobile marketing services. With its latest innovative tools like AI, VR, AR and Analytics using Deep learning & Machine learning techniques in research projects & marketing, D’Well Research is moving ahead in the competitive market. D’Well Research believes that the future is determined by creating innovative ideas and developments that call for the seamless interworking of mediums. It will be embedded by the marketers and different platforms for new and traditional media to play together.
Source :- The 10 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Companies in 2017

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