EveryMedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Creating Tailor-Made Digital Portfolio

Digital marketing is becoming one of the essential parts of every marketing campaign; moreover, with the development in cutting edge tools, both medium and small sized businesses are doing everything to keep up with the pace. Conventional industries are also adapting the online models, or expanding the existing advertising endeavors with digital marketing – trying to catch an emerging and very lucrative and high potential online commercial model. The reason behind is, its ability to attract targeted prospective customers online who have the ability to influence the distinction between an effectively flourishing business – and a fizzled one.  Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading digital media tech companies started off as a small boutique agency in 2009. It has it’s headquarter in Mumbai and other offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Dubai, New York and London; along with the team of almost 300 members.
Teams in Everymedia believes and enjoys the struggles, swim through the challenges that comes to them every day, still they do give best and are back at it the very next day. They started their journey in a small room, doing anything and everything, all at the same time. They had been working with projects that have pushed them up in all sorts of challenging environments.
Everymedia has a team of enthusiastic and hardworking individuals who have helped them in winning accolades at the Goafest, Creative Abby and Asian Customer Engagement Awards. The company follows complete consultative approach towards its clients across brands, films, studios, production houses and personalities.  From perception management to digital transformation programs, the company has worked on over 200 movies, catered to some of the top brands and personalities of the country and devised successful strategies for leading production houses and studios.
Services Rendered by Everymedia
Services in Everymedia have been divided into three essential buckets – Content, Technology and Analytics, which covers multitude of services such as strategic advisory and consultation, perception management, brand equity building, market research, digital discovery and assessment.
The Company has a set of goals which also includes giving its best to create a tailor-made digital portfolio to achieve the results by evaluating client’s needs and requirement and understanding audience suited for their businesses.
Architect Innovating Marketing Strategies in EveryMedia
Gautam B Thakker is the CEO of EveryMedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. At EveryMedia, he is known as the Chief Employee. This personal call has stemmed from his belief of always wanting to mentor and empower his team. Gautam gives every individual in the company the opportunity to function as business units in themselves, follow their own practices and make their own decisions. Collectively, teams are given the freedom to implement processes and take calls that are beneficial for the company at large. He encourages everyone to not look at a client in the conventional sense of the word, rather treat every project like a puzzle to solve.
Additionally, Gautam lays great emphasis on sports right from carom tournaments, setting up an in-house pool table to forming cricket leagues.
Pushing up the Boundaries
The very initial challenge faced by the company is to convince a client to move forward from making elaborate social media profiles and focus more on analytics. However the team observes, listens and evaluates conversations happening across digital platforms very cautiously, but there is the need to understand the fact that analytics has also become a key aspect that needs to run parallel with any marketing campaign. Thus, they have started analytics which will help them to track conversations, build positive momentum and convert the non-converted audience.
The EveryMedia Team is continuously working across different mediums, time-zones and platforms using a variety of tools that condense the big data, cut through the noise and providing with the essential information to the clients so that they can achieve the best result.
The greatest challenge company has to experience is to erase the clutter, build positive engagement and thus build the equity of the brand.
Future Perspectives
The Company believes that “the future of Digital Marketing is expected to be dependent on two key factors – visuals and analytics. Whatever you see, is what you get, whether it is a product, service or basic numbers.”  Thus, it has started pushing for more video content on digital which will boost audience engagement.
Despite of the fact that the market is very competitive by nature it is directing towards focusing on setting the benchmarks for the clients, because it has a pre-decided goal to choose the market in which it can flourish ,adopt approaches and practices that would navigate the market in the desired direction.
The company has the belief that, it is more important to create unprecedented impact than just standing out of the crowd.
Source :- The 10 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Companies in 2017

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