Whirlwind: Creating Waves in the Digital Marketing Industry

Launching and managing a start-up is no small feat. There are a million things demanding your attention. From handling day-to-day operations to managing resources and other logistics, everything that happens at a startup requires detailed consideration. Digital Marketing has now become mainstream to the point where the first thing to do when building your brand presence is making a website and/or building their presence on social platforms. If done right, digital marketing can prove to be a huge benefit and provide significant customer insights to grow and accelerate your business.
With the unfolding of modern technologies and preponderance of digital marketing, businesses are doing all they can to incorporate brand building along with content creation. With a vision to provide a marketing platform for upcoming entrepreneurs, Saumil Patel established Whirlwind.
Whirlwind, instituted in 2007 was started as a pure SEO agency, and soon transformed into an end-to-end digital marketing agency. It is committed to providing exceptional value to their clients by focusing on delivering meaningful leads and predictable business growth.
The Chief Tornado
Saumil Patel, the Founder of Whirlwind, is a trained engineer and a professional growth hacker. With over a decade of experience in managing traditional advertising, new-age media and digital domains, Saumil has coupled the worlds of technology and marketing to create a unique service offering known as Whirlwind.
Saumil believes in creating exceptional value for his clients and aims at achieving this by creating an enriching environment and culture for his team. He realizes the importance of culture and has been pushing for innovative ways to truly imbibe the company’s core values amongst the team members. Saumil strongly believes in the power of knowledge and its ability to overcome any challenge. Thus, he encourages a growth mindset among his employees and personally ensures that they take charge of their work to help them realize a sense of ownership within themselves. Saumil deems that every small effort, from aligning a new employee with the company’s manifesto to the peer-to-peer rewarding actions, will eventually add up to be beneficial to the company.
Additionally, Saumil has always followed the principle of doing more with less. As a founder of a bootstrapped company, he understands the challenges of fledgling enterprises and the opportunities that a no-strings-attached business provides. Through Whirlwind, Saumil ensures that this thought is reflected in their approach towards their clients. “Because we understand the value of money, we have spent entire lifecycles optimizing investments and squeezing the most bang out of each buck,” urges Saumil.
Whirlwind of a Journey
As an industry flourishes, the demand for exceptional talent grows. This creates a shortage of able persons and their retention becomes difficult. This is where the power of culture and knowledge can be leveraged to create a unique offering, not only for the clients but also for the employees.
Whirlwind considers itself fortunate with the sheer number and variety of clients they have been able to work with. All of their innovations are stemmed from their core promise of delivering predictable business growth and generating meaningful leads for their clients.
One thing that Saumil recounts from his startup days is what his ex-boss used to say – “You are only as good as your last quarter” and at Whirlwind, they have tried to stay competitive not only by competing with others but also by obsessively focusing on delivering results.
Providing Groundbreaking Solutions
Whirlwind is an end-to-end digital marketing agency that uses a content-first approach to help businesses grow their presence online. Their gamut of services includes – Inbound / Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Lead Gen Marketing, Conversion Led Web Analytics as well as Web Design and Development.
Their revolutionary “Converging Orbits Method” is born out of the need to deliver ROI on multi-stage lead-gen campaigns which were not profitable. Using data analytics at every level, n-stage remarketing and delivering personalized content are the various methods used to deliver results for their clients. Whirlwind’s C:O Method is an organic lead-generator which focuses on making traditional marketing funnels more effective by improving relevance and engagement by three times and they do this by demerging silos.
One of their biggest innovations has nothing to do with marketing and tools, but in the mindset with which they approach day-to-day operations. They call this the 90DY (90Day Year) mindset, which helps them align their efforts with client’s goals. The 90DY is a brilliant framework made famous by Todd Herman, the global leader in high performance, and allows growth hack around their client’s marketing goals thereby delivering meaningful progress and becoming true partners.
A Bright Future Ahead
As we move into the future, the attention span of customers is going to get smaller and smaller. At Whirlwind, they strongly believe that the future of digital marketing lies in building more meaningful relationships and engaging customers in personalized, relevant ways at various stages of the lifecycle. Whirlwind is achieving this for its clients by using the proprietary Converging Orbits Method.
Whirlwind believes that a crucial aspect for agencies will be to become more data savvy. “The idea behind creating digital marketing strategies for clients must be data-driven in order to focus on ROI and understand what really works!” states Saumil. They believe in stepping out of the mindset of doing what “looks” best, to actually doing what “works”.
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