Harmony Multimedia: Creating and Transforming the Digital Life

By building a brand strategy, you can understand who your target audience is and where to connect with them. The correct audience will bring you an expectant ROI while the wrong audience would be a waste of time to pursue. When you get the exact audience, you need to consider what encourages them as it narrates to your objectives and what digital marketing channel you can use to connect with them. By doing this same all kinds of unique strategic undertakings, Harmony Multimedia covers all the aspect of digital marketing business.
Harmony Multimedia superiorly envelops extensive gamut of advertising in its arms. As a 360° advertising solution provider, Harmony is a fully creative agency addicted to creating ideas, transforming your brand into truly fine creative communications. With offices in Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, Harmony has offered creative services to some of the region’s most recognized local and national brands, including Pan Parag, Khaitan, Prafful, Parag, Vipul, Subhash Sarees, Rajhans, Amaazia, Hi-Tech, Navin Electronics, Orange Hospital, Kothari International School,  DavaIndia, SuAyu, Freshy, Euro Foods and SUMUL. The brand category ranges from FMCG to Fashion, Real Estate to Retail and Education to Health.
Harmony is highly recognized as the best digital marketing firm for serving its following services:

  • Website Designing
  • Web Updation
  • SEO
  • Domain Registration & Booking
  • Online Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Spin Doctrine
  • Wide variety of Creative updates which include Short Videos, Contests, Podcasts, Topical Updates, Interactive Updates, Testimonials, Blogs, Emailers and Newsletters

It sincerely clinch all the aspects of Conventional and new age Advertising beginning from Conceptualizing, Creative Designing, Ad Film – Short Film –Corporate Film Production, Photography, Media Planning- Buying, Out Of Home Advertising (OOH), Events, Designing Solutions to Below the Line Activation (BTL) Social Media Management, Web Designing, Spin Doctrine and Digital Advertising.
Fascinating Leaders of Harmony Multimedia
Incorporated by Rajesh Desai, Chairman & Managing Director, Harmony Multimedia is a result of dreams and determination. And today, growing on his feed, Harmony is like a “Big Idea Home where Creativity Never Sleeps.”
As an Ad Maker by Passion and Profession, Rajesh Desai was born and brought up East Africa before his family shifted to Navsari, Gujarat. After completing his BSc in Physics he went for MSc from an acclaimed university of India, MS University. Later to hone himself further he did MBA from Symbiosis. The major bubble of this designing endeavor was started with Financial Advertising. At the same time, Harmony was taken baby steps into the world of products and service advertising.
He is avid reader of Hindi, English and Gujarati works from acclaimed writers. Initiated his business from scratch today he possess a National Ad Agency catering to top National brands, Harmony Multimedia.
In 17 years of Rajesh’s career span, he has created some amazing ad films like Pan Parag “The Choice of Young India”, Subah ke 9 baj gaye Pan Parag khaya kya, Ab Mobile Bikega to Bhatia se hi Bikega, Saree me Saree Parag Sarees, Subhash Sarees & Beyond, Desh badal raha hai – DronStudy.com se padh raha hai and Navin se nahi to kahin se nahi.
Rajesh loves to do writing, reading, acting, music and travelling. His success mantra lies in the fact that “He loves what he does.” Along with his team, Rajesh strives to deliver excellence and unmatchable expertise in all the offerings. Mehul Prajapati, Rajshree Piruka, Shabbar Kukawala, Deep D. Desai and Chetan Patel heads of the creative and the digital team work in sync with each other to delight the clients.
Harmony Multimedia is a bright bunch of lively people passionate about brands having creativity by default all set to Rock & Roll the World of Advertising. Rajesh Desai’s daughter Devina Desai, Fashion Blogger and son Harshil Desai, Professional Photographer have added wings to Harmony with their own undertakings DevinaDesai.com and Harshil Desai Photography respectively.
Excellent Execution of Strategies to fulfill the Client’s Need
Harmony’s journey was accompanied by hard work and an excellent team which has made an awesome experience for them. They have been practicing Social Media Management ever before Social Media became a household name.
Harmony, at initial stage, was difficult to explain importance of Social Media presence to their accounts. Harmony even had to provide complimentary service to its clients so that they could first taste the flavor of social media. Undoubtedly, they gradually understood the opportunity it holds and were ready to sail in the waves of Social Media Marketing.
One always need to be on the toes, when it comes to Digital Marketing, be it replying the client’s customers or solving their query and this is what the Rajesh’s working attitude for every client. Even the updates on trending topics needs to be done within stipulated time or else the charm is lost. There is always room for recycling and revision. Hence, the company is implementing all marketing strategies that are like the final piece to a large puzzle where demand have been building on. Their working efforts push themselves to fit whole work together in a logical manner.
Future Enrichments
Harmony services include everything under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Moreover they give them the most beautiful experience whereby helping them to reach out their real customers. They follow the direct Communication between brand and customers. This communication between brand and customers is sacred and has to be done with profound integrity.
The company delivers the innovative and imaginative ideas reducing the complications and obstacles, which polish the skill every day, enhance the passion, creativity and give creative solution to clients. Harmony knows that the Digital Marketing itself is a future, it is evolving every second. Therefore, they are dedicatedly working and enriching themselves for greater future where they can provide best of services to their clients.
Website:- www.harmonymultimedia.in
Source :- The 10 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Companies in 2017

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