MAA Digital: Delivering Cutting-edge, Customised Marketing Strategies

Today’s digital world is characterised by an immensely dynamic, multi-pronged approach to communication. Therefore, one can no longer communicate in a simple, linear manner, as was the case in the past. In a retail environment that’s becoming increasingly complex due to technological advancements and dwindling attention spans, MAA Digital offers a dedicatedly insightful approach to customer requirements.
Powered by excellence in creativity, strategy and market intelligence, MAA Digital provides comprehensive digital and social media marketing solutions in today’s sophisticated, yet still rapidly evolving age of technology. Its solution portfolio covers every possible marketing need, right from strategy and consulting to design and development.
A spin-off of MAA Communications, one of India’s very few global-standard indigenous advertising agencies, MAA Digital, which was established in 2007, straddles the entire spectrum of not just digital marketing needs, but also deployment channels and platforms – thus creating seamless, flawless campaigns that are as effective as they are memorable.
Three Generations of Exceptional Leaders
Akshar Peerbhoy, the Chief Operating Officer of MAA Communications, is a third-generation adman. He draws on a rich lineage that began with his grandfather, the legendary Ayaz Peerbhoy, widely regarded as one of the “Founding Fathers of Indian Advertising”. Akshar has a deep-rooted passion for advertising, and has spent over a decade honing his skills in the field. His vision is to elevate the MAA brand, which his father Bunty Peerbhoy has successfully nurtured and grown for over 40 years, to new heights, inking strategic partnerships along the way and turning MAA Communications into India’s leading advertising agency. Akshar has been instrumental in envisioning and successfully launching several initiatives at MAA Communications, adding a new dimension to the company’s longstanding tradition of innovation at each turn. One of his latest accomplishments is the recently launched ‘MAA #Oneplay’ concept, which is an innovative marketing approach of the MAA brand. “#Oneplay is about providing best-in-class quality, seamless solutions to our customers…solutions that are powered by our team’s enduring will to exceed stakeholder expectations every step of the way,” he explains.
Akshar is also particularly proud of MAA Digital, which he set up following extensive research into what new-age organizations truly desire in an advertising partner.
New Approaches towards Digital Marketing
MAA Digital caters to the entire spectrum of new-age media. With capabilities to strategise, develop and execute end-to-end digital solutions, it focuses on delivering valuable results to its customers. The company specialises in leveraging new-age technologies to ensure effective and measurable marketing campaigns. MAA Digital not only executes web, digital and social media plans, but also provides branding, budgeting, targeting, positioning and go-to-market solutions from a strategy standpoint. Its comprehensive range of solutions caters to the most diverse of client requirements – for instance, outreach, market share growth, top-of-mind recall, sales funnel expansion and brand value enhancement.
Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
The biggest challenge was in terms of changing the outlook of clients; about convincing them to move from traditional to new-age media,” says Akshar. Digital media being a space that’s constantly evolving, companies tend to regard it as risky. In truth, however, the rapid pace of change is largely because of the real-time nature of processes. Digitisation, with its myriad technologies and platforms, has merely tightened up the timeline typically taken for publishing, interaction and conversion.
Another challenge MAA Digital faced initially was the apprehensive stance of companies with respect to the difficulty involved in adopting new and sophisticated technologies. However, MAA Digital’s modern marketing technologies, such as social media and marketing software, are immensely user-friendly and intuitive in terms of both UIs and functionality. “Many initial clients had to be walked through the entire process of strategy, planning and execution for them to realise the true potential of digital marketing,” adds Akshar.
Future Goals and Objectives
MAA Digital is constantly upgrading itself with training and research. It regularly tests the latest techniques and methods for relevance and efficacy. Moreover, its ensemble of skilled, niche professionals is more than capable of responding quickly to sudden shifts in the dynamic digital space.
MAA Digital, which regularly comes up with new service offerings, recently created a highly interactive web portal with minimal AI integration for a real estate company. It is currently working on a blended social video-creation platform (focused on motion graphics) that simplifies the video creation process and can easily be accessed by anyone. As part of a broad strategy, the company is focusing on offering digital as well as traditional services as an integrated, specialised offering that leverages all the required skills in a single effort.
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