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Social Media dominates the online-user-behavior today along with search. It is likely that your business is the subject of user ratings, opinions, comments and rants on popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest. Digital Marketing companies help to proactively manage social presence and influence or shape opinions about your business. The comprehensive social marketing arsenal includes media monitoring, user engagement, content development and dissemination via tweets, posts, and comments.
One of the leading marketing companies which dispense solutions to online, digital and social media challenges worldwide is Runtime Solutions. Founded in 2010, the company runs an integrated 360 Degree Internet Marketing Set-up which provides targeted solutions and sharply focused digital and business consulting. The business solutions range from complex content management systems for large portals to visually breathtaking interactive installations to effective digital campaigns.
The stated objective of Runtime Solutions is “to collectively get our experience to enable your brand to go to the next level whether it is for: simple communication, customer conversion or simply to make it part of conversation.” Their goal is best summarized in one mission statement – “Curro Ergo Sum”.
Services which brings Runtime on the Top
Runtime Solutions offers a bouquet of business solutions ranging from multifaceted Content delivery systems to uber-cool and interactive Apps, platform-agnostic and dynamic experiences across all form factors. Their considerable strengths includes strategizing, planning and executing social media campaigns, mobile applications, microsites, social applications and a plethora of digital innovations.
The Mumbai-based firm is uniquely positioned to provide digital experiences to each of the brands that they work on. Runtime Solutions’ team constantly pivots around the twin axes of creativity and technology to simplify complex product launch briefs or heavy data-based algorithms into exciting customer experiences and meaningful market intelligence.
Runtime Solutions keeps customer-centricity at the core of its communication by adding value to the ever-increasing social media channels and other relevant platforms. Their team prides themselves on strategizing, conceptualization and execution of the entire marketing process. In today’s world content is at the core of marketing, and Runtime manages the value chain from Planning, Creating and Distributing content and Measuring the results with the usage of data science and analytics. This has been possible with the talented and committed team of brand champions, designers, writers, and developers that create and deliver visually-rich campaigns across mediums.
Runtime believes that every project is a challenge for them to showcase their creativity and the ability to deliver against all odds. They visualize customer complaints and pain areas as golden opportunities to shine.
The Inspiring Founder of the Value-Driven Company
Tracing his roots and culture to the Eastern part of India, wherein the community values education over commerce Arjun Chatterjee, the Founder and CEO of Runtime Solutions, had a challenging but interesting time emerging as an entrepreneur.  Post MBA from XLRI, he started his career as a senior manager in the Tata Group. However, after working in CNBC-TV18 for 3 years, he was emboldened to take the plunge on the back of a strong entrepreneurship spirit and zeal to create a mark of his own. His goal as the leader of the team is to ensure that he creates a fair platform with the right opportunities for individuals to shine and achieve their goals.
The Awards and Recognition of Success
Starting the Journey with the mission of creating and leveraging digital innovation for delivering effective marketing solutions to the clients, Runtime enjoys a huge list of achievements in the attire of success. Being the winner of Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award and the GOLD winner of Best Social Media Application of the Year, Runtime has been highly successful in being ahead of the industry curve in innovation.
With team strength of 30, Runtime has been able to deliver more than 100 websites, many applications, experiences and campaigns all of which have resulted more than 50 Digital Awards & Recognitions.
Runtime believes in Creating its own Future
As customer expectations shift, digital marketing is making a shift from engagement to experience. Runtime is focusing and building thought leadership in the area of Augmented, Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and emerging technologies which can deliver impactful brand experiences. They are building the entire ecosystem in which video, 3D, Device and Technology intersect and will truly allow their customers to have “WOW” experiences across the world. There are many competitors but the 3 key differentiators for Runtime Solutions are the following:

  • Digital Innovation – Pushing the boundaries of the Medium, whether on the Web, Social Media platforms or Mobile Applications around the twin axes of Creative and Technology.
  • Constant value addition – Continuously adding content and theme-driven pieces in brand communication.
  • User-friendly Products – Crisp UIs and dashboards to demystify Big data makes it easier for regular users to embrace the medium and become digital citizens.

Runtime has always created a mark with its power-packed tracking and digital tools working in close conjunction with marketing and on-ground teams. These tools generate a customer footprint across the digital landscape, enabling brands to hyper-target their customer segments and deliver relevant messaging to appropriate audiences. They are always on the look-out for the next set of tracking & monitoring tools and new products to ensure customer delight.
Source :- The 10 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Companies in 2017

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