Eben Telecom: Inventive and Contemporary Services in Telecom Industry

In the last two decades, the telecom sector had shown a rapid growth from the mode of transmission medium to smarter solutions. The industry in its sail has surpassed drastic changes in technology, rules and regulations, recession etc. and has shown its ruff and tuff face for survival to the allied industries which resulted in the survival of the fittest.Consumers always have an opportunity to purchase a new phone or enhanced products, with which they expect the innovative technologies, clever concepts and even trends to solve their problems with the customer care services and amid of all these rapid changes, there is a vital need of  great service.
Eben Telecom has a wide range of technology solutions & services to help organizations enhance Revenue, Employee Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction. The solutions includes:
UnifiedBuzz, a flagship product of Eben Telecom which unifies the power of all communication solutions under single window. The solution integrates the power of SMS, Voice, eMail, USSD & IVR under the brand UnifiedBuzz.
ZULO, which stands for Zero Usage Latch On is an enterprise grade product for the Telecom Operators across the globe. ZULO helps in building up additional SMSC capacity for the TELECO & also in identifying the active customers/subscribers in the network.
OSBA, which is also called as “Online SMS Based Bidding Application” is one of the unique products in the market which combines the power of SMS & Internet for all kinds of material procurements. This product has also won the “Gold Medal” in Quality Concepts 2013 – Hosted By Council Forum of India.
UTIS, the smart and simple Unified Tele Infra Solution is used by the TELECOM infra providers in India. In short, UTIS is an infra management engine which integrates to multiple modules and to multiple solution providers/integrators.
Eben has also been capable enough in building customized CRM solutions for its client tale in all verticals especially Telecom, Media & Banking. Eben also provides various Contact Center solutions for its clients and has proved to be effectivity managing the voice and non-voice operations. All of these solutions are customized and integrated directly into the client’s systems and platform for seamless operations. In short, Eben positions itself as a service provider and just not a technology partner for its clients.
Truemark of a Leader is the Willingness to Stick
Sam Thomas, an entrepreneur by heart is the Founder & Managing Director of Eben Telecom. Eben Telecom started as a company by providing various Contact Center solutions for a telecom company way back in 1995. Over the course of the last 21 years, Eben has widened the client base by providing various Contact Center Solutions & technology services for multiple telecom organizations, banking, automobile, Insurance & Educational Organizations in the global market. Having made a name for itself in the domestic market, because of its client centric approach, innovative solutions, strong leadership team and long standing loyal employees, Eben Telecom under the leadership of Sam Thomas identified opportunities in the related segment of providing client specific, cost effective technology solutions that helped clients manage their operations better, increase speed of response to customer queries, reduce cost, increase productivity and increase revenue. The journey to technology related business has been steady and focused in terms of understanding, designing & satisfying client needs.
Long Term Goals is the Lightest Pathway
Challenges are part of any organization’s growth story. Challenges for Eben have ranged from changing customer expectations, regulatory changes, technology changes, pressure on pricing, increased competition, talent acquisition & retention.
Eben’s value systems, long term goals, client centric process, collaborative approach within & outside the organization, investment & adaptation of new technologies, good will, trust based client relationship, adaptation to new technologies, Committed Employees, Strong Leadership Team and understanding the specific needs of the customers and designing innovative solutions that meet their needs have helped to withstand & overcome challenges that came across over the years. The journey so far has been quite challenging, but exciting.
Innovation is the Critical Ingredient
The technology in the industry is changing so rapidly and it’s vital for companies to be innovative. Sustained innovation and process innovation are now a critical ingredient for the success of any technology company. Technologies in cloud computing, business analytics, social media platforms and process automation are being used within any organization to enable businesses to lower costs and be more effective. New technologies are allowing humans and digital processes to work smarter together. The main focus should be on digitizing the right business processes and harness advances in infrastructure, process automation and analytics.
Conquering the Business World
To be a part of the successful startup or an established one, the first thing is to conduct thorough market research. Research will help you identify business opportunities. The second step is to choose a business opportunity that identifies & flows with your strengths and core competencies. Third is creating a business plan is an essential part of starting your business. Another thing that you need to consider is the competition in the market and the implications of the competition that you have, and the thought process to survive within the competition. In the long run, you should maintain the quality of services you offer your clients and in doing so, you will attract more clients and maintain the existing clients.
Expertised Efforts Rendering the Vision into Reality
As a confident and young team in the competitive market, Eben Telecom will keep coming up with innovative products like UnifiedBuzz that will meet the clients specific needs. There will be a lot of focus on harnessing technology platforms to integrate and value added products to client platforms.
The years of expertise, the collaborations with global organizations that Eben has established coupled with the evolving and emerging business opportunities gives great hope in leveraging technology for staying competitive.

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