Siam Computing: Savvy Benefactors of Cloud Products & Applications

Within a short period of time, products and applications on the clouds have become ubiquitous and surpassed all other technological developments in history. They have grown so rapidly in their scope and extent of use, it is affecting all aspects of  lives. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of  connecting to your business anywhere, anytime. Siam Computing with ideals and loft ambitions to serve world class digital solutions, products and applications on cloud.
Siam Computing works with latest in tech to help startups build their products. The key difference is in the word, “Product”. Unlike typical IT projects, product development is much more intensive. Technology is only a subset of the whole scope. They work with founders to understand what their idea is, shape the product screen by screen, module by module based on what the end user wants. The company mainly focuses on client’s thought process and what are the pain points they are facing, etc. The company’s first step is gathering the proper requirements for the project with the founders’ of companies to understand the entire scope and analysing what they want, what their requirement is, finally gathering all this data and start building it out. For company, the joy lies in seeing the product in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users which is priceless.
 Advancer in the Advance Information Technologies
Khuzema Siam, Founder and CEO with Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering started Siam Computing in the year 2012 to automate things with the single-minded focus on building technology products and make it work more efficiently. He firmly believes that the best products are ones where engineering meets design in equal measure. According to Khuzema, Internet is the greatest leveller that gives opportunities, big or small to everyone and he wanted to make best use of internet technologies to build products for the modern age.
Siam Computing is constantly pushing themselves to see what they can do with technology. Khuzema’s ambition is to dig deep and find a way to make that dream website or that dream app or the next big thing possible. He completed it with his enthusiastic way of working with clients who specifically want to redefine the norm, and for his company it’s been always exciting to engineer the possibilities.
Collaboration in Team could Face any Challenges
Building the right team has been the main focus for Siam Computing. Any organization at the end of the day is about its people. They make the company and the company makes them, it is a give and take situation. Each of the members of company have been groomed to bring the company where it is and members where they are at. The Company has constantly tried to improve themselves collectively and keep inching forward towards being the best.
Khuzema is a hard core believer of the philosophy “The escape velocity funda – In Physics”, as the rocket is looking to leave earth’s atmosphere, it needs to have an x amount of velocity called the escape velocity to be able to reach to the next orbit. Likewise a company scales, it needs to have the right escape velocity to be able to move from one orbit to the other. That escape velocity can be in any form, new tech, new people, new approach, etc. But gaining that escape velocity is crucial.
Success: Even you Get Hit Hard still Keep Moving
Fully devoted team to its task and company to clients is the path that led to success. Similarly, Siam Computing follows a design first, build approach secondly. So, great engineering is amalgamation of delightful designing from ground up which ultimately leads to user adoption and that’s the master equation that they follow.
The company has driven to always give the utmost priority to the final user. They measure their success in terms of how real users will interact with the digital product. They give it all the effort it takes to craft a solution that’s not just sublimely engineered and beautifully tailored, but also capable of achieving maximum user acceptance.
Khuzema consider the fact “Tenacity & the ability to keep exploring” is the way you achieve success. Whenever he face ups and downs in the business, he recalls
Sylvester Stallone famously created fictional character Rocky’s lines “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”
Advancement in Technology is a Blessing
Siam Computing considers it as an exciting time to be a tech company as there are several advancements happening in and around, both society wise as well as technology wise that creates a ton of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Right from Machine learning to block chain, the possibilities that these technologies open up are limitless.
Starting from Start-up to Pathbreaking Products
The companies which have just started Khuzema’s advice is, the main focus should be knowing who you are and what you are doing is the key point and they need to know it really well. And the other ones who are just thinking to start their startups they should build the right team because team makes it possible to achieve the heights.
With all the above mentioned factors, keeping in mind, Siam Computing has achieved a lot and in the upcoming years, they are planning to power some of the really pathbreaking products. The company is stressing for extensive work on different domains and technology paradigms like block-chain & conversational UI to achieve greater heights.

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