Vupadhi: Simplifying Procurement in the Emerging Global Markets

E-Procurement may seem less glamorous and in many ways more difficult to initiate than online retailing at the present, but the fact is E-Procurement promises far greater potential for cost savings and business improvement than online retailing or enterprise resource planning systems and will permanently and fundamentally reform the way we do business in future. B2B e-commerce will essentially restructure the way in which organizations purchase goods, resulting in significant process efficiencies and permanently lower costs.Thus, the need for the firms in E-Procurement is and will be higher.
Vupadhi Techno Services, a Hyderabad based company addresses all the compatibility issues of Browsers, Databases and Operating systems for E-Procurement applications. The firm has achieved significant heights over the years in E-Procurement and is continuing to provide the best service possible to the clients.
Continuing the Journey of Reforms
Vupadhi started its inception as an O&M Partner for Mee Seva – a Citizen Friendly Service of Andhra Pradesh State Government. From a humble beginning, Vupadhi has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years and has an impressive clientele which includes Andhra Pradesh Technology Services, Telangana State Technology Services, Electronic Services Delivery among others.
The firm has built a comprehensive platform that is compatible with all web browsers to view and download Tenders and E-Auctions  to electronically participate in bidding. “A2Z Procure” is an end-to-end web based Electronic Procurement Platform built by Vupadhi on a SaaS model with integrated Centralized Supplier Management Portal, Cost Estimation & Indent Management, E-Tendering, E-Auctions, E-Catalogues, Contract Management, E-Payments and Account Management.
The E-Procurement Application developed by Vupadhi helps enterprises handle all types of Auctions and Tenders. It also enables Corporate and Government sector to manage their Pre-Procurement, Procurement, and Post-Procurement activities in a highly secure environment with total transparency in monitoring and managing end-to-end Procurement life-cycle. GFR, DeITY, CVC, STQC guidelines are followed in the functionality and security aspects of the  E-Procurement platform developed by Vupadhi Techno Services Pvt Ltd.
Creator and Trailblazer who sees the future of E-Procurement

  1. Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy, Founder and Managing Director of Vupadhi Techno Services Private Limited is a first generation technopreneur carrying more than 15 years of experience in the E-Procurement domain.

He was COO of a giant E-Procurement software company in India for more than 10 years before being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. His experience and passion towards E-Procurement domain made him jump into the start-up bandwagon to start his own company Vupadhi Techno Services Private Limited in the year 2011 and the company bagged the contract to design, develop, integrate, migrate data and implement the comprehensive state-of the art E-Procurement and E-Auction System for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Government of Andhra Pradesh was presented the “Golden Icon award-2003” under his management for being the first state to adopt the E-Procurement platform for all G2B procurement processes in the country. Also appreciated with the prestigious United Nations Public Services Award for the year 2007.
Overcoming Challenges in the Competitive World
Even after having many arguments in favor of adopting E-Procurement strategy, Vupadhi had certain challenges in front of them. The more significant difficulties included system to system integration issues, cost concerns, security issues, the advent of new buyer seller relationships and a multitude of change management issues. But with revolutionary ideas and implementing a successful E-Procurement initiative, it has surpassed several strategic and tactical obstacles. When most of the competitors are not finding it easy, Vupadhi has emerged as a unique forerunner in this domain in reaching upto the world’s expectations.
Improving Efficiencies through Innovation
Vupadhi has increased process efficiencies not only from eliminating paperwork and human intervention, but also from shifting indirect purchasing responsibilities to the employee desk. “Although there are significant savings to be made through better buying decisions and contract compliance, it is even more important to look at the potential cost benefits from simplifying procurement process, transaction costs through digitizing and streamlining the regime.” Reddy emphasizes on how companies can improve efficiencies.
Being ready for the Future of E-Procurement
To appreciate the intricacy and unpredictability of this E-procurement and also potential levels of profit up for grabs, it is only necessary to look at the number and types of organizations that are rushing to take part and that’s what Vupadhi has always aimed at. “The next decade will witness both corporate and network based E-procurement solutions on SaaS modelling. Definitely there would be a demand for consolidation of vertical e-market places and pressure from the customers to provide all-inclusive solutions,” articulates Reddy on the future of E-procurement.
Vupadhi is riding the next wave of advancement in E-Procurement through innovative practices like strategic sourcing and predictive procurement analytics, enabling the organizations to take cutting edge decisions.
The company hopes to deliver solutions based on wireless e-bidding, mobile based procurement services, spend visibility & analysis and also supplier performance ratings. Vupadhi Techno Services aims to gain at least five percent of the market share by 2018 in the E-Procurement domain. “We will strive to become a comprehensive E-procurement solution provider to all industries globally in the next five years,” signs off Reddy.

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