TRANSACTWORLD GROUP: Your Global Merchant Service Provider

The online payment industry has become a highly fragmented and regulated market. Over the last decade Payment Providers and its whole supplier chain industry has changed from a couple of generalists into a lot of specialists. The industry is facing a rapid boost of innovations where many startups are solving specific problems. After 2010 a lot of well funded startups conquered the market with their super lean, lightweight and easy services. Till date the market continues to see special growth via these front end applications that are commended as seamless and frictionless but more and more sophisticated “behind the scene” systems are needed in order to comply with all the upcoming KYC and AML regulations.
Companies that only focus on front-end technology without having the burden of maintaining large back-end systems can act very fast and cost efficient in their deployment and can run very aggressive marketing strategies but have no full control over the transaction flow.
TRANSACTWORLD GROUP has deployed an end-to-end solution for the online payment industry providing a single entry hub for global markets combining such lean front end APIs with a strong backend making payments truly seamless throughout the processing chain.
Amoolya Vassa is the CEO of the TRANSACTWORLD GROUP. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and before starting his business in the payment industry Amoolya managed the family owned steel trading business. Naturally the new founded payment company had to survive on lower volume service and a tight budget environment. As the industry and client base grew the company developed to be a decent niche player acting on international lines. Regulatory requirements, international payment standards and a growing merchant base continuously required the young company to upgrade their system. Over the years, they found their niche and could settle very comfortably. By the founders nature the company reached a point where business needed a new direction and a decision was made to leave the niche and prepare for a global scale.
 Class of Business by working with excellence
Today TRANSACTWORLD enables global transaction processing in a SIMPLE, SECURE, SWIFT and SCALABLE environment. The in-house developed technology acts like a backbone where they can plug-in all relevant services and user interface along with the payment value chain.
The TW4 Platform represents a bridge between merchants and financial institutions through a powerful backend system and state of the art APIs. These APIs allow such seamless integrations while the backend system takes care of secure transmitting of data and compliance with international payment schemes. The system provides various payment methods of implementing online payments in e-stores via different services. Main clients of TRANSACTWORLD GROUP include Payment Service Provider, Banks and medium to large e-commerce merchants.
TW4 solution Platform
The TW4 platform consists of various products plugged to the core system. The TW4 Gateway gives a fully redundant support for international payment methods to support ecommerce businesses that want to expand globally. The TW4 wallet enables instant transfers and the TW4 Risk Tracker is used to detect, analyze and manage the company client’s transaction behavior. The TW4 Boarding Manager which is also available to banks not using the core system is designed to speed up the merchant boarding process with any bank and alternative payment method. The TW4 Boarding manager is the perfect solution for a paperless and smooth boarding with any business partner.
Future vision for setting Benchmarks
TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is continuing to develop market leading payment solutions supporting a frictionless integration throughout the whole payment chain. The group has turned from an event driven IT company into a service driven company spending a lot of time analyzing  and implementing their client’s needs. After kicking off a massive restructuring in 2014 leaving the single niche PSP field behind the company is now well prepared for international growth.
TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is exploring new technologies and fields of business. The group has completly redesigned their system for the journey ahead. Investing in long cyclic lead projects generating a real benefit to a specific industry proofed to be very efficient. Their in-flight payment extension, eWallet and white label partners are using the platform in LATAM, South Africa, US, Canada, Israel, the EU.
TRANSACTWORLD is passionated about delivering high quality services and continuously develops its system and tools to benchmark the industry. They offer a complete White Label Solution for Payment Provider with state of the art APIs for online and mobile device integration, including an authorized eMoney licensed entity allowing issuing payment instruments and acquiring payment transactions. They are just deploying their own e-wallet for instant transfers between India and Europe.

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