Web Shuttle: Meticulous & Exceptional Application Developers

Industries are getting consumer oriented. They realize that happy customers is a better way of marketing. With the social media being highly active, word of mouth spreads faster. Technology is growing and so are the mindsets. Consumers want a technology that they can exploit rather than just being wonder-struck about what technology can give them. One such consumer oriented company is Web Shuttle.
Web Shuttle is a trailblazer in application and web development. The development process includes competitive analysis, UI designs and architecture, prototyping launch, promotion, testing and app development, etc. They pursue to become a high-quality design technology firm with providing excellent brand strategy, delivering great UI UX. Web shuttle believes in serving the best to the client with a custom solution approach. They have built an affiliate network to help devise their client an app/web Pre Launch and Post Launch strategy.
Seed Investor to the Innovation
Ayush Jhawar, Founder and CEO of Web Shuttle, graduated from Lancaster fairly perplexed about his future. He walked across the streets of the UK trying luck at EY and other platforms as a business analyst. Rejecting all; he decided to come back, down to his roots. However, the million dollar family business failed to interest him beyond six months.
His heart felt a different calm with technology than it ever did with brick and mortar. He had to abandon his two month old venture ‘Social HoJao’ for the greater good. Each one needs a sensei in life and he met his during Java classes that he chose to take to keep up with the current trends in development. Graphics was something that allured him from Lancaster University and he wanted to build apps.
With knowledge of networking & technologies and couple of deals, Web Shuttle came into being. 3 yrs old, 45 apps and Web shuttle’s amazing turnover is winning heart all over. At an age that is not even half of an average expected human lifetime, he has sailed and steered his boat through places where several are struggling to emerge out.
Accepting Complements the Challenging Journey
The biggest challenge was at first choosing the right path which after getting clarity drew up other challenges. The biggest was Monetary. The first project that they sold was at Rs.5000. For about 1 year, Web Shuttle struggled paying employees their salaries. Many of the colleagues left due to floating capital, but they convinced some of them to stay and to believe in what they were doing. They drew beads of efficiency, power, aesthetic, and spending wisely to become who they are.
However, Ayush believes, “the biggest challenge in life is, accepting. You have to accept people and situations as they are. There’s always something to address one after the other, something that needs the attention. The challenges never end and nor does my enthusiasm for them. I think the team makes it all more worth it. There were times when the chips were down and they were down mostly, but we never lost hope. Hope gives us the interest and will to live while determination gives us the strength to fight. We never gave up.”
The Key to Success is Quality and Socialization
Web Shuttle attributes their success to two things that they never gave up on. First is uncompromising quality and second is socializing. Talking about success, Ayush says, “People know about our quality as we have successfully catered one of the best in the industry. We have been covering events across Delhi and with our performances on app and web development; we now have a hold in the start-up markets. This is not it; we are planning more events which are beneficial for start-ups, nationwide. Socialising at events has helped us in many ways. After recent launch of My Skoda application, things have changed for us. We are heading towards a better tomorrow.”
 Startups need to Discover, Survey and Implement
The advice to startups in one word would be, Discover. People generally forget about the initial phase of development and it can be the cause for future loop holes. Documenting is an essential part, but it depends on relevance also. Apart from discovering, surveying plays a huge role too. Lastly, technology might be the only solution for many startups. Even big names in the market such as Snapdeal and Flipkart are opening retail stores because they can’t become revenue positive unless they have a mix of the best available.
Technology Industry Exploring Limitlessly
The mobile app industry is growing rapidly and the demand is expected to increase by 200% when we reach the year 2020, after analyzing the current scenario, there is a need of quality in handling big data analytics and design. Understanding the user experience is important to produce a sheer class and highly finished product that in turn can generate better revenues.
Web Shuttle believes that 3D is the future and catering their own products to specific audience gives them hope. Its team is working very closely with virtual reality, augmented reality, beacons and IoT. A balance in life is important, the instability among this generation is worrying. Too much of everything is contagious, even technology.

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