SCUBE: Helping Mankind with Software Products

Owing to rapid technological advancements, mankind is stepping forward by leaps and bounds. Today’s world cannot be imagined without computers. But a computer cannot work without installing the software, it requires for a specific function it does. The world without computers and computers without software are two inseparable things and one cannot be used without the other. Software has been there whenever business world has asked for and will be there as long as innovative software providers are in the market.
SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is dedicating itself to serve the scientific community by providing powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable scientific software. SCUBE’s software products are used extensively throughout India in more than 200 Research Institutes, Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, providing the ease of use and flexibility demanded by today’s professionals.
Dedicated to Scientific Community
SCUBE was established in May 2004, and since then has a long tradition of excellence in providing the most advanced and comprehensive scientific software. SCUBE is a renowned distributor of leading-edge, easy-to-use and affordable scientific software tools in India and neighboring SAARC countries. SCUBE India aligns with industry’s best practices of Quality Management System and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
SCUBE is the only source of client’s need for Genetic analysis software, Primery designing software, Computational Chemistry software, Molecular Modeling software, QSAR/QSPR software, Molecular Dynamics Simulation software, Statistical Analysis software, Latex typesetting Software, Graphing and Contouring software, Spectroscopy software, Pharmacology software.
Today, SCUBE is a major distributor of scientific and technical software and its partners includesWolfram Research , USA, Perkin Elmer Informatics ( formerly CambridgeSoft)USA, Gaussian Inc USA, Fujitsu BioSciences Poland,Statsoft India, Thermos Scientific USA, MacKichanInc USA, Esker Australia, Golden Software USA, Aptech System Inc USA, and Visual NumericsInc USA, Mestrelab Spain.
A Leader Who Transformed Challenge into an Opportunity
 Debasish Bhattacharya, Director of SCUBE having 20 years’ experience in IT Sales started SCUBE in the year 2004, when most of Indian research scientists had no idea how software could help them in their day-to-day research activities. Making them aware of the utility of software in research activities was a challenge for Debasish and he accepted happily.
In the beginning, the idea about IT was only limited to office automation and not open to scientific research. Hence, he thought to enter into a business where they can help research scientist with appropriate tools that will help them in their daily scientific research activities. He has grown from a yearly Rs.50 L to around yearly 5 Cr. Company.
Multidisciplinary Team with Expertise
A multidisciplinary team of Bioinformaticians, Statisticians, Mathematicians, and Chemists brings together knowledge and expertise to uphold and support their sole platform for Drug Discovery, Scientific Publishing, Statistical Analysis, Market Research, Six Sigma, and Data Mining.
SCUBE has an extraordinary marketing and technical-support team that works together with the clients to offer perfect solutions for their scientific software requirements. SCUBE has won several high-status clients, owing to the company’s services and over a decade of experience working on an extensive range of software, platforms, and technologies.
New technologies are being nurtured through their incessant R&D efforts and scientific associations with customers. SCUBE is dedicated to the highest standards of science and assists computational chemists, medicinal chemists, biologists, statisticians, scientists and researchers in their quest for scientific excellence.
Specialized Brand for Training
The company offers solutions in the field of Scientific Drawing, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Modelling and NMR LC/GCMS Data analysis by using software solutions of PerkinElmer Informatics, Gaussian, Fujitsu Scigress and Mestrelab MNOVA. PerkinElmer Informatics is an integrated suite that is used to manage chemical structures and their related characteristics and properties. The suite has two tools integrated into it, ChemDraw Professional, an excellent drawing tool for chemist and biologistand ChemOffice Professional, the ultimate software suite for Chemistry and Life Sciences.
The company provides Fujitsu Scigress, an exceptional tool that is capable of molecular design modeling. The software is a blessing to the researchers as it allows them to conduct and quantify all their work on this single platform alone. The Gaussian tool is also one of the kind software that helps in electronic structure modeling, prediction of energies, vibrational frequencies and properties of molecules and reactions in a wide variety of chemical environments and is used by chemists, biochemists and physicists across the world.The company also distributes Mathematica one of the world’s best known Symbolic computation tool.
Providing Scientific Software Solutions with Ease
SCUBE provides complete services on their Scientific Software Solutions such as Requirement Analysis/Definition, Application Integration, Data Interpretation and other technical services. SCUBE is also known for their specialization in onsite training programs that are organized as per the client’s requirements. SCUBE has specialized domain experts who deliver updated training modules to cater Industrial, Research, and Academic needs.
 SCUBE has proven itself as a technology-driven company among the competitors and is continuously making efforts to provide software that will meet the client needs. Every employee at SCUBE is qualified for their job and they know the work requirement and the amount of time they need to finish it. Employees are taking SCUBE at par level with perfection in the work and making company’s stand strong in the market.

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