EIGEN Technologies: The Next-Generation SENSEnuts IoT Stack & Smart Lighting Platform Developers

EIGEN Technologies is one of the very few and rare companies which provides full IoT hardware/software stack starting from sensing, energy efficient wireless connectivity, control firmware, middleware & Cloud based Data Analysis UI.
Unlike majority of the companies which prefer using the readily available Embedded OS & network stack, EIGEN developed their own light weight embedded OS which is highly optimised and responsive for common IoT smart applications. They also defined their own extremely energy efficient SENSEnuts wireless mesh protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard which is very robust, reliable and performs better in different environments.
With research in latest wireless networks & sensor technologies for years, EIGEN developed SENSEnuts IoT Stack & Platform offering full IoT hardware/software stack & platform, which enables other companies & application developers to launch their own IoT based Smart applications across industries & verticals.
Drivers at EIGEN
Sharad Shrivastav is the Director & CEO of the EIGEN Technologies. He holds B. Tech and MBA (Marketing) with over 17 years of experience in Technology industry involved in Sales & Marketing of EDA/Simulation tools.
Somil Saxena is the Director and keeps juggling between the roles of COO & CFO handling company’s day to day operations & managing Financial Transactions. He did B. Tech in Electronics and has experience of 15 years in industry starting from an Application support engineer to Managing support Team.
Pranav Tyagi is the Director & VP of SENSEnuts IoT Business Vertical. He is Electronics & Communication Engineer with experience of 14 years in Product & Business development of cutting edge technology design & simulation tools. Enjoys company of wonderful team of outstanding developers, keeps him on toes & inspiring for new product introduction & strategies.
Ankur Tyagi dons the hat of CTO and leads the research & development of IoT Stack & Product design. He is an Electronics Engineering graduate with over 8 years of research experience & innovative approach,who delivers impeccable technology architecture design.
Iron Will that Broke the Stumbling Blocks
When Eigen contemplated this option way back in 2004, there was no startup ecosystem in India, hardly any VCs to back or fund tech startups. As a young startup, it was next to impossible to find space in established business value chain and no recognition or encouragement even from government departments to extend help or relaxed eligibility to secure business orders. In fact, banks too were averse to lend any loans or overdraft facility to inexperienced entrepreneurs.
Still they believed & backed themselves in trying time to survive and convincing their prospects for small piece of job works & free PoCs. Gradually they succeeded in building a strong team of bright & talented engineers to deliver unique & high tech solutions. Now with the help of team and technology they have built over the years, EIGEN started getting some attention & generating interest in the market.
Journey towards Success
EIGEN knew from day one, if they persevere with hard work & never say die attitude it will definitely get noticed sooner or later and therefore they never shied away from putting in all the efforts in whatever they did & customers asked. And their team which is best in the business plays a very vital role in their triumph cruise. They say that it is only because of the outstanding team EIGEN have been able to move a step ahead of the curve and deliver world class IoT Technology in no time, and without their endless efforts couldn’t have happy clients & repeated business.
Keeping Abreast with Technology Pace
EIGEN Technologies has been involved in high tech electronics & software industry and as a natural progression now involved in Internet of Things revolution. It is said that everything which could be digitised will be digital sooner than later- believing this they are bullish on the market prospects and ready to be part of IoT value chain of this connected world with the help of next generation IoT platform. Their journey have just started for last two and they hope to get much more & significant success in next few years. Being one of the few first movers in IoT stack developers works to their advantage and they are better placed against competition.
Connected Future
Like Robert Frost wrote, The woods are lovely, dark & deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleepteam EIGEN too understands developing the IoT product or platform is not the end but onset of success for which they have been striving hard for years and they have yet to carve out their niche. With immense belief, die-hard attitude & promising team, they are bound to succeed. Lately they have been working tirelessly day in day out to deliver stand-out IoT use cases like in Smart Lighting for which they are in discussion with LED Lighting OEMs to partner & jointly deliver connected Street-lighting for Smart City applications. It looks imminent that their SENSEnuts platform would help & cater to many tech-savvy companies & forward looking startups. Apart from offering this technology stack to IoT developers, they will keep working on exciting Smart applications in verticals like Smart Energy, Precision Agriculture etc.
Eigens Tips to Start-ups,
We are firm believers in hard work and no short cuts to success, therefore we would suggest them to stay firm, believe in what they are doing and keep on putting the hard yards, if they could survive initial hiccups their time would definitely come when people would come looking for their services.

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