Einfolge Technologies: A Global Leader in Patent & IPR and Market Research Solutions

Binod Singh | Ruhan Rajput | Co-founder | Einfolge Technologies[Market Research, Clinical Data management, Legal Data Assessments, Docketing Services, Legal Data Assessments, business magazine]
Binod Singh | Ruhan Rajput | Co-founder | Einfolge Technologies

The Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry has shown immense growth after the year 2000. Right now, the overall future of the KPO industry looks as bright as the sun. Today, a large number of KPO companies are looking towards expanding their operations by setting up delivery centers across the globe. This sector is spreading its wings into different directions,  eventually leading to the development of India.

One such Bengaluru based company is thriving to create its niche in this ever-evolving KPO industry, is Einfolge Technologies. It is one of the leading global service providers in the KPO arena of India. It  started with a singular mission to provide internationally benchmarked quality services to its clients worldwide.

Helping Clients to Deal with Change

One-stop solution provider Einfolge Technologies helps clients streamline their operations, cost reductions, and enhance business efficiencies through its expert solutions. The company offers personalized and customized services with strict adherence to deadlines and constant client interaction.

It provides solutions for the ever-growing needs in the fields of Patent Research & Analytics, Market Research, Clinical data management & Clinical data assessment for Corporates, Law firms & Venture capitalists.

Einfolge provides the below mentioned Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) solutions:-

  • Patent Research Services
  • Patent Analytics Services
  • Patent Writing & Filing Services
  • Patent Illustration / Drawings Services
  • Design Services
  • Trademark / Trade Dress Services
  • Docketing Services
  • Business and Market Research
  • Clinical Data management
  • Legal Data Assessments 

Standing Out from the Crowd

Working along with the client expectations without compromising on Quality, makes Einfolge unique. This has been possible because of its expert team which is capable and experienced enough to handle any kind of project.

“Einfolge keeps the service simple, secure and maintaining the privacy of individual invention & development,” says Ruhan.

Since a decade, it has been standing ahead from other service providers in the global market, leveraging its strong matrix of capabilities both in ‘Resource and Technologies’ in providing a-state-of-the-art customized solutions to its clients at a highly affordable cost with reduced turnaround time. 

The Helping Hands 

Einfolge was founded by Binod Singh and Ruhan Rajput, offers personalized and customized services in the form of consulting with strict adherence to deadlines. They are the two strongest pillars of the company who come with a unique talent. 

Binod is an IP Expert and has been helping Companies and Institutes to Generate, Protect, Execute, Market and Sell their IP assets. His long years expertise was involved in creating, peering, and shaping of new cutting-edge technologies through his pool of intelligent minds at Einfolge.

Whereas, Ruhan is mostly known in the roles of Indian actor, model, inventor, and entrepreneur. He was acknowledged for his contributions and achievements in the business industry with a vast knowledge of Patent & IPR, Trademarks, and other services offered by Einfolge.

Providing Quality by Retaining Einfolge Value Propositions

Quality along with the customized and cost-effective services are what best define Einfolge Technologies.

It provides quality services with ISO certified processes. It has one-point contact for all the IPR requirements with 24/7 support service assistance. The technology expertise team of the company provides high data security and confidentiality policy and process. Additionally, it has advanced tools and databases; thus it provides accurate and insightful analysis of extensive research infrastructure.

Moreover, as it has multi-industry experience, Einfolge provides 100% customized projects with multilingual resources. While providing customized and cost-effective solutions, it also provides access to experts in every field.

Recalling Einfolge’s Achievements

Over the years, Einfolge Technologies has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers in India. It is listed in Trade India’s list of verified companies offering a wide array of services and recognized on various social media platforms. Till date, it has completed 2250+ projects and this can be considered as one of the biggest achievements of the company.

Some of the Major Mentions are as follows:

Got an opportunity to serve the Prestigious Bullet Train Project (India) – Japanese Partner for various market research reports. The core team members were officially invited by the Government of India on a special 3-day tour of the Bullet Train project progress in October 2018.

Einfolge won as the preferred partner for shaping the patent roadmap for PSU of the government of India and selected as a preferred vendor for IPR services in one of the top US universitities. It has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for maintaining the Quality of services it offers. 

Future Insights

Being a top-notch player in the field of intellectual property, Einfolge will always make sure to provide the reports to its client with detailed insight. “Our efforts will be on making more awareness on the importance of IPR in our youngsters and startups for a better business world,” expresses Binod.

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