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Chaitanya Nandigam, Founder and CEO, Emblix Solutions | Insights Success | Business Magazine

One of the top most service oriented digital marketing agency of South India, Emblix Solutions was established way back in December 2012.  It all started with the philosophy of serving the needs of the business establishments and corporates through digital marketing skills and acumen.
The company created new records within a few months by acquiring high-end clients in the Middle East in countries like Kuwait and Qatar. Till date, it has served 200+ clients on digital marketing across over 30 countries. Its list of reputed corporate clients includes k/Kitty Bradma Group and Goodwill International among its list of reputed corporate as its clients.
The Originator
Emblix Solutions is the brainchild of Chaitanya Nandigam, the Founder and CEO. A keen blogger, Chaitanya is a software engineer by profession and digital marketer by nature. He had foreseen the demands of digital marketing when it was still in nascent stage and made his dreams come true of creating a legacy in digital marketing by establishing Emblix Solutions.
Initially, it was tough for him to set a foothold in an industry that was still new to the world. But through dedicated teamwork, with Chaitanya leading from the front, they worked on strategy making to bring out profitable and productive solutions through digital marketing.
Setting the Base
Over time, Emblix Solutions has broken the conventional thoughts and outdated techniques of social media marketing. It has all been possible by putting its intensive focus on new and innovative ideas to reflect the uniqueness in its results.
The company has struggled out of the many challenges to become the most favored digital marketing agency thereby gaining the trust of its end customers with a philosophy of –
Digital marketing makes you dynamic and competitive.” Getting more customers, Maintaining Visibility, Finding and Keeping Talented People, and Scaling the Business were some of the initial challenges faced by Emblix Solutions.
Quality Services
Emblix Solutions received accolades while delivering services from client companies and enterprises not only in India but also across the globe. And, within two years of its operations, it got ranked as “Top 5 Digital and Email Marketing Company in India” by Silicon India Magazine.
Until now, it has revamped the online presence of more than 3000 websites through its team of digital marketers, website designers, developers and programmers. Over these years, the company has been rendering digital marketing services for companies across sectors that range from hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and educational arenas. This has ratified the role of company in the growth of their business when it implemented the digital marketing strategies conceptualized by Emblix Solutions.
Digital Marketing Services
Emblix Solutions is providing the following services covering the entire spectrum of digital marketing. These services include-

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Pay Per Click
  • Lead Generation 

Web Design and Development Services
The various types of services being offered under Web Design & Development services include-

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Startup Website
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Custom Website Designing
  • E-Commerce Website Designing

The other types of renowned IT & allied services being offered by Emblix include-

  • E- Commerce Services
  • Android Application Development
  • IOS Application Development
  • Hybrid Application Development

Emblix Solutions during its seven years of journey has created history of sorts in delivering quality digital marketing services, with other latest technologies in the process of its digital marketing path.
Founder’s Remarkable Advises  
For budding entrepreneurs who would like to start their own digital marketing consulting firm or agency there are four words of wisdom that can be described as sure ways of getting success when embarking in the field of digital marketing and these are-

  • Do not make the mistake of chasing the “next big thing”, be laser focused on your business of SEO, and ignore any other distractions.
  • Be focused on quality of services you are providing by insanely passionate about your product/service offering thereby resulting in bringing more clients/people and the value you bring to your business.
  • Always aim for recurring revenue by introducing recurring services as it will help you in allowing you to pay for the overheads of the business before you start making money on new projects.
  • It is quite important to request feedback from your clients and staff to clear up the miscommunication between you and your clients/staff.
  • For establishing a successful SEO company or digital marketing agency, it is always important to diversify by working on some new projects in other areas of digital marketing.

Mapping Out the Future
In order to meet the need of current and future digital marketing requirements, the company has already planned to reach the level of sophistication needed to build strategies. It is already utilizing the power of artificial intelligence or AI in order to respond to each individual’s need and desires. As the technology is revolutionizing, the company is prepared to respond to the way market is moving. To reap the rewards of digital marketing Emblix is ready to invest in the digital marketing technologies.

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