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Incepted in the year 2015, FinArb Consulting is a team of data scientists, programmers and management consultants. Its vision is to excel, innovate and contribute in Data Science, modelling, and web development of end-to-end business solutions. With a focus on financial markets as well as retail markets, it enables business/individuals to react faster and profitably to ever-increasing growth in data.
The firm has rich experience in statistical analysis & modelling, data analytics, reporting, etc. in a wide range of industry domains. Its forte is in CPG, trading, e-commerce, defense, non-profits, political analytics companies, agriculture, pharma, lending institutions, recruitment, etc.
Diligent Creator     
The Founder of the firm, Abhishek Ray is an engineer by education. While working in statistical modeling departments in large global banks, he got hooked onto the data science domain. He identified gaps in the same and decided to provide a more holistic service to clients. Thus, he left his job in 2015 and started to work in this area. Abhishek just took an action which made him different from others. At an early stage, he realized the exceptional demand–supply gap in the data science industry and is just trying to fill the gap. Furthermore, he gradually built a large client base through the quality of work, sheer dedication, and professionalism.
Creating a Brand Image
The initial struggle for FinArb was creating a brand image and developing the trust with the clients given the geographical distance since mostly the clients are located outside of India.
On the other hand, rapidly changing technological aspect of the industry is both, struggle as well as an opportunity with a wide variety of programming languages, platforms, etc. So, the firm is focused more on the basics of statistics and algorithms and from that approach learned to adapt very fast to the new technological paradigm. “This has not only won us praise and satisfaction from clients but also helped in business development” says Abhishek Ray.
Astonishing Services
FinArb provides end-to-end data science solutions which vary from conceptualization of the problem of deploying Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning or Deep Learning models in production.
The company has a rich background of data ETL, analytics, statistical (Bayesian and non-Bayesian)/mathematical modelling, machine learning and deep learning, model validation. It also deals with reporting/visualization in domains of marketing analytics, customer analytics, text modelling/natural language processing, image processing, financial analytics, equity valuation, financial engineering, trading algorithms, and credit risk analytics.
For a more complete package, it also provides its clients with front end services like developing web apps or mobile apps, web dashboards, etc. using different stacks. Apart from the conventional models in structured data it is now heavily into Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Video processing as well and has been using them to provide a much better solution to clients. This has given FinArb an edge as the numbers of insights in unstructured data are generally much more than what’s available in structured data sets.
The Proud Moment
Till today, the firm has successfully served over 50 clients from different countries like the US, UK, Japan, Singapore, HK, Thailand, Philippines, and Canada.
Over the years, the firm has had several success stories with clients in different domains like CPG, trading, e-commerce, defense, non-profits, and many more. Recently the firm was chosen as the top 10 data science and analytics firms to look out for in Insights Success magazine.
Charting the Path
The goal of the firm is to enter into newer markets and delivering high-quality data science projects, and hoping to converge them in future.
FinArb is trying to productize its services as SaaS models like developing a complete 360-degree solution for e-commerce, risk and trading domains, to name a few areas. It is making use of data science to solve problems like detecting terror threats, developing models using radar data and spectral imagery to detect landmines, etc. Also, it is entering into the market of developing iOS apps for its beloved clients as required.
Business Lesson from Abhishek
Read, learn, keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in the area and be dedicated and passionate about your profession.

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