Ferzin Irani: An Astute Visionary Focused on Unleashing the Beauty of Women

Ms. Ferzin Irani | Founder | Escale
Ms. Ferzin Irani | Founder | Escale

The fashion industry has evolved gradually, while embracing technological advancements and innovative procedures. It is utilizing unique techniques and procedures to provide the customer with lasting experiences. There are many foremost individuals of the fashion arena, who are leading it to the next level.

One such prominent personality in the fashion industry is Ms. Ferzin Irani, the Founder of Escale. Passionate about creating functional yet stunning clothes, she celebrates the femininity and positive power of modern women.

Ms. Ferzin was inspired by cultural diversity and desired to celebrate the strength of women. Accordingly, in 2013, she established Escale to celebrate womanhood and empower women. She aims to touch lives through her creations.

The Rise to Prominence

At a very young age, Ms. Ferzin was inspired by her mother who also had a strong background in fashion. From her mother, she learned the lesson- ‘Love what you do, do what you love’.

Ms. Ferzin establised Escale in 2013 with the aim to employ and empower women around the world. Her professional journey has been a gradual one. She has achieved various milestones since she started the label.

Ms. Ferzin’s creativity stemmed from a personal space from the beginning, but her aesthetics have seasoned over the years. She says, “Our brand over the few years has been empowering gifted artisan women, which has added an exclusive touch to Escale”.

A Motivated Entrepreneur

For Ms. Ferzin, every day is a new day, and she likes to create, learn, and spread that as much as she can. Being a fashion entrepreneur, she takes inspiration from everything new she gets to learn; it could be something from nature or people. She believes in constant learning. Ms. Ferzin considers her family a huge driving force behind her passion to create. She states, “I wake up every morning with the thought to make a positive difference in someone’s day”.

Learning from Challenges

Ms. Ferzin believes in describing challenges as opportunities, because those difficult times have helped her discover a better version of herself, professionally and personally. She found it a bit difficult to manage the family and business. She stepped into the industry with no financial support and no contacts in the industry at all. These challenges have made her very confident and strong. She believes that the process of learning has been fruitful for her.

About Escale

Escale is a prominent international fashion brand based in the UAE. The company is an embodiment of discovering the power of one’s own unique style. The brand is a combination of stunning simplicity of sustainable, natural fabrics with the surprise of hand-woven artisan art, making each piece a celebration of the strength of women.

Escale gives a helping hand to the very people who have inspired the extraordinary in the brand. It sources fair trade natural fabrics from around the world, employs local tailors and gifted artisan women in their own countries to add that exclusive Escale touch of beautiful challenge. Escale is all about independence and empowerment.

Coping with the Pandemic

Ms. Ferzin is of the opinion that the lockdown globally has been very traumatic for all the entrepreneurs, especially for the fashion industry. Previously, collections were exclusively launched with photographers; however, the press scenario has completely changed now. Designers are now looking at e- commerce sites which were not so popular before the pandemic.

The pandemic has given a new perspective to designers to think out of the box. The industry has turned towards digitalization, and the vertical has been tried out and lot of them are comfortable to continue their digital presence online. The pandemic has brought a pause in the fashion industry, but Ms. Ferzin believes that moving forward, it will find a way to live with the new normal.

Essentials of a Trendsetting Fashion Designer

Ms. Ferzin believes that the life of a fashion entrepreneur is full of excitement and experiment. It is important to keep in mind that the consumers should be comfortable in the clothing. She opines that now times have changed, and the consumers want to buy something they are comfortable wearing or investing in a piece they want to wear.

She states that the industry has also opened doors to empower women of all sizes and color and so now it is all about creating and understanding the client’s requirement. Ms. Ferzin believes that having comfort yet making a chic statement is an essential requirement, especially for today’s generation. “At the end of the day, it all comes up to comfort for both fashion and lifestyle space,” she adds.

Tips for the Young Generation

Ms. Ferzin advises the emerging entrepreneurs to be confident, and not to fear the risks. She encourages them to keep exploring and learning. She further urges them to embrace the changes as those curves that come their way will make them stronger, tougher, and wiser.

Future Roadmap

Speaking about her future plans, Ms. Ferzin states that she wants to expand Ecsale to greater heights. She states, “I have had the opportunity to empower women artisans and celebrate their strength through our brand and now I would want to take it to a global platform in future”. Ms. Ferzin will continue to revive the skill of ancient craft to be used on modern garments.

She further admits committing to a sustainable design process and save more on fabric. “My growth strategy for Escale for the future will be about creating functional yet stunning clothes that celebrate the femininity and positive power of modern women,” adds Ms. Ferzin.

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