First7seconds: High on Fashion, High on Style

“Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak”
Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time. From old-age classic fashion to new age modern style, India has produced some enormously talented designers that effortlessly blends a traditional look with forward-thinking aesthetics. Be it creating the first impression or making a statement, fashion plays a crucial role in our life.
To deliver exceptional fashion wardrobe for every individual, “First7Seconds” is a group of youngsters who are representing a new fashion sense in the market. The company designs fashion in clothes and accessories as per the customer’s desire. Be it a wedding, birthday, official meet, casual or day-to-day fashion, First7Seconds is offering the perfect look for the perfect occasion.
The founders of the company are setting a new era of street fashion and high-end fashion. Fashion is an art of applying creative, classic and natural beauty to clothing and accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes varying by its time and place and people make opinion based on it. Name of entity-’First7seconds ‘justifies itself. The carving of the name comes from the mindset of one of the entrepreneurs who believes that one can always be judged everywhere and every time within fraction of seconds. With the same thought, the team of designers serving passionately to the fashion industry offering creative and in-budget wardrobe clothes collection. First7seconds deliver high-quality design with comfortable material tailored as per one’s desire.
About the Trendsetters
The concept of first7seconds has been started by young designers -Veenayraaj Peety, , and Shreya Agarwal and Jay Dhivar . Veenayraaj is graduated from inifd and has worked as an assistant costume designer for featured film houseful 4 and PM Narendra Modi. Jay is photographer while Shreya Agarwal is graduated in fashion designing and have a diploma in styling. She worked for star plus show-Maharaj ki Jai ho as an assistant costume designer.
One of its kind
First7seconds is creating a blend of classy and traditional handwork manufactured wardrobe with finest trendy fabrics. Its creative designers create unique silhouettes of any colour. Each of its clothes is designed with innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness of its house designers, manufacturers and technology experts.
The industry is facing a lot of competition, but on account of its exceptional designers, stylist, and photographer, the company is standing out all in the crowd. Despite their individuality, they come together and caters best cloths. The company approaches each of its clients with honesty and unique designs.
Its mission is to push the envelope, instead of putting out designer pieces and introduce the top of the best quality clothes. First 7 seconds engages its costumers not only through garments but also through digital installations, graphic artwork, creative imagery.
The company has a story behind every piece of its collection and these stories are the inspiration behind every design. All of its pieces, fabrics are subtle but unique at the same time. The company strives for a collection that amazingly engages its costumers.
The Road Ahead
Today, the nation is at the forefront of manufacturing clothes. However, the country has been lagging in terms of Indian brands. In future, the nation will see more brands and designers that will be originating from India and these wardrobes will be positively adopted by the foreign countries. Progressing forward with the positive approach, First7seconds will continue to deliver creative quality wardrobe which is high in fashion and style to its customers.

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