Dr. Prashant Deshmukh: Pioneer of QEEG Brain Mapping in India

Dr. Prashant Deshmukh | Chief Founder & Consultant | Neurophysiologist Brain Mapping India Forum
Dr. Prashant Deshmukh | Chief Founder & Consultant | Neurophysiologist Brain Mapping India Forum

‘Health is Wealth.’ This term drives a lot of people daily to strive for a healthy and active lifestyle. There are numerous workout regimes, yoga camps, and other extracurricular activities like Meditation and other healing modalities etc. that people can choose the need for utmost fitness. But, all of these as important as they seem, are just capable of catering to physical fitness parallels. Nowhere near does these exercises are able to resolve complex mental issues. Meditation can help, yes; but to a certain limit. After experiencing any disturbing event or just any scene where one feels disconnected from the world, it is really necessary to ensure that the mental state remains congenial. That’s how the scenario of mental health comes into the picture.
Mental Health has always been an integral part of a lifestyle that a person follows, knowingly or unknowingly. It is an essence pertaining to the overall health of the body. Although, it’s approach has been often misunderstood as mental illness. Still, it consists of broad sets of activities, directly or indirectly related to the mental well-being, prevention of mental disorders, along with its treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from it.
Emphasizing on issues related to the mind and providing remedial services by promoting mental fitness, is
Dr. Prashant Deshmukh – Chief Founder and Consultant Neurophysiologist Brain Mapping India Forum. He is a leading neurophysiologist, life-coach, counsellor, and psychiatrist. Being one of the prominent names in the field of neurophysiology, he has come up with a state-of-the-art infrastructure needed to conduct the brain-mapping test in India. Dr. Prashant is the first doctor to introduce brain-technology and therapeutic module in India, in-order to achieve optimum efficiency and productivity at workplaces. This has changed lives of thousands of his patients in the last twenty years.
His academic accomplishments include MBBS followed by MD in Community Psychiatric Medicine in the System of Medicine. Also, having a certificate in clinical Neurophysiology from Globally renowned ISNR University USA puts a cherry on the cake. The application of meditation training to heal his patients sets him apart from the other experts. His life motto is — ‘to spread the knowledge of neurophysiology for the better of humans struggling to cope up with stress, anxiety, under-performance, low self-esteem, low confidence, loneliness, depression, and other neurological disorders.’
Neurophysiology, An Alternative to Medicine
Prashant with his expertise in treating all neurophysiological problems is capable of taking care of them without any surgery, medicine, drugs, relying only on non-invasive procedures. All of this is made possible due to his understanding of a technique called Neuro Feedback Through this technique he examines the brain activities and studies the factors affecting the patient’s brain. It is a type of feedback output system which is initialized in order to understand the brain activities. It helps Patients in monitoring data that is ever-changing, moment-to-moment of the individual’s and their brain functioning. This technique distinguishes itself from other feedback systems as it focuses on the central nervous system and the brain. Furthermore, it has a  basic and applied neuroscience as well as data-based clinical practices. It also takes into account the behavioural, cognitive, and emotional subjective aspects along with brain activity.
Neurofeedback is the understanding and technique of the brain functions. With this, one can learn about the brain and make it more efficient. The brain is observed from second to second. This information is shown back to the person and the brain is rewarded for changing its own activity. It applies to any aspect of the brain function that can be measured. Neurofeedback is also called QEEG Nuerofeedback because it is based on the electrical activity of the brain. This technique enables training for self-regulation and is a necessary part of good brain function. Self-regulation helps the central nervous system to function better. It relates to the problems of brain irregularities. These include anxiety, depression, behaviour disorders, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS and emotional disturbances.
We will map your brain activity and will input a desired threshold of patterns,”  These patterns includes Audio and Visual input. The pattern is repeated in various sessions and then it becomes a regular pattern for the brain to make the patterns stay in the patient’s consciousness for a longer period of time. After a while, the feedback is no longer needed for the brain to repeat the state it was taught.
No Stress on the Brain
Prashant’s vision is to educate, treat, and help people of all ages to reach their full health potential through care and instructions. His ways are in the non-invasive, natural and spiritual manner with a customized path for each individual. His practice follows the motto ‘To Train Oneself.’ He aims to bring balance in his patients’ bodies physically, Mentally. He has all the tools needed to diagnose almost any brain disorder. He is a licensed professional. He works by focusing on the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking the disorder or disease.
Prashant’s organized professional methods and excellent communication skills enable him to work as a part of a team and as an individual. “I am a common man with uncommon skills,” he says. “My principles will help you in recovery of the patients  the innovative  and customize line of treatment.

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