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Fluid Controls
Fluid Controls

Manufacturing and engineering companies have processes operating in big volumes, involving high-capacity machines, working at high speeds, and handling large quantities of material in liquid, or gaseous forms at extreme temperatures. It is necessary for the production engineers to monitor and supervise the process periodically.

While working in such dangerous and tough conditions, getting accurate samples or measurements can be a challenging task. The instrumentation branch in engineering plays a pivotal role in offering the right solutions in extracting samples or taking measurements from various challenging production locations.

The instrumentation engineers study, analyze and map the entire production process to identify the points of sampling or measurement extraction. Based on the detailed survey, they customize a plan of instrumentation solutions that involve several types of instruments, devices, and accessories, with mechanical and/or electronic parts that function to fetch the desired observations.

The role of instrumentation is very important and deep-rooted. It has contributed to the feasibility of automated remote monitoring systems thereby making it a safe process that enables control of the manufacturing process through specific applications to save time, money, and material wastage and optimize capacity.

Fluid Controls®, headquartered in Mumbai is one of the leading providers of instrumentation products and services for more than 48 years. The company has its manufacturing facility with a state-of-the-art Research and development centre in Pune. Fluid Controls® is guided by its Chief Operating Officer, Dr Tansen Chaudhari, who has been leading the organization in various developments as its Chief Executive Officer as well.

Brief History

Fluid Controls® was established in 1974 by Dr Y.E. Moochhala, a PhD from Northwestern University, with a vision to deliver high-quality and high-performance products which delight customers.

With over four decades of experience in engineering connections, Fluid Controls® offers customers across industries end-to-end “Make in India” solutions for various applications – from design and engineering services to supply of high-performance products.

The company offers its diverse clients, a range of instrumentation products – connectors and adaptors for tubes and hoses, valves, manifolds, DIN pipe clamps, and SAE flanges. Fluid Control also offers close-coupled/prefabricated instrument hook-ups, high-pressure needle valves, gas valves for turbine applications, block and bleed valves, and O2 clean fittings for pharma and biotech applications. Its products ensure precision connections that are designed based on specific application requirements and perform to international standards.

The USP of Fluid Controls® is its commitment to innovation.  Since its inception in 1974, Fluid Controls has engaged in original R&D and also has had an ethos of developing products that are indigenous replacements for imported products. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the R&D Center and NABL-accredited test laboratories have ensured the company exceeded customer expectations.

Its ethos of innovation has led to constantly researching new developments in the field and its primary research ensures that its team is always innovating. The company has developed over 25 new products recently and has received its first global patent and filing for two more disclosures is underway.

Fluid Controls® has a modern R&D Centre at Chakan, Pune is approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific Industrial Research) and its test laboratories are accredited to NABL certification (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) for Performance Testing and Metrology. The principles of innovation and its customer-centric approach have also led the company to offer design and engineering services, including 3D modelling, FEA, and prototyping via SolidWorks and Ansys. The Fluid Controls® R&D team uses the latest software and is equipped to customize connectors and products for customer requirements. Its engineers work closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop effective solutions for them.

Guiding Leadership

The founder of Fluid Controls Dr Y.E. Moochhala was a strong believer in a self-reliant India. His idea was to develop high-quality, high-performance products to suit local prototype climatic and performance expectations His legacy has been carried forward by his daughter Ms Sophie Moochhala and built on by Dr Chaudhari, the CEO of Fluid Controls®.

Dr Chaudhari joined Fluid Controls® in 2011. Holding a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay, he has over 20 years of rich experience in Research & Development as well as Enterprise Sales and General Management. His experience includes a stint in the USA at the GE (General Electronic) Global Research for over five years and management roles with GE Business for another five years. Dr Chaudhari has five US Patents to his credit and has been published in ten international journals. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and DFSS Black Belt.

Dr Chaudhari, a Board-of-Studies member at various Engineering Colleges and Business Schools, is also a visiting faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM), and Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT).

Under his operational and technical leadership, Fluid Controls® has seen remarkable growth and he has been instrumental in a Global JV for the company to manufacture in Saudi Arabia.  Through his guidance, the company has received several technical and innovation awards, including the CII Industrial Innovation Award for Medium Scale Manufacturing Organization and recognition as one of the Top 50 Innovative companies. Some milestone achievements include:

·         Continuous revenue and financial growth over the years

·         A state-of-the-art facility spread over 2.5 acres with an in-house laboratory

·         Recognition of Fluid Controls® by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research as an “In-House R&D Unit”

·         NABL Certification (ISO/IEC 17025:1017) for in-house Performance Testing and Metrology Laboratories for all pressure, vibration and reliability tests

·         System Certification for International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) for Rail Application (ISO/TS 22163:2017) for Rail and Metro Business

·         Establishment of a qualified, high-calibre team at the core of the company and a recognized brand within and outside India through coordinated marketing, branding and customer outreach activities.

Garnering Customer Confidence

Fluid Controls® products and services are equated with high performance and a very high standard of service. The organization is also known for its transparency in all processes. Its core values are Integrity, Innovation and Reliability (I2R), and the management applies these values not only to its products but also to the people.

Most of its customers want demonstrated performance, which is the basis on which they start to trust the company. Because integrity is a key value, customers do trust the company – however, building trust is a process and the teams have to work with them to demonstrate its capabilities. Dr Chaudhari said, “I think that our transparency with employees and with customers has helped make Fluid Controls® a brand trusted by all. And, with digitization, any customer can monitor and see in-situ conditions. Building a brand is a two-way process – and Fluid Controls® has definitely walked the talk!

Rising with Technologies

In the era of intelligent automation, organizations across industries are adopting AI and ML to streamline work processes to get maximum and efficient results. Fluid Controls® uses the latest technologies to match the fast-moving demand and supply framework. The Fluid Controls design team uses the latest software for 3D modelling, FEA, and prototyping via SolidWorks and ANSYS. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Pune is equipped with the latest CNC machines for production.

Countering Challenges Innovatively

Innovation and a strong systems approach is essential to overcome any shifts in the business environment and to be ahead of the curve.  Because of its R&D strength, the Fluid Controls® team is constantly researching new developments in the instrumentation field and its primary research ensures that its process of innovations is constant are constantly innovating.  The company has a sound organizational policy of ensuring employees attend seminars and events to facilitate their learning about new developments taking place and the opportunities available.

Experience Speaks

Dr Chaudhari expressed his advice to budding professionals saying, “What gets measured is done!”.Therefore, an entrepreneur has to be focused, work hard, and keep faith in themselves. Effort and luck have to be together to be successful – we do not control luck, so we must control our efforts! Spirituality helps us to remain grounded. Sound Health is necessary for hard work. Keep connected to everyone, networking is the key. Neither under-estimate nor over-estimate yourself. Integrity is everything!”

Expanding Globally

Over the years, Fluid Controls® has built comprehensive expertise for manufacturing, by identifying the right materials and ensuring “fit and forget” assemblies.  Its future plans rest on three pillars. The first one is the continuous development of new products and services.  The second one is building on its strengths in the rail and metro business and tapping into the brake piping business for the emerging high-speed train operations and global supplies to Europe, North America and SE Asia. The third pillar is in building its global business, especially in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

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