Gtropy: The Most Trustworthy GPS Partner in Business Success and Growth


Modern organizations looking forward to expanding their businesses must develop better control and swift communication within the system and with the clients and associates. Advanced technologies supporting automation have propelled the process ahead with greater reliability and efficiency. Several organizations offer Global Positioning System (GPS) solutions in fleet tracking, data analytics, logistics operations and prompt communication with client organizations.

These have helped better control the material and people movement, monitor and manage order planning, and plan the schedules ahead. Adding the crucial aspect of safety and security, business organizations can identify the exact location of their vehicle with its real-time status and can organize their communication with business processes. Eliminating the aspect of vagueness and uncertainty, GPS tracking system companies have given the power of the technology to organizations and people.

GPS fleet tracking involves using GPS receivers inside fleet vehicles to track their location, speed, route, and more. This information is sent to the fleet manager, who can use it to understand driver behaviour, reduce dangerous driving habits, and improve vehicle efficiencies. Emerging as the most trusted global partner in business GPS facilitation, Gtropy offers an advanced array of GPS Tracking systems in several means of Fleet management systems, logistics operations, passenger transportation, supply and distribution, as well as pickup and drop services.

Directed by Harman Singh Arora, CEO and Co-founder, Gtropy has successfully provided GPS-based solutions to various industries across India. The ambitious management is also looking forward to steadily expanding in global destinations.

The Legacy of Innovative Solutions

Gtropy is a renowned brand ventured by a passionate team from the world’s most prominent institutions. Harman says they are dedicated to the field of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions and its exhaustive Data Analytics. Proficient in providing valuable solutions, they cater to diverse clients from all verticals. They aim to set benchmarks for analytics in the Logistics Industry in terms of imparting avant-garde solutions, high-quality services, and seamless support to their customers.

Progressively they have established themselves as one of the most trusted GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution providers among their esteemed partners and well-satisfied customers. “As of now, we have 1,00,000+ Live vehicles to our credit with quarterly growth of 40%. Our massive network of 350+ partners reflects our success story,” informs Harman.

Gtropy has a range of solutions for every Industry type in the Logistics domain that help manage Logistics Operations, Passenger Transportation, Fleet Management, Supply and Distribution, and pickup and drop services.

Core Areas

Gtropy solutions are offered in the following core areas –

Transport Management: Implementing GPS tracking technology is making transportation businesses highly productive. It allows the clients to track the location of their vehicles, find out the time and thus the cost per delivery and will enable them to optimize deliveries based on daily and weekly patterns that they see in traffic.

GPS Fleet Management Solutions: Gtropy provides Complete and Comprehensive Professional Fleet Management Solutions. A highly scalable and customized solution for optimizing your fleet.

Supply Chain Analytics: Optimizing the client’s supply chain from manufacturing to planning operations. The smooth collaboration of activities among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, third-party logistics, etc.

Logistics Management Solutions: A modular approach which can fit from procurement to production planning, inventory management to warehouse optimization.

Vehicle Tracking: The Software Collects real-time fleet data for a comprehensive picture of Fleet Locations resulting in a positive impact on operational cost structure, White labelled solutions for brand building.

Control Center: Outsource the traffic management of clients’ operations—robust remote monitoring platform with tailor-made solutions for Logistics management enabling enormous data accessibility to multiple stakeholders.

Open Market Fleet Monitoring: Holistic platform enabled by customized business modules to ensure 100% compliance for open market fleet and provide efficient and robust processes to attain higher ROIs.

Fastag Solutions: Gtropy solutions in Fastag have helped the business material movement faster, easier and more accountable with standardization in the Toll Tax payments. The firm contributes to making highway operations smoother, paperless, electronic and properly trackable.

Expense Management: The system offers the additional advantage of expense management by recording all the expenditures so they can have a detailed and clear understanding of the budget. It is generally done for a particular project or period, with the objective of keeping the operations within the budget and making the necessary adjustments.

Gtropy Product range:

  • GPS Tracking System
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Location Analytics
  • Fastag

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software: Live Vehicle Tracking: Aiding the customer in knowing their fleet’s current and exact position on the web and mobile live tracking can enable better fleet visibility.

Analytics-Driven Solutions: Customized solutions based on business and operational understanding, allowing organizations to make informed decisions.

Integration: ERP integration is an integral part of its solution so that location data and analytics can be incorporated into day-to-day decision-making.

Asset Tracking: Optimize asset allocation and monitor asset health to efficiently manage assets and improve the efficiency of the client’s operations.

Reporting and Metrics: Facilitates measuring, managing, analysing and improving clients’ overall fleet’s operational efficiency, customized reports per their requirements.

Real-time Notification and Alerts: Clients can get the details of all defaults of their fleet via real-time alerts and notifications.

Route Optimization: Efficient route planning with multi-stop routing can reduce fuel consumption and maximize efficiency, thus improving ROI.

GEO Fencing/POIs/Mapping: Creating a virtual periphery around plant sites, warehouses, customer locations etc. Enables TAT calculations and alerts for entry/exit.

Employee Tracking: Track your entire field workforce from one mobile app, schedule and update meeting agendas, etc.

Driver Behaviour: Measure various driving parameters, such as speeding defaults, stoppages, routes etc., to comprehensively understand and manage driver performance.

Fuel Management: Monitor and analyze fuel consumption over time and distance to optimize fuel spend.

Sensors: Wide range of sensors like power on/off sensors, Temperature, AC and fuel sensors for effective and specialized operations.

UI for All Key Players: Gtropy provides user-friendly and user-specific interfaces for all stakeholders across the value chain Ex. suppliers, logistics teams, customers, forwarders, sales and marketing etc.

Senior Management Dashboard: A compact and consolidated dashboard customized to suit the client’s eye for detail. Customarily, management executives are inclined to contemplate only condensed data.

Key Performance Indicators: “With an ocean of data to divulge oneself in, it is important that we do not lose sight of the ‘track,” says Harman.

Dynamic Leadership

Harman has been the driving force for the organization. He is an expert in logistics, SaaS and FinTech. A bright student from his early years, Harman Singh graduated in electronics and telecommunication engineering from MIT, Manipal. Then, with an exceptional CAT percentile of 99.83, he did his MBA from the prestigious IIM-Lucknow.

Harman is a passionate engineer who developed a culture of a customer-centric mindset. He works with several teams communicating and taking their feedback regarding the challenges or concerns in the work. Customer feedback is regarded as the most valuable aspect as the fundamental element is known from customer feedback. He adds, “Fortunately, our team’s honest efforts and excellence in GPS applications have earned us customer satisfaction.”

Rising from Challenges

Anticipating the challenges, Harman organized his team of experts to focus on the deliverables while being prepared for possible hiccups. Certain challenges faced were the inconsistency in the signal especially travelling in rainy/cloudy weather or even hilly areas. Objects that block clear lines of the frequency include buildings, trees, tunnels and mountains. Collaboration with several other phone infrastructures can reduce the occurrence though it might be temporary.

Golden Guidelines

Harman Singh advises young industry professionals to look for the actual output of the work. He puts, ‘Understand the objective and work towards achieving the expected result. You need to work hard and identify the solutions yourself. Challenges are a part of the process. Don’t be depressed; face them and find solutions to meet the objective. Remember that the satisfaction and confidence of countering the challenge are priceless.’

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