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Krishnan Raman | Co-Founder & CEO | Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics[Sciences & Analytics, heavy machinery manufacturing industries, AI, IIoT Intelligence, Reliable Industrial Intelligence]
Krishnan Raman | Co-Founder & CEO | Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics

Opportunities always bring in numerous challenges across the Industrial Automation segment. And, surpassing these challenges becomes crucial when it comes to creating a niche and magnifying a brand identity. With technology joining the foray, business enterprises are striving to be at the forefront of ‘Innovation’ and embracing the market ‘Change’ to its core. They have now started acknowledging the new-age tech-enabled advancements like ‘Exploring oil’ without even drilling, Sophisticated Auto-calibration of equipment in seconds, Fully autonomous Oil-wells, Self-healing machines, etc.

Founded in 2012, Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics is one such AI Solutions company that focuses on enhancing two core business objectives of ‘Asset Uptime’ and ‘Operational Efficiency’ across the Industrial Automation segment. This is achievable with its AI-based platform – ‘Cerebra’ tuned for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Oil & Gas, Process Chemicals, and Heavy machinery manufacturing industries, powering connected assets and connected operations use cases.

Here are some of the key differentiators of Cerebra:

Outperforming Accuracy, Time to Value (TtV) and ROI 

– Have achieved >95% accuracy of models in data-rich environments

– Robust anomaly detection and never before seen insights in limited data environments

– 5x – 7x faster implementation time compared to its competitors

Bringing Data Science to Engineers

– Multi-domain physics features power Cerebra’s machine learning algorithms

– Aids accelerated data-driven root cause analysis of operations and engineering events

– Self learns and surfaces patterns & exceptions which is worthy of investigation

Empowering Technology, Operations, and Engineering nuances

– Highly extensible & robust Universal Machine Model-based on ISA, ISO & SOC2 standards

– High performance & scalable bleeding-edge technology for real-time large scale deployments

– 400+ IIoT specific features – one of the most comprehensive in the industry

Meet the Seasoned Professional

Krishnan Raman is the Co-founder and CEO at Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics. He has been instrumental in maximizing the reach of Flutura and making it a numero uno IIoT Intelligence organization serving the Engineering & Energy industries.

His years of experience and domain expertise have carved him into a pragmatic thought leader in Analytics and Industry 4.0. Under his leadership, the company is focusing on M2M Analytics and is engineering massive process transformations for organizations across a variety of industries. He has been honoured as one of the ‘Bulls of Technology’ in Houston, Germany, and Japan. He has a wide-ranging experience of speaking at various International forums and was also the keynote speaker of PTC event held in Tokyo.

What Made it Large?

“One important aspect where Flutura is uniquely poised is, we have a world-class multi-disciplinary team of petroleum engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers & computer science folks shaping Cerebra,” says the core team. “We believe that the only way to succeed in the Industrial IoT space is to empower engineers to harness the power of data science. Towards this, we are developing first of a kind role for the industry – Industrial Engineering Data Scientist,” they added further.

Living by ‘Flutura’ which means ‘Butterfly’ in Albanian, the company is putting its best foot forward in transforming the decision-making processes across the organizations. The key attributes which have helped it in rolling out intelligent analytics solutions over the years are:

Deep Domain in a Box

Working prototypes that are Released Early & Released Often is something that team Flutura takes seriously. It helps in understanding the end user’s mental model, which helps in fine-tuning Cerebra’s features aligned to an Engineer’s mental model.

Integrating Physics & Statistics

The company has successfully blended physics and statistics to deliver the best. For instance, it has integrated first-principle RPM-Torque curves with Statistical Data models to derive insights.

Harvesting Tribal knowledge

It has identified that the tribal knowledge which lies across the organization among experienced engineers can be harvested through heuristics module for building advanced features.

Scaleable ‘Fire-hose of Sensors’

Its holistic platform Cerebra is highly scalable and fit for specialized data stores and high-performance data formats.

Tangible ROI

Going through customer feedbacks helped the company in embracing an action-driven approach that directly translates into tangible ROI.

Deploying on the Edge

The company has deployed a strong edge intelligence module on LNG vessels for real-time diagnostics. It consistently replicates its proven model of socializing with early adopters and industry organizations for the invaluable inputs of its solutions. 

Treading the Extra Mile 

Flutura is well-equipped with specific digital assistants addressing super-surgical engineering issues. With each passing day, the company is improving its skill-sets and adding new features to the intersect of Engineering operations, Business processes and Economics with an aim to unlock maximum value from the IIoT solutions. Here are some of the key points that have the potential to quench the needs of the clientele across diversified industries:

  • The company has a library of common repeatable assets (rotary equipment – pumps, engine, compressor, turbine, etc.) and a library of flow-based process models used in the industries it caters
  • Flutura has a unique machine meta-model to onboard assets and process digital twin. There have been instances where this model has helped it in integrating complex assets in a couple of days
  • The company has an end-user customer group that is focused on use case elicitation, use case detailing and ROI calculations. It constantly stays in touch with its customers and conducts periodic focus group sessions/workshops with its existing as well as new customers

A Futuristic Approach         

Flutura aspires to stand amongst the leaders in providing ‘Reliable Industrial Intelligence’. Since inception, its prime focus is on creating an Asset and Process-centric platform that has the knacks to withstand the complexities of the market. It is committed to creating verticalized Cerebra Nano apps for its focussed Industry sectors to solve high-value business/engineering problems. Acknowledging that industrial engineers have to be empowered to harness the power of data science, Flutura has launched the world’s first ‘Engineer’s workbench’ for the democratization of AI for Industrial operators and engineers.

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