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Ashutosh | Founder | Aselector Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd[data analytics, transformation, program management and consulting, management software, market research, employee engagement]
Ashutosh | Founder | Aselector Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd

Data Analytics is successfully helping various organizations in harnessing their data and unlocking the doors to countless opportunities. There are a plethora of organizations that are rolling out exceptional analytics solutions leading to smarter business moves, proactive operations, profitable outcomes and satisfied client base.

Aselector Technologies is one such organization striving to help organizations make better business decisions with its state-of-the-art analytics consulting services and distinctive online platforms – and While is an advanced statistical online survey platform, is an AI-based knowledge management platform. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, both the platforms are backed by proficient analytics capabilities. 

The company is well-equipped with a pool of professionals having global exposure and experience in providing world-class industry-leading solutions and practices across several multi-national companies. Its comprehensive analytics solutions help organizations in surpassing the industry challenges and meeting their objectives with utmost excellence. Since inception, it has been undertaking market research, process improvements, cost reduction, employee engagement and other challenging projects to quench the needs of its clientele to the core. 

Meet the Multifaceted Persona 

An eloquent speaker and a thought leader on AI and statistical methods, Ashutosh stands tall as the Founder of Aselector Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. He has more than two-and-a-half decade of experience in driving leadership roles in quality, data analytics, transformation, program management and consulting across multinational companies.

Under his aegis, Aselector help companies in identifying the key improvement and focus areas using surveys for collecting customer preferences alongside embracing analytics to get the right actionable insights.

The Core Competencies 

The company help organizations in converting every challenge into an opportunity via: 

Aselector – an AI-based platform, which can make intelligent decisions and route the user to the quickest resolution. It can be implemented for employees as well as directly for customers on their corporate website.

Data Potential – an online survey application, which implements the latest technologies and statistical capabilities to create engaging surveys supported by text analytics and statistical tests. It has the potential to manage survey services and support customers from concept to custom surveys followed by detailed analytics on the responses.

Analytics and Process Improvement Consulting – It provides a detailed assessment of organisational data and processes to craft out actionable insights as well as recommendations for improvement. Accredited by International Lean Six Sigma Institute, UK, the company’s six sigma and lean training academy is backed by industry experts and improvement specialists. Aselector uses a host of platforms and applications like R, Python, Minitab, SQL and others depending on the best match of requirement with tool capability.

Being Ahead of All 

The company focuses on delivering quality insights that act as a key differentiator for its services. The perfect blend of statistical expertise and data science capabilities gives it an extra edge to offer engaging surveys with reduced customer effort and a full set of tools for better analysis. Acknowledging the customer needs and keeping up with times is what helps the company in outshining its competitors and offer out-of-the-box solutions for its clientele. It’s aim to consistently provide higher quality results across SMEs has helped it in creating a niche in its segment.

Being at the forefront of ‘Technological Innovations’, its knowledge management software can make automated decisions and significantly reduce the time for resolution and accuracy. Aselector is on a mission to help organizations with cost-effective solutions to flourish and withstand the complexities of the market. Its core values of the pursuit of excellence, integrity, appreciation for ideas irrespective of source, and mutual respect empowers it to stand against all odds. 

The Big Picture

With each passing day, the companies in India are unlocking opportunities to leapfrog some of the cumbersome systems and applications directly to web and app-enabled faster methods. The nation is witnessing a shift – large IVR systems are giving way to the web-based SaaS applications, banking check clearance systems have moved to software-based imaging systems, use of intelligent chatbots is reducing the need for a call centres.

All of these are tech-enabled platforms that are reducing the costs of traditional methods. These allow companies to spend more on digital marketing and get more customers while reducing the cost of service. Analytics is another area that can significantly reduce wasted effort and target sharply to customer and business needs. The large organisations, therefore, have data science teams to allow them to get the edge in competition.

This movement to technology-enabled initiatives also poses some challenges, especially for organisations who do not have an IT background. It is often difficult for them to know what would be the most suitable applications for them. It requires expert guidance, without which, they would either not take any steps or would end up spending significantly on ineffective options. Technology enablement and process improvements are not optional any more. The large organisations have bigger financial muscles to make them better in this area, but smaller organisations can also take targeted initiatives to stay relevant.

And, the Journey Continues 

The use of data analytics is still at its nascent stage in most of the SMEs. With data being the driver of future leadership, the organisations are recognising this and putting their efforts in this space. This field is definitely going to grow with machine learning, AI, data science and NLP. Acknowledging this scenario, Aselector is all set to be a significant part of this journey and not only support organisation on their future roadmap, but also develop new tools and techniques to bring out innovative and effective solutions to the market.

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