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Futuristic offices will focus more on wellbeing of employees and create a happy & healthy workspace that will boost efficiency & enhance productivity.
Homely & Friendly
The office of future will align towards traditionally associated elements of home decor.

  • Café style tea points / breakout areas are reflecting the way office is turning into more casual & innovative space
  • Open offices without cabin for directors/managers and all working from desk without partition will be seen more in future
  • This will allow employees and managerial staff to connect more among each other and remove the unwanted barriers
  • Such spaces allow openness, creativity flow and innovative thoughts

Advances in technology will allow us to work from anywhere & more of flexible working hours will be possible.

  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality will become the norm in office technologies
  • Future offices will be clutter free, wireless with minimal tech hardware as everything moves to cloud
  • As technology advances, storage will be more cloud based and designers won’t be worried of creating storage spaces. This will help in more openness at workspaces

Design & Ergonomics
By creating ergonomic workspace that make users move around actively, design will be more about comfort and personalization. With sit/stand desks and ergonomic free motion office chairs, the risk of work-related injuries will be reduced

  • Designers like us will focus more in comfort & functionality
  • Correct use of lights (no lees nor excess light)
  • Focus will also be on using materials which are long lasting and user friendly
  • Making acoustic a part of design
  • Office Pods will be something interesting to play around for designers and has a lot of scope for improvement

Future workspace will require technology that makes security a priority but also enable flexibility and constant connectivity for employees around the globe.
5G internet will make a lot difference and help us connect quickly.
Security robots will roam the office after hours, picking up subtle anomalies that human guards might miss— water leaks, unlocked doors, suspicious sounds, and another hazard
Access & Perimeter control / Biometric locks / motion activated cameras etc. will be common features of future workspaces.
Go Green 
Getting the green space inside is what we all desire, and future workspace will surely have more of them. Indoor plants / Green walls will make the space livelier and more attractive as well. Working close to natural environment will help boost efficiency of the workers.
About the Author
“Making Sense out of SPACE” is the driving force behind ANISH K MOTWANI. Born in Mumbai and having the best of exposure in construction world thru his Dad who is a Renowned Structural Engineer, Anish never knew he would end up in design filed. With several years of experience and work been published in various newspapers and magazines, the thirst for creating new is never ending. His firm Anish Motwani Associates’ passion is to translate the essence of emotions and thoughts into forms, colors and textures. He believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives.
Website:- www.ama.net.co

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