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Pankaj J. Popat | Bhakti Bhojwani | Ornate Projects LLP
Pankaj J. Popat | Bhakti Bhojwani | Ornate Projects LLP

An architectural specialized firm, Ornate Projects LLP revolves around the philosophy of creation of timeless design with impossible timeline and strong ethos towards contextuality and efficiency, bespoke design solutions.
In an interview with Insights Success, Pankaj J. Popat and Bhakti Bhojwani have shared some insightful views and highlighted the influences made by their company to be the most Innovative Interior Designers.
IS: Kindly brief us about your company.
Ornate Projects LLP is an internationally renowned, award winning, firm based in Mumbai. Headed by Pankaj J Popat and Bhakti Bhojwani, the practice infuses dynamism, innovation for quality and time-based project handovers.
The firm specializes in a wide range of architectural, interior and construction projects. Ornate Project’s philosophy revolves around creation of timeless design with impossible timeline and strong ethos towards contextuality and efficiency, bespoke design solutions. At times, it so happens that the project launch date is decided even way before the demolition work has started. To deliver quality under such challenging situations and strike a balance between client requirements, site conditions, and execution that involves various agencies, suppliers, artist etc. is Ornate Projects prime forte.
IS: Brief us about the Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the upliftment of the company. What was the source of inspiration for your company to be in the Interior Design Solution Providers segment?
Bhakti Bhojwani quotes “Fashion fades style is eternal” Trends exist to make people feel badly about what they don’t have. Rather design should be timeless. Taj wasn’t built in a day yet stands tall as an epitome of luxury and Era-time of design.
Being born to a legacy family which has been in the world of design and construction, right from her childhood Bhakti Bhojwani grew up seeing raw canvas spaces transform into opulent spaces. When anyone asked her, what she wants to do when she grew up? she was sure she wants to do interior design and styling. She strongly believes one should choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Creating a beautiful interior is something that comes instinctively and gives her great pleasure. Bhakti, Graduated from Rachna Sansad is a Partner, with her father at Ornate Projects. She designs, executes & styles a wide range of commercial, residential and retail spaces with her team of young Designers. She was felicitated with a trophy in hospitality and retail design from Hosts – Next Gen creations and later on by the institution in her final year of education. Today her clients recognize her efforts, vision, creativity. They see this creativity combined and pivoted by technology as an inborn gift of representing her fierce undaunting style.
Her recent works involve a bespoke luxury one of its kind bridal boutique in Mumbai’s high end leading jewellery brands “I see myself as a story teller, clients hire me to write their biographies but instead of using words I use fabrics, textures, elements, items personal to them.” She comments. Owing to her distinguished taste in style and creativity every piece of art and furniture is commissioned and handmade in-house by explicit workmen trained in various fields of art. Ornate pieces of furniture are created with utmost detailing by our Ornate Projects In-house team of talented contractors, workers, artisans and consultants on our panel.
Pankaj J. Popat holds his Graduation degree of first class in Civil Engineering from VJTI, he worked with leading firms of the country in his early years. Pankaj J Popat found Ornate Projects to give shape to his passion and vision in Interior design and construction. He imparts his vision and knowledge to us as a design head of this multi-disciplinary firm. OP stands tall on Pankaj’s experience of three decades of trust in the industry of design. In a span of over three decades Ornate Projects under his guidance has completed handover of more than 400 versatile projects ranging from an entire spectrum of factories units, corporate offices, boutiques, commercial and retail design, bungalows, second homes, high-end residence apartments. Adding to the concentric layer his vision the team comprises the best interior designers experienced and young minds to shape opulence and grandeur into the spaces he envisages. He has completed over 2,00,000 sq. ft. of factories in cities like Mumbai, Dahanu, Shirwal, etc,. He is India’s trusted name in construction of pharma, jewellery, laundry manufacturing system factory units. Delivering such a complex plan of the business is something he & his team works flawlessly.
IS: What are the different products and services provided by your company, setting it apart from its competitors?
Bhakti Bhojwani not only helps her father with the day-to-day workings of the office, she has brought in new technologies and software to the firm. Bhakti expanded her father’s legacy of construction, management consultancy, chain form of interior design for production factory units to interior design consultancy and brought in material procurements, interior styling, styling products, imaginative designing all under one roof.  At Ornate Projects we understand very well the concept of meeting, committed dates and timelines. We take up complex projects on under difficult timelines and delivers outstanding workmanship, and extremely important on time and in budget. Design is about making people happy functionally, aesthetically & emotionally. What makes it more interesting is Ornate Projects flawlessly committed approach of treating every project individualistically. Repeating makes them so monotonous. Every client, every project, every need is unique.
IS: What are the key attributes that helped your company to overcome the challenges?
Speaking of challenges, they faced in their run, they opined that it remains the same in the sub-continent in a marketplace where interior is mostly commoditized than valued for its originality and design integrity, there is always a cheaper and easy option for you as a practice not to lose a project. And for the client to opt for a cheaper less challenging and familiar one. “we have to invest in real hard work of breaking these molds and stereotypes, in many cases” Pankaj Popat, Bhakti Bhojwani
IS: What is the current scenario of Interior Design landscape, from your point of view? With the massive tech-enabled advancements, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it?
It can be tricky to predict the future. As expected, technology is set to play a huge role in the future of interior design. But which technologies? And how might we use them?
Today we talk about Smart homes, 3D printing, virtual reality, sustainable design, affordable homes, how practical is that? Are we taking cautious steps towards the brighter future? We are choking the trees. We are building a concrete jungle without any future planning. Future is living with in harmony with the environment. For example, we are making dry walls in a city like Mumbai where the climate cannot sustain them, only so as to plagiarism the west. The extensive use of plastic in interiors, we as designers should take a mindful conscious effort towards converting the cheaper solutions into the sustainable ones. Technology is changing the shape of every field to a great extent. The world is coming closer due to social media.
IS: What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you? 
Ornate Projects has been fairly successful in their run till date. They work with more Patron clients than generic ones. Mostly such projects set strong benchmarks. Speaking of achievements, they say “Ornate Projects won Top 20 architects in Mumbai for our projects of one-of-its-kind Bridal Boutique. This Boutique with a unique concept and branding idea won many prestigious awards.” We at Ornate believe in keeping transparency in terms of the design as well as the materials used. Our aim is to provide a long-term solution to the clients in terms of low maintenance and elegance for which we suggest the use of those materials that are environmentally friendly, local and natural and create a balance between interiors and nature.
IS: Kindly tell us about the company’s vision and mission.
Their prime objective is for Ornate Projects to have a global footprint and to be reckoned among the most innovative practices globally and to be responsible for some important and relevant architecture, Interiors and Construction.
IS: What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?
Ending the interview with a note for the younger generations, they had a concise but strong response- “Patience, Perseverance & Optimism.” That should suffice in itself for any youngster in search for some motivation. 
Leader’s Thought
“Virtual Reality Changing the Design World!”
Virtual Reality technology has so much potential for architects and designers. As an immersive technology, it will transport the users into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity the feel of a particular space, room, floor, or building design as a whole. Virtual Reality is rapidly altering the landscape o design. VR technology isn’t new. But, some of the ways integrated into everyday experience is innovation and exciting for designers, end users. What our previous generations used to visualize & sketch on the paper for hours is now possible on the click of a button. That’s technology!!

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