Contours – The Design Company: Designing Dreams and Transforming Spaces

Prashant .R. Halankar | Anand D. Mehta | PARTNERS | CTDC
Prashant .R. Halankar | Anand D. Mehta | PARTNERS | CTDC

Interior Designing sector in India, has seen tremendous growth for its demand and the public’s ever-changing requirements with their living spaces. The industry is very dynamic and keeping with the changes is not an easy task. Moreover, the tastes and preferences of consumers have changed over the past few years. The aesthetics of living spaces for a lot of people have become a necessary factor. A house is not just constituted of brick and mortars anymore, now the concept of comfortable living has crossed all parallels to be a significant rational in what we call today, a home. Similarly, the concepts for offices from mediocre, plain, and simple has turned into sophisticated, fashionable, and fun.
Maintaining and transforming the above values into reality is one such firm Contours – The Design Company. CTDC is an architectural and interior design consultancy service provider. The company aims to deliver turnkey and piecemeal solutions to the design demands of any urban environment. Backed by more than twenty three years of experience in design consultation & management, and supported by a team of dedicated professionals, the firm is on par with the global standards both, in finesse and style.
A Dynamic Partnership
Prashant R. Halankar & Anand D. Mehta both partners at CTDC represent a new breed of ‘go to’ designer duo. Both of them are known as globe-trotting and media-savvy people, which reflects in their nature. They have a passion for progressiveness and remarkable innovation. The duo has graduated from the reputed Rachana Sansad’s School of Interior Design, Mumbai. Over the past two decades, the duo has achieved an enviable amount of specialization in full-service architecture, interiors, and urban design, and taking a content-first approach to design. This is why CTDC is an award-winning firm facilitating all kinds of design services to its esteemed clientele. “We suggest only the best products keeping your budgetary parameters in clear perspective,” says Prashant. “We are strict with our delivery schedules and work well within our target time-frames thereby minimizing inconvenience and saving time,” adds Anand. The team at CTDC under the guidance of these two experts uses the latest technologies in designing software for 2D and 3D drawings. All of this right through the designing process (schematic drawings) to detailed construction is overlooked and carried out with efficiency and as per the clients’ requirements.
Designing Excellence
CTDC is great at providing turnkey solutions as well as consultation work for commercial and residential interiors that can boast of a very influential and satisfied clientele. “We are proud that word of mouth referrals constitute a large part of our business,” says the duo. The firm’s work encompasses institutional, commercial, educational, multi-residential and single-family space, emphasizing a balance between bold vision and grounded, design-driven solutions. It believes in collaborating and partnering with clients to elevate their vision. Having worked on some of the most notable projects in the city and beyond, CTDC understands the transforming effect of Architecture and Design. The company takes projects from conception to construction, partnering with clients on every step of the process. Each job starts with a thorough analysis of the build-site and client expectations, emphasizing collaboration and elevating the language of design. With in-house rendering skills and an unwavering commitment to design, CTDC delivers world-class architecture that is on-time and in-budget.
The firm’s focus mainly remains on crafting environments that blend aesthetics and functionality. “Each endeavor so far has been a seamless integration of art, luxury, local flavor, and functional style,” shares the CTDC team.
Clients today are well informed and secured in their tastes. The vision of the clients vary, so they envisage ‘Design consultants’ as just a resource that will effectively guide them through the process of building, reconstructing, and renovating their desired space as per the specifications. “We work tirelessly to meet your requirements and will convert your dreams into an individual statement,” claims Anand. “We at CTDC understand your changing needs and offer a flexible range of services. No job is too large, or too small for us!” exclaims Prashant.
Once again emphasizing on collaboration, CTDC works with the client to understand their needs, designing a unique, and custom-fit space.
Our Goal is… 
“… to effectively use the design trilogy  of form, function, and aesthetics.”
“… to enhance the overall quality of life, to increase productivity in the work environment and on a holistic level, to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our clients.”
“… to create a sanctuary that boasts a harmonious blend of color, texture, materials and styles.”
“… to convert all limitations into richer possibilities.”

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