Glassbeam Predicts IoT Analytics Becoming More Mainstream in 2015


The machine data analytics company, today released its top 2015 predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. This past year welcomed widespread IoT adoption and hype, big data implementation, and growing concerns around data privacy and cloud deployment. As a result, 2015 promises to be another breakthrough year for machine learning on machine data, predictive analytics, new IoT pioneers and full IoT distribution to embrace the value of big data. “In 2015, IoT will become the perfect storm enabled by incredible growth of cloud, analytics, mobility and social networks,” said Puneet Pandit, CEO and co-founder of Glassbeam. “Cloud is where all things will be connected and will increasingly become the nucleus to everything. Furthermore, mobility is what will empower us to command and control the connected world of IoT, continuing on the path of instant gratification.”
Pandit offered the following 2015 predictions:
1.Data privacy concern in the IoT will rapidly diminish. Similar to the myth around Internet privacy, which has faded over the last few years, the concern for privacy in today’s connected-heavy world will phase out. People use the Internet freely and are well aware that all search engines, such as Google and Bing, store every click. In addition, people share various and personal information on social media without question. As IoT applications take off in 2015, consumers will continue to put data privacy issues aside as they continue to see the growing benefit of IoT.
2.IoT will be the killer application of “big data. ”In 2015, business IoT will become increasingly relevant alongside consumer IoT. In fact, enterprise IoT will embrace and implement the true value of big data, creating a one-stop shop to deploy the tools big data can unlock, such as predictive analytics. IoT, by its definition, will “touch” millions of people and billions of things in coming years. Data from IoT will grow to zetabytes and some of the most dynamic big data apps, such as smart grids, smart cities and connected vehicles (V2V), will come out of this IoT phenomenon and lead the big data overhaul with their IoT adoption.
3.The IoT industry leaders will be born in 2015. The pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in IoT will peak in the next years. By connecting everything, IoT will democratize and mobilize a large mainstream of smart young people with bright ideas, building new technologies and business models for the IoT market. As a result, the cost of trying and failing will diminish when weighed against the potential rewards of changing the way we live, work and enjoy our lives today.
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