Google Drive Subscription Billing Starts Drifting to Play Store


Some time ago Google declared that the billing for Google Drive storage subscription will move on to the Play Store platform, and now it appears be already live for some people. According to reports by the company officials, users who are already subscribed to Google Drive will be able to check if the billing system has moved on to their Google Play account page or not. For those who can’t find it, they will be getting the new billing system update very soon.
The alteration in the billing system will have no effect on the Google Drive subscriptions, rather it brings payments to a different platform. This will help Google restructure its subscription-based services under one billing system, Google Play Store. “Google Drive Terms of Service” will also remain the same.
Recently, Google revealed that the Google Play account page will be the new place where users will be managaning their Google Drive subscriptions. However, users will continue to access support for the service through the help center. The pricing of storage on the Drive also remains unchanged, and the shift in billing will not be affecting users who try to access their online files.
The one upside to the new billing system is the fact that you can now use your Google Play credit to buy Google Drive storage.
Google recently added a new backup feature to Google Drive app on iOS platform, which makes it easier for users to shift from iOS to Android with ease. Contacts are automatically backed up to the drive, events will also be added to Google Calendar, while photos and videos will be backed on to Google Photos under this feature.

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