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Dr. Neelesh Bhandari | Co-founder CMO| Venky Vaddineni | Co-founder | Kousik Rajendran | Co-founder CEO | HEALTHO5 SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.

The Indian healthcare sector has been undergoing transformations in healthcare delivery. It has been rapidly growing both in terms of revenue and employment due to its strengthening coverage, services, and increasing expenditure by public and private players. In spite of this, there are several challenges that this sector is facing today including effective utilization of resources, controlling operational costs, rapidly evolving technology, and globalization of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

Established in 2015, Healtho5 Solutions Private Limited is a medical technology company dedicated towards making healthcare services patient centric and data powered. It is renowned for providing services in the electronic health records space to hospitals across India.

Currently, the company is working with more than 30 hospitals across India, managing and analyzing data of more than 130,000 patients. It has 15 strong teams of developers, paramedics, and salespersons, who work out of Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Mumbai to provide healthcare technology solutions for hospitals across India.

Healtho5 is focused on building its own proprietary AI-assisted electronic health record platform called MedEngage® with built-in clinical logic, triggers, multi-lingual care pathway protocols, visual dashboards, multi-channel communications, and lots more.

Focused Leadership

Healtho5 is providing excellent services under the ardent leadership of Kousik Rajendran, Dr Neelesh Bhandari, and Venky Vaddineni. They established the company with a vision to provide technology services to hospitals which would directly benefit patients and improve health outcomes in the process.

Kousik Rajendran, Co-Founder/CEO looks after the technology and operations with added responsibilities in marketing and sales.

Dr Neelesh Bhandari, Co-Founder/CMO is an Armed Forces Medical College, Pune graduate with post-graduation in Pathology. At Healtho5, he is responsible for medical affairs and business development.

Venky Vaddineni, the third Co-founder of Healtho5 looks after the Healtho5 software team.

Delivering Excellent Services

The company assists hospitals to digitize all patient clinical encounters over multiple visits. Its EHR allows data to be stored as codified data, free text, audio files, images, and many other formats. These patient health records are stored longitudinally and help to track the health status of patients throughout their care journey.

Additionally, the company allows hospitals to collate patient-reported outcomes and attach them to the health records. This lets hospitals include healthcare issues important to patients in their plan of care. Besides digitizing the medical records, Healtho5’s EHR platform also works as a multi-channel communication hub which simplifies engagement even when patients are at home.

Trailblazing through Innovation

Team Healtho5 believes that the biggest challenge in introducing EHR solutions in any hospital is change management. All hospitals have evolved a certain way of working within their limitations and introducing a technology solution without disturbing the established way of working is a big challenge.

The company realized that the best way to make a difference in the arena of healthcare is to introduce technology solutions in an incremental way, starting with changes where the benefits are immediately visible and beneficial to doctors who actually provide the care. Convincing the physicians is the most important step in the success of any EHR company.

Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Healtho5 solutions has been working in the EHR sector since early 2015. The company was an early mover in this sector, when the concept of digitization of health records was at a nascent stage in India. Though the concept is still not universally accepted by all doctors/ hospitals, the company believes that it has done its bit in making it more prevalent in India by spreading awareness of the benefits and ROI of digitizing health records. Healtho5 is not just providing EHRs, but also a host of other solutions around the EHR ecosystem which has allowed it to cross-sell and up-sell to its existing clients.

Towards Newer Horizons

Team Healtho5 believes that the addition of patient-generated health data to medical records and the implementation of machine learning in healthcare is all set to transform the way healthcare is being delivered. It has been advancing steadily towards success over the past few years, adding new clients at a regular pace.

The company plans to add to the sales and customer success team over the next few months to ramp up sales and collect more customer feedback. This will help it in designing more market-driven solutions over the long term. Healtho5 also plans to develop more solutions for its current clients as there has been a lot of incoming requests for additional services around its current products.

Opinions about the Healthcare Industry

The company believes that healthcare is rapidly becoming more tech-enabled, though at a slower pace, than almost any other vertical. This is because unlike other sectors, healthcare still needs a human touch to treat patients efficiently.

Team Healtho5 states, “With the rise of remote monitoring, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in healthcare, be prepared to see more efficient healthcare delivery with a sharp decrease in medical errors”. Going forward, it expects to see a big leap in the adoption of tech-enabled solutions by all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

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