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Kumar Subramaniam | Co-Founder & CEO | Kaaspro Enterprises

On the technology front, Healthcare is the fastest growing among the service sector industries. Technology has become intrinsically related and linked to almost all facets of work flow within the healthcare systems to optimize and speed up efficiency. Utilizing technology to improve performance has become a trending topic for healthcare organizations across the globe.

Technology is touching lives of every human being today in one way or other. In regards to cloud computing, it has become an integral part of medical organizations. Startups and enterprises are progressively adopting it for scaling up and serving their customers better at a fraction of the cost.

Also, India is becoming a big hub for independent software vendors who provide cloud based solutions to other technology user organizations. They help businesses run corporate networks and business software more efficiently. A prominent health information services organization catering to the needs of medical industry and medical professionals by offering cloud based solutions, is Kaaspro Enterprises.

Today, the organization has grown to be a contender for the position of the most trusted health information technology organization.

Software Products

Kaaspro has been rolling out the most modern and innovative technologies. The products include ‘75Health EMR, ‘75Health Medical Billing Software’, and ‘75Health Practice Management System’, 75Health Personal Health Record Software, and ‘75Health My Health Record Software’. The comprehensive software products help medical professionals administer every feature of medical practice.

Among the numerous technology service providers in the health care environment, Kaaspro has achieved the feat of standing apart by offering the products that are both trustworthy and usable. The brand 75Health, is known for its simplified as well as intelligent system that assures physicians and medical organizations of the most secure and accurate system.

The Innovator

Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kaaspro Enterprises, has been a motivating factor and the driving force. He has been instrumental in creating a robust team and training it to become a formidable force capable of achieving superior business performance. Leading the organization, he has been the proprietor of the success story of the organization. It is his vision to make Kaaspro Enterprises the global leader in the medical billing systems platform.

With extensive domain experience in the field of Information Technology and a deep understanding of the health care industry, he has enabled the organization and its team members to get to know the nuances of the medical IT field. He has been aligning its processes and ventures in such a way that it can maintain a balance between technology and its management systems.

An Important Asset

Kaaspro is equipped with a productive and experienced team of trained and qualified professionals. It deems its team a great asset of the organization.

Kaaspro offers the most conducive work environment and a respectable atmosphere. It believes in nurturing the team and providing all necessary support and strength to attain the mutual objective of becoming the most trusted brand.

The organization appreciates individual performance while fostering team culture. Individuals and teams are encouraged to come up with their own ideas, suggestions and innovations. With equal rights and a friendly work environment, the workplace at Kaaspro is robust and inspiring as well.

A Crucial Contribution To e-Healthcare

Kaaspro’s products enable its customers increase their productivity while improving their overall quality and efficiency.The software products it provides, are developed with technologies that ensure the security and integrity of the patients’ sensitive, personal, and medical data is not compromised.

Also, the doctors can have access to previous record at the click of the mouse, making it  easier for them to know and understand the patient’s history and the medicines prescribed. All the data is encrypted, and the security features allow only authorised users to control and monitor access to information.

Moreover, it has made all its products user friendly which makes them compatible with mobiles too. Thus they are not only easy to use but also time-saving. With so many drop-down facilities the software products can go a long way in revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Geared up for the Future

About the future of Kaaspro’s leadership Mr. Subramaniam says, “we have plans to further increase the quality of our EMR and EHR software by improving the features and functionalities”.

On the benefits for each user segment, the organization is in the process of creating more innovative technologies that take medical care to the next level.

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