HM Group: The Architects of Futuristic Vision

Manjusrii Manilal | GM & Head of Sales | Marketing and Customer Service | HM Group
Manjusrii Manilal | GM & Head of Sales | Marketing and Customer Service | HM Group

To build humongous ships like that of the Titanic demands precise engineering. That same exactitude craftsmanship is required in crafting ultra-luxurious architectural vistas. A landscape that inspires all the joyful memories of the past and a promise that the future is here.

HM Group is that combination of your reflective dreams and desires, space comics designs, preferential location, and luxuriates features. It will give you a deep sense that finally, you have arrived in your life.

The HM Group has been a mainstay in the real estate industry of Bengaluru since 1991. The company has been developing residential and commercial spaces for over thirty years and is one of the largest companies in the city in financial, market share, and developed areas alike. Widely regarded as the best developer in the city, the constant commitment to absolute professionalism, uncompromising quality, and on-time deliveries have been the catalysts for the continuous upward curve that has been the trademark of the company.

An Embodiment of Sheer Will

Manjusrii Manilal – GM/Head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at HM Group – is one of the most sought after and respected professionals in the real estate industry of Bengaluru. Twenty-two years of service, fourteen years in real estate, twelve of which are with HM Group, years put into developing brands, discovering their identity and successfully translating the essence of the brands to the target audience.

Named one among the top 10 women leaders in real estate 2022, top 50 marketing minds of India in the realty sector and top 100 great people managers of India, she is an embodiment of sheer will, perseverance and commitment. Her resume is decorated with a university rank in bachelor’s in business and law, certifications from Harvard and Curtin Universities, certified by Six Sigma and membership in the RICS. She is also a member-at-large of CREW Network, dedicated to transforming the real estate industry by the global advancement of women.

Manjusrii is a leader who spearheads company strategies. Her blend of compassion, empathy, and a never-say-die attitude paired with the hunger to learn and evolve through customer feedback helps HM Group give the customer what they need.

Today, the group boast of over sixty completed projects all over the city and a clientele that numbers in thousands. Headed by a core management team of experienced and driven professionals, HM group’s vision to be the most preferred and trusted service provider in real estate through consistent delivery of the committed quality of its value and services is materialising in every project it takes up and further cementing its place in the industry.

Outsmarting the Competition

The company’s strength lies in a deep understanding of the client requirements in the rapidly evolving metropolis. Staying a step ahead of its clients at all times is the secret to delivering every project to meet, if not beat, client expectations and enhance the overall experience of its partnerships.

Manjusrii says that they understand the emotions that go into owning a house and making it a home, one of the main driving forces of the company. With residential and commercial projects scattered all over the city, HM Group is sure to have something for everyone.

From budget homes to uber-luxury palatial residences, from small kiosks to spaces for an entire IT start-up, they have it all. They were one of the first companies who introduced communal workspaces and work pods to suit the micro start-ups of Bangalore.

Capitalising on the expansion of the IT sector in the city, they also introduced office spaces that are fully decked out for clients to lease and use without worrying about the internet, water, furniture or interior design. The volatile nature of the market and the ever-changing demands of the market can be met only by futurists and visionaries who have a deep understanding and can predict the changes before they happen, which is the strength of the HM Group.

They have dedicated teams for client services, security and property management. Their teams will ensure that your offices, common areas and amenities are impeccable for your use.


Technology adoption has been gaining traction in this conservative and traditional industry. Companies that would cater to a micro market in their vicinity are now opening doors to the world. The impetus of AI and ML technology is evident in the nature of the sale, where multiple site visits are cut through virtual walkthroughs, and deals are being made based on a single visit.

The journey of automation in this industry has just begun, and a future without a technological revolution seems impossible. From a simple chatbot for client interactions to advanced resource optimisation technology, HM Group embraces every advancement that streamlines our operations in planning, execution, marketing, or sales

Proactive Defence Against the Pandemic

Being a service provider, HM Group had to be proactive when the pandemic hit. The company responded with dedicated core teams and action committees within four days of the breakout to settle the anxiety of their residents and labour alike by providing specific crisis management solutions for the different issues that arose.

On-site labour camps, flexibility to work from home to add value in whatever way and magnitude possible under the circumstances, WHOs protocols for sanitation, personal health and community wellbeing were efficiently adopted. In a nutshell, HM Group thought from the heart.

The pandemic brought a newfound appreciation for every square inch of space in homes. With families crammed together, working from home, the need for dedicated home offices or bigger homes became evident to the public, which resulted in people looking for better homes and that boosted enquiries and sales.

As a company, HM Group has always been quick to ride the wave of change based on the demands of the clientele, the only reason why it has remained relevant and will continue to do so in future. The pandemic lockdown and its uncertainties allowed them to relook their processes and streamline them further.

Real Wisdom

In advice to the young generation who aspire to venture into the real estate space, Manjusrii says that the realty industry is one that thrives on a combination of hard work and smart decisions. Relentless grind, a yearning to learn, dedication and perseverance are the reality of the workplace.

At its core, this is a reputation and customer-driven business and maintaining customer relations are critical. Understanding the nuances and the unsaid desires of the clients at large will ensure you know what sells, and this is the path to success in this space.

Reshaping the Future

Speaking about the future, Manjusrii says, “HM Group has grown from strength to strength, and the future holds exciting prospects for us. We have multiple projects in the pipeline which will keep the company thriving for years to come.”

In the future, HM Group will continue to deliver on dreams and lifelong goals with properties that will shape the Bengaluru of the tomorrow.

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