IIT Delhi develop Supercomputer powered by NVIDIA GPU Tesla technology


IIT Delhi has developed creative innovation the fastest supercomputer in the world which is placed in 166th position. The machine is presented by NVIDIA’s GPU Tesla technology and is India’s 4th fastest supercomputer.
IIT Delhi creates 860 teraflops centralized computer system based on NVIDIA’s Tesla platform. According to the machine developer is the largest High-Performance Computing system across all IITs in India currently available to developers, end-users and researchers etc.
The main reason behind the choosing of NVIDIA Tesla computing technology is programmer using CUDA and Open ACC coupled with great creation. Moreover, Developers demonstrate accelerated performance that is vital for shaping the future of high-performance computing technology.
The engineers from NVIDIA worked dedicated with IIT Delhi team for two years to build India’s 4’Th fastest supercomputer creation. Currently, the supercomputer is used by several researchers’ major use to solve challenging problems of Atmospheric Science, Molecular Systems, Biology, Nano-systems, Data Analytics, Deep Learning Computational Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Computation Fluid Dynamics and Material Science.
Our creation is a step in bright direction to empower India for the next generation of digital evolution.

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