Innovation and Creativity are the key ingredients for Entrepreneurship

Arvind Ghorwal Founder & CEO Elysian Studios | Insights Success | Business Magazine

There was a time on this Planet when human beings did not look at any screen; they just looked at the amazing world around them.
Fast forward to today – most of us are spending more time looking at a digital screen (smartphone, computer/ laptop, TV, theatre, etc.) than looking at the amazing world. 
Why has this happened?
Well, these screens are the windows to a virtual world. They give us a glimpse of different realities, which may or may not exist in the real world. And this virtual world is getting more and more real with the birth of Virtual Reality; the digital screen is coming to take over your eyes. So, the window has now evolved to become a doorway to teleport you from one reality to another. 
How does it feel when you wear a VR headset?
It literally teleports you to another reality. I have showed VR to thousands of people and every time I show it to someone new, I get an amazing reaction. The people who have got the chance to experience will understand and for others I will request you to try as soon as you can. When film came in the early 20th century, no one knew what it can become but everyone knew that it is the future. The same goes for Virtual Reality.
Until now, a cinema hall is one of those places where we enter a virtual world but at times it can be annoying because of various reasons. With Virtual Reality, you enter the story like never before. You might become the protagonist where you will feel and think like the Hero of the story. 
Virtual Reality – A New Medium
A very early mistake that a whole lot of people make is that they start comparing VR with the current existing mediums and do not understand the uniqueness of VR as a medium. The content which is considered great for VR might just not work on any other traditional medium and vice versa. The rules of VR are yet to be written.
Since, it’s a new medium VR is all about innovation, creativity, experimenting, failing and learning what works and what doesn’t. We need to focus on the process and enjoy every bit of it.
When I was in school and even in college, I never thought I would become an entrepreneur but when I look back, I see that it was creativity initially and later innovation which lead me to become an entrepreneur.
The path of entrepreneurship is tough, but when you start for the right reasons, you can go through the tough times blissfully. When you have the passion and perseverance, the journey becomes blissful. Your work should help you reach the state of bliss, not the state of stress.
Bharat Varsh (India) – Sone ki Chidiya
I remember reading that Bharat Varsh (India) used to be called Sone ki Chidiya (The Golden Bird) few centuries back. It was full of prosperity, harmony and the amazing culture and traditions whose exact birth is unknown to mankind.
Today, India is full of opportunities, almost every field or industry has immense possibilities. All India needs is more and more creative entrepreneurs who can make India – The Golden Bird again!
And I am sure this is going to happen soon.
Let’s make it happen!
About the Author
Arvind Ghorwal –The Founder and CEO at Elysian Studios
Arvind is an alumnus from IIT Mumbai, he initially started working in a start-up founded by his seniors and friends, where he lead teams which executed the operations in Tier 1 cities in India, using the latest visual technologies like drones, 360, VR and AR. He then founded Elysian Studios which creates blissful experiences in Virtual Reality.

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