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Prateek Sethi is a name synonymous to ‘Passion for Animation’. A science lover at heart and a perfect blend of ‘Science and Creativity’ is what describes him best. He is the one, who is making learning science funny and much easier for kids. And, today, the world is  thankful for his creativity.
Prateek Sethi is a Communication Designer and Founder of TRIP Creative Services, a multi-award winning visual communication design house. In an interview with insights success, Prateek Sethi gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by him and his company.
Below are highlights from the interview between Prateek and Insights Success:
01. Brief us about the Founder/CEO of the company. What kind of ethics, principles, and manner of working does he observe while running the business?
Animation has been the first love for Prateek. Ever since he was 7, Prateek would convert the walls of his room into a canvas and draw freehand cartoons with fantastical themes.
It was only a matter of time before all the engineering courses were shunned for a 5-year animation course at NID, working with various TV networks and Production Houses, which consequently led to him forming Trip Creative services in 2009. Prateek has set some tough standards not only for himself but also for his crew. New techniques of storytelling which involve the current tech advances along with attention to detail are critical design philosophies at Trip. This coupled with a deep effort to understand the client’s needs today and possibly in the future also form a large part of thinking through any project.
The organization is a tight-knit team and has very few rules, the most important of them, is to never miss a deadline. We are upfront on the possibilities with the clients and for that honesty and commitment they return.
02. Share with us the accomplishments and achievements of him and the company’s achievements under his leadership.
Dot – Everybody dances to techno | Music video directed by Prateek and produced by Trip selected and screened 16+ film festivals across the world in 2018.
Winner – Best Music Video, Eurasia International Film Festival (Nov17).
Winner – Best Music Video, Short to the Point, Bucharest (Oct17).
Joint Runner Up, Asia South East – Short film Festival’ 17, Nominated Best Music Video Director, Auckland International Film Festival’ Autumn 18.
Happy Building Web series,  a fun science and fun fact series on the DIY video model, nominated for Best Web series at 10th Edition of JIFF, Jan’18, official selection at the 4th Rainbow Tv Awards March’18 and Finalist at Oniros Film Awards March’18.
Queens of Comedy by Discovery Communications India for TLC India wins “Best Comedy Programme” at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018. Team Trip designed and created the show packaging, in show graphics for the Programme which was creatively directed by Anuradha Jasol, OML.
Augmented Reality Content partners for CAB Experiences, NGC Network India’s “MARS” activation. The activation won the PromaxBDA India Gold Award 2017 for Best Outdoor Category (IND52)
The videos and photos campaign shot for UBM’s “NGO India – Giving Back” were part of multiple awards winning initiative, including the “Best Social Media Campaign” at the World CSR Congress 2014
Character Design, Illustration, Book Design and Identity Design by Trip for The Super Duper Princess Heroes (SDPH) for 3 Keys Communications, USA. Authored by Sanjay Nambiar. The book won multiple awards in the USA, including Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medal, Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award, Family Choice Award. (October 2013)
Prateek has had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer, visiting faculty, chief guest, workshop and esteemed speaker for various events at prestigious institutes such as IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani, NID Ahmedabad, NID Bangalore, NIT Raipur, NIT Calicut to name a few. (2010 – present)
Prateek hosted the Show “FAQ” on Pogo Tv, Creative Consultant and Content Developer for the show. Trip created the show packaging and Inshow graphics(season 1) for “FAQ” which was nominated twice for best kids show in India, in consecutive years(2010 and 2011).
Prateek exclusively Interviewed the cast of the Harry Potter Franchise(Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and David Yates) for the launch of HPATDH Part1 in London, UK (2010)
Prateek designed the PROMAX award-winning “movies on time” print campaign for Sahara Filmy (2007)
“I love my team. They are creative, dedicated and hard working. An organization is only as good as all its members in unison. My team has been fantastic and for that, I am very grateful.” says Prateek.
03. Please tell us about the services you provide that make the brand unique in the mid of cutthroat competition.
TRIP Creative Services is a multi-award winning visual communication design house. Our in-house team of designers and producers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help you communicate. With over 500+ projects successfully completed, our strength lies in our ability to fuse the clients’ vision with our various backgrounds, to create constructive ideas, movements and experiences. We are a design agency with a strong Trans platform approach, which is good for the clients business. With a decade plus of experience with various scenarios and requirements, we can help you design and communicate in the most suitable way. Our award-winning visual design team has worked with some of the biggest names across industries while still keeping a nimble and agile approach to the creative process. Our motto is to provide the best services possible for the bracket and working tirelessly to make sure our patrons are more than just satisfied. For this specific reason, given the constraints of any project, our work speaks for itself.
04. State us about the most memorable and remarkable moments of your life.
I fought, survived and overcame cancer as a teen. That for me was an epic learning experience on human emotions, time management and most importantly the meaning of family and friends!
05. Where do you see yourself and the company in the future? Or, what is your goal to mark the uniqueness in the future?
I am an explorer. The new excites me, the old fascinates me, the present captivates me and the future makes me smile. I am a Communication Designer and creative entrepreneur. I provide a vision, direct movement and experiences, help people communicate, but most of all make ideas come to life.
Have you seen the future? Neither have I. We plan for it, we work towards it. Which is what makes it so remarkable. Technology with a human touch is where creativity and science form a melting pot of possibilities.
06. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
The greatest designs have been painfully simple. They feel as if they always existed, waiting for someone to find them. Design as you would want to live your life. Clutter-free, on point and fun. Always believe in your inner gut feeling and don’t waste time. Just get on with it!
07. What is the one thing that is acting as your motivational tool? Or, who is your role model and how the person inspires and motivates you?
I love every day as a gift. The thought of a fresh day brings about the immense “new”, is what motivates me. My family has always been my inspiration.
08. Share your views on the current business scenario in India.
India is growing in all perspectives related to the creative field. It is a fast developing country which is learning quickly. We are evolving our techniques and methods at par with design-forward countries. Implementation is a whole different story. But as they say, business is not fun unless it’s cutthroat, so there is a lot of healthy competition amongst the very talented designers, creatives, agencies, clients and that has always been fun.
Entrepreneurial Mindset:
 “ Success according to me (Prateek) is- making sure you are personally happy and in turn, the people around you are happy as well and what you are doing is bringing about a positive change in this world and for our planet”

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