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The Indian economy is growing like never before, and as it does, newer businesses and brands sprout and make dramatic entries into an already cluttered customer’s cone of vision. It’s become increasingly imperative, almost hygiene, for brands to stand apart. And consequently, branding and design companies are required to continuously raise the bar. Business, brand and product success depends on it more than ever before.
At the same time, the Indian talent is striving hard to be at the forefront of innovation by outdoing international standards alongside with addressing the ever-changing needs of the ever-changing consumer.
Pari PurohitFounder & Creative Director at Studio Glyph  likes to convert challenges into opportunities, to get her hands dirty and deep dive into the guts of the brands Glyph works with, to simply create ‘work that works’. Driven by sheer curiosity, she’s constantly experimenting and challenging convention, which contributes to Glyphs’ prowess and enhances the growth of clients in the long run. Be it a brand launch, trying something on new software or toying with a new concept, Pari stands tall to disrupt the design universe with her courage to think differently, in good measure. At Glyph, we don’t entertain being creative for the sake of being creative.      
Inspired by the learnings which sculpted her into an adroit leader, Pari says, I’ve learnt from people I’ve known, people I’ve read about, my teachers, my past employers, superiors, colleagues, my students, and am constantly being inspired by my team, my peers and clients. As someone who’s ever-curious, I’m always absorbing as much as I can from all my interactions.”
About Studio Glyph
“We challenge our clients, and expect that they challenge us back,” asserts the founder.
Housed in a heritage bungalow of 1929 vintage, Studio Glyph is a multidisciplinary design company providing creative and strategic, goal-oriented design solutions to positively impact their client’s business. It is a boutique agency which believes that the best output comes by enabling its thinkers and doers to directly interact with the clients. ‘We’re selective about projects we take up, since we’re keen to demonstrate how design makes an actual difference to the top and bottom line of a business. How design can solve a lot more than just surfacing blemishes for a brand’ says Pari Purohit.
Acknowledging that satisfied employees are the driving force behind the quality of work in a creative studio, Glyph believes in enabling people, and investing their growth. Harboring an open milieu, where new ideas are encouraged, the company acts as devil’s advocate for its partners as well as the clients. It helps brands and businesses in meeting their objectives by offering strategically surgical design and decision-making solutions through its collaborative approach. To push the creative envelope within the category, budgetary and changing consumer perceptions are really where the challenge lies – And Studio Glyph has successfully proved their mettle in this regard.
Hoots and Cheers to Achievements
Within a short span of time, Pari has knitted Studio Glyph into a one-of-its-kind design studio. She believes that the effective work from the studios past projects is the best testimonial or credential. Under her aegis, the company has proved their mettle and worked with renowned Indian and international clients. Her 360o approach blended with a solution-driven design methodology has helped the company effectively craft brands from paper napkin sketches and transform their business outcomes to the best. “Our clients value us to the degree that they consult us even after our engagement is over. That is the biggest reward for us and proof that we made a cognizable difference,” she adds.
A Note to Remember
Pari believes that it’s the ‘never giving up’ attitude which can take beginners to the places they have never been before. Recognizing the current scenario of the Design industry, she advises young graduates to “Always be objective and critical of yourself. Question everything. Absorb as much as you can. Sharpen your powers of observation. Master your craft. Read – Design is as visual as it is about philosophy, the socio-economic and cultural fabric of people. It’s human.”
A long way to go
Pari is a ‘karigar’ who would never stop creating. For her, Studio Glyph has always been her first love and will always be her springboard for future pursuits. Speaking of her teachers, she states “I may involve myself in academics more actively. I think of my teachers often, and owe to them my creative courage and thinking. I would like to pay it forward someday.”
Pari is all set to go beyond the realm of communication & brand building with an aim expand beyond design. Her passion and love of design is what keeps her going and enables her to march forward with a greater gusto. Her words “Our pursuit would be to do more, and even better.” reflect her limitless ambition.

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